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Knowledge in Process Leaders Comment on SMT Manufacturing

Assembly issues in new Speedline Technologies blog

Read more about Speedline Technologies on their detail page in the Member Directory Knowledge in process leaders will comment on the top issues of semiconductor manufacturing and PCB assembly in a new blog hosted by Speedline Technologies. The Speedline Technologies Knowledge Blog,, will share industry-leading insight, technical know-how, and personal observations from the company’s top experts.

Gerald Pham-Van-Diep In the blog’s first entry, Gerald Pham-Van-Diep, director of advanced development, wants to know "what’s the big deal about lead-free," while admitting to hearing voices during the night calling from him to "jump on the bandwagon". His bottom line: success implementation of the required new practices is best to come from the promotion of facts, not fear.

Dr. Pham-Van-Diep says he sees the blog not only as an exchange of ideas, but as an open structure channel to share personal observations directly with his customers and the industry. The blog is an opportunity for one-on-one discussion with a literally global industry, he notes.

Blog contributors will come from throughout the company to comment on issues ranging from lead-free to productivity, development to inspection, globalization to miniaturization, and everything in between.

Dr. Pham-Van-Diep expects a high level of value-add for blog readers, as each writer brings his own professional and technical expertise - as well as his own unique perception and personality - to the industry’s issues of the day.

Read more about Speedline Technologies on their detail page in the Member Directory.

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