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Soldering Technology International Changes Company Name

STI Electronics to better represent developing technical expertise

Go to the detail page in the Member Directory for STI Electronics After 22 years of business, Soldering Technology International, Inc. (known as STI by customers, vendors, and colleauges) has officially changed its name to STI Electronics, Inc. President and CEO David Raby says that the word "soldering" in many ways was limiting the growth of the company and was not indicative of the technical expertise of the company today.

STI began over 22 years ago providing consulting and training for soldering related applications. STI still provides consulting and training services but has added a vast array of other products and services available to their customers, analytical and prototype developmental lab services and training kits (including lead-free), and STI is also a distributor for over 80 product lines, such as Kester, LeCroy, JBC, Hakko, and Pace.

Go to the detail page in the Member Directory for STI Electronics.

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