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Hover-Davis' Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group

Flexibility and significant reduction in assembly costs

Read more about Hover-Davis on their detail page in the Member Directory With the proliferation of bare die beyond traditional single die packages and the blurring between component level and board level assembly, with such assemblies as multi-chip modules, system in package (SIP), hybrid circuits, etc., there is a strong demand for assembly solutions offering improved cost of ownership over the conventional die bonding and SMT assembly equipment.

In November 2004, Hover-Davis, a leader in component delivery systems, established the Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group to focus on this growing opportunity.

Roland Heitmann, the newly appointed director of the Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group states, "By providing state-of-the-art bare die feeding solutions that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of assembly platforms, we believe we can help facilitate a significant reduction in assembly costs for our customers. Our flexible and high volume bare die feeders can transform almost any placement machine into an advanced multi-die/SMT assembly platform, thus providing a wider variety of assembly equipment options for our customers."

The Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group is focusing on three critical market opportunities; RFID strap and tag assembly in conjunction with high speed SMT assembly platforms, mixed technology component and module assembly in conjunction with flexible, high performance SMT platforms, and specialty applications, in areas such as MEMS, 3D assemblies, and testing, in conjunction with a wide variety of customized assembly platforms.
Roland Heitmann continues, "Using our Direct Die Feeders, which include the DDf and our newly released DDf Ultra, we believe we have the enabling technology for providing solutions with the lowest possible cost of ownership in these market segments. In addition, we will continue to expand our product portfolio and enhance our product performance to further strengthen our value proposition for our customers."

John Hover, president of Hover-Davis states, "By working closely with the leading placement equipment manufacturers, we expect to provide world class assembly solutions to our customers worldwide. With our Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group, we believe Hover-Davis is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the latest technology and packaging trends, and expect it to be an increasing portion of our business in the future."

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