Technical Sales Engineer

Phoenix, AZ / San Diego, CA / El Paso, TX 04/11/2017
I. General Position Summary: The Technical sales and customer support establishes a direct sales presence for Koki Solder America Inc. In the North American and Latin American Markets. This includes, but is not limited to, working with distributors or manufacturers to establish a commercial presence, working directly to close and support key accounts. Additionally, handling day-to-day office management tasks. Finally, this is the key Employee position for the Company in the US and is chiefly accountable for profit and loss at Koki; helping the Company to become a top technology company in the soldering industry.

II. Essential Job Functions: Sales and Support Activities

1) Provides accurate, timely, and regular written sales reports to the General Manager

2) Seeks new clients on a continuing basis. This includes performing market research, making sales calls, and undertaking strategic planning and sales promotion.

3) Manages the sales pipeline to ensure that monthly sales and profit goals are met

4) Directs the activities of individuals (Koki Representatives) engaged in sales functions (as necessary)

5) Closes business with prospective clients

6) Analyzes the results of the strategic sales plan, making adjustments as necessary to improve business results and achieve success.

Planning Sales and Support Activities

1) Develops and finalizes a business plan; developing and achieving stand-alone productivity for the business.

2) Develops an operational plan such as procurement, assembly, service support, and contract manufacturing, for the growth and launch of the organization’s products.

3) Defines the product sales & marketing plan; supervising sales and distribution of the product.

4) Develops a market customer and entry acquisition strategy, designing, and building a service and sales capability.

General Employee Activities

1) Constantly identifies financial and other risks to the Company and reports these quickly and accurately to the GM / RSM.

2) Maintains the public image of the Company

3) Attends to the needs of Employee visitors from Japan and assists long-term expatriate staff from Japan in becoming accustomed to the local community

4) Develops and presents budgets for GM approval and prudently manages resources within budgetary guidelines

5) Manages all aspects of a small office, including internet, telecommunications, and other items as required

6) Travels to Japan and elsewhere regularly as required.

Education / Experience required:

  • Education: B.S. in Industrial /Mechanical Engineering.
  • Electronics Manufacturing (SMT) Industry Experience: 0 to 3 years
  • Ideally, 1 - 2 years of experience in a Sales Support, or customer facing role.
  • Strong understanding of statistics for process control and electronics manufacturing.

    Skills Required:

  • Expert level knowledge of the solder paste printing process
  • Expert functional knowledge of Screen Printers and their application
  • Capable of applying statistical tools for optimizing processes
  • Solid understanding of the overall SMT manufacturing process.
  • Customer relationship skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong presentation skills

    Position Location: Phoenix, AZ / El Paso, TX / San Diego, CA

    Travel Requirements: (Customer Visits)

  • Pre-sales support - assist in technical sales support
  • Evaluation support - training and process support
  • Post-sales support - visit customers to focus on process and training
  • Trade-Shows - primarily in North America, (USA, Canada and Mexico) but may also require some limited International travel up to 50%