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New Patents Lift Speedline Technologies’ Total Above 400

Company continues aggressive drive for innovation

Read more about Speedline Technologies on their detail page in the Member Directory As the recent award of seven new U.S. patents lifts Speedline Technologies’ total above 400, the company continues its aggressive drive to innovate and improve the semiconductor manufacturing and PCB assembly processes.

The company announced seven recently awarded patents involving:

  • "Apparatus for Calibrating a Dispensing System"
  • "Filtration of Flux Contaminants"
  • "Needle Cleaning System"
  • "Reflow Soldering Apparatus and Method for Selective Infrared Heating"
  • "Selective Gas Knife for Wave Soldering"
  • "System and Method for Controlling a Conveyor System Configuration to Accommodate Different Size Substrates"
  • "System and Method for Detecting Defects in Printed Solder Paste"

  • Of the more than 400 patents awarded to Speedline over the past 50 years, more than 150 are active. In addition, there are another 90 patents pending. All represent the creation of dramatic new technologies as well as continued improvements in existing systems.

    Gerald Pham-Van-Diep "At Speedline Technologies, ‘process knowledge leader’ is more than a positioning statement - it is our vision and passion," said Dr. Gerald Pham-Van-Diep, director of advanced development. "But even more importantly, our commitment extends past the R&D process - through implementation."

    "Our vast array of intellectual property is perhaps our most strategic asset," Dr. Pham-Van-Diep said. "The benefits directly accrue to our customers - electronics manufacturers balancing emerging technologies, shifting markets, and lead-free mandates. For them, through our innovation, we deliver enhanced throughput and improved development, yields, production and quality."

    If the patents aren’t testament enough to its drive for innovation, Speedline has amassed an impressive collection of industry awards and was named as Frost & Sullivan’s "2005 Surface Mount Technology Company of the Year".

    Read more about Speedline Technologies on their detail page in the Member Directory.

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