By Keith Bryant, Chairman, SMTA Europe

Billed as the only Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly technology and equipment event that brings together an international congregation of chip manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers. All gathered in the heart of the industry in Penang, Malaysia to showcase the latest developments in the industry. The event had a lot to live up to, add to this it was the first event and you can see the challenge for all those involved.
SMTA had been asked to organize a Half Day Technical Conference on the main floor of the Exhibition, this also can be a double-edged sword as there is often background noise and the audience can ebb and flow.
Assisted by the local Chapter, who were also staffing a small SMTA stand, a strong line up of speakers was arranged, including some from the USA and Europe who came to share their knowledge in a non-commercial way, as normal for SMTA invited speakers.
The first day of the event saw a good level of visitors, not huge numbers but reasonable, however, the exhibitors were pleased with the quality and several remarked that they had made new and worthwhile contacts.
SMTA talks which were headlined ‘Advanced Manufacturing Processes’ took place on the first afternoon, on the main stage, in the very centre of the hall, and were well promoted to the visitors.
I am pleased to report that almost all of the six presentations were ‘standing room only’ and there were good questions and positive feedback from the attendees, which is generally taken as the mark of a good event.
It is also worth noting that the more commercial technology presentations on Day 2, whilst quite well attended, attracted lower numbers then the SMTA event, which I take as an indication of people’s thirst for knowledge over listening to something more commercial.
The event was very well organised and managed, the team on the floor were great and deserve a mention, they kept everyone informed of when things were happening and made sure the event ran like clockwork. The IPC held a very successful round of their Hand Soldering Competition having 47 entrants from various companies, with a very high standard of workmanship reported 
The Opening Ceremony was postponed to the start of Day 2 as the VIP, the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, had to reschedule at short notice. This event was very spectacular with all the dignitaries, including SMTA’s own Tanya Martin, being led in by a group in traditional Malaysian ceremonial attire. After the speeches Tanya was presented with a nice engraved glass plaque and then the group moved to the exhibition theatre. Here several Memorandums of Understanding were signed , between the joint organisers, The Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore (AEIS), and their partners at the event. The SMTA, once more represented by Tanya were invited to sign an MoU and this is now done so we look forward to next years event at the same great location from the 22nd to the 24th July, where we hope to have an even larger presence and an even more successful event.

Symposium Provides Insights on Counterfeit Avoidance and Detection

College Park, Md. - More than 130 individuals attended the 2019 CALCE/SMTA Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials from June 25-27 at the College Park Marriott Hotel in College Park, MD. The event attracted a large cross section of government, industry, business, and academia.

During the first two days, 25 presentations organized into eight sessions examined all aspects of electronic parts supply chain including current counterfeited parts and material statistics, standards, regulations, detection, prosecution of counterfeiters, and more.

One presentation featured a case study of the process of prosecution of counterfeiters in the case of U.S. v. Rogelio Vasquez (2018) which was presented by Brian Resler, Assistant Deputy Chief for Litigation, Computer Crime, and Intellectual property Section of the United States Department of Justice. Marie Williams from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Trade Business Transformation and Innovation Division presented some of the proof of concepts that CBP has completed and ongoing projects. She explained the role of government in block chain and identification of promising technologies for CBP’s business needs. Other presentations covered a variety of topics such as tracking and tracing technologies, block chain technology, cyber security, and various international standards to attenuate the problem of counterfeit products.

Conference Chair, Dr. Diganta Das, spoke about the effect that counterfeit and rewrapped Lithium-ion batteries have on the market and supply chain, and he also presented the workshop ‘Use of Component Documentation and Supply Chain for Counterfeit Avoidance,’ which discussed how to understand and use process change notices for making counterfeit detection more efficient. A second workshop was presented by Cameron Shearon, Raytheon IDS, and Michael Ford, Aegis, titled ‘Utilizing IPC-1782—Component Traceability—to Reduce Risk Associated with Ingress of Counterfeit Components.’ This course explained the implementation of an exact traceability program, based on IPC-1782, to lower the risk and cost of consequences associated with the ingress of counterfeit components.

Many companies, including 4 Star Electronics, AERI, Creative Electron, Inc., DUST Identity, NexGen Digital, Resion LLC, SMT Corporation, and others, offered demonstrations and product and service insights during the exhibition periods of the conference.

Access to the conference proceedings can be requested via the CALCE website.

Next year the symposium will return to College Park, MD, on June 23-25, 2020.

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