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Libra Industries Allies with Engent, Inc.

Providing advanced manufacturing solutions

Go to the detail page for Libra Industries in the Member Directory Libra Industries announces the formation of a strategic alliance with Engent, Inc. The new partnership allows Libra to bring Engent's next generation microelectronics and process development capabilities to market through its well-established sales and marketing channel.

Combined with Libra's highly developed materials management and quality assurance systems, manufacturers will benefit from access to Engent's next generation assembly technology (flip chip, wire bonding, system in package (SIP), and micro electronic-mechanical systems (MEMS) packaging). By combining these core strengths, manufacturers have access to one customized advanced manufacturing solution with technical capabilities similar to those available through the largest EMS providers.

Additionally, Engent's sophisticated Reliability Testing and Failure Analysis services will be available to Libra customers on an as-needed basis. Engent operates a state of the art process development center and advanced microelectronic assembly production facility, including clean room capabilities.

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