Process Engineer - Packaging/Back-end

San Diego, CA 11/06/2019
Company Description: Obsidian Sensors develops sensor platforms using MEMS/NEMS technology for commercial applications.

Job Description: This is an entry level position.

A Packaging Process Engineer enables, supports, and executes ongoing back-end semiconductor development. This role plays an important part in bringing our key technologies to market.

Key Responsibilities:

-) Assembly process and/or equipment development applying novel concepts

-) Run and maintain state-of-the-art packaging equipment in small-scale production

-) Developing processes to meet quality, reliability, cost, and yield requirements

-) Work collaboratively with coworkers to innovate and develop packaging solutions

-) Execute and track process conditions for packaging development

Skill/Job Requirements:

-) Masters or PhD in Mechanical Engineering or related field

-) Demonstrate intuitive understanding of fabrication processes, techniques, and procedures

-) Experience working in cleanroom environment

-) Experience operating wafer-level equipment

-) Knowledge of NEMS/MEMS systems

-) Familiar with principles of material science

-) Have “Best Idea Wins” mentality

-) Self-driven to achieve personally set goals

-) Must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States