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Conecsus Opens Wastewater Treatment Operation in Mexico

San Luis Potosí, México - Conecsus LLC announces the opening of a new Wastewater Treatment operation in Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí (SLP), México. The new Conecsus de Mexico S.A. de C.V. is an industrial wastewater treatment plant that applies the latest and best technology and physicochemical treatment methodology available to its processes for the purification of residual industrial wastewater. The plant is housed in a modern industrial park, Logistik II, where it is neighbors with manufacturing companies including BMW, San Luis Metal Forming, Loreal, and others.

In making the announcement, Gilberto Cifuentes, Operations Director, said, “We have all the required authorizations to operate, and have state-of-the-art equipment for the collection and transportation of water to our plant. We offer our clients the confidence that their water will be treated safely and with the best available technology, as well as the traceability and logistics systems necessary for the proper management of effluents and to meet the individual, specialized needs of each and every client.”

Cifuentes adds that “Although the wastewater we treat is currently non-hazardous, by August 2019 we will have our hazard permit, thereby offering different choices to our clients managing the residual water as hazard, non-hazard and even as a third option as a residual water being treated not as a waste but as a resource to be decontaminated.” He adds, “Also, we are innovating with technologies including advanced oxidation processes and different distillation methods to fulfil not only legal requirements but to meet even the highest national and international standards.”  

Conecsus de Mexico S.A. de C.V. exceeds applicable government standards for wastewater treatment and handling and health and safety compliance. In addition, the company has developed specialized software tools for traceability and monitoring of their clients’ wastewater treatment process from pickup to discharge to the drain, ensuring complete ‘cradle to grave’ traceability to comply with existing legislation and also to meet any corporate requirements. “This gives us the opportunity to improve the indicators (KPIs) that are necessary for each client. This enables future usage of these treated waters for irrigating ‘green’ areas, for example, thereby completing a cycle that is environmentally friendly.” 

Management and Staff includes Steven Butler, General Director; Gilberto Cifuentes, Operations Director; and Manuel Tapia, Commercial Manager. The address is Circuito Bruselas No. 59, Parque Logistik II, Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí, México, 79526. Tel. +52 444-604-9339; E-Mail: wwtslp.mexico@conecsusllc.com.

About Conecsus

Founded in 1980, Conecsus, LLC is a sophisticated ‘green’ recycler and refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes and residues, as well as Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper from a variety of manufacturing industries. Located in Terrell, Texas, USA, Conecsus converts these wastes into usable metal products. Conecsus’ mission is to provide innovative and high-quality industrial byproducts management, metal recovery, and recycling options that provide world-class value and service to our customers, and display respect and stewardship toward the environment. For more information, visit www.conecsusllc.com.

TAKAYA APT-1400 Series Flying Probe System Tests LED Color Functionality

Takaya APT Flying Probe

Santa Clara, California, USA  – The TAKAYA APT-1400F and APT-1600FD flying probe testing systems from TEXMAC precisely test LED components for color. The APT-1400 series systems can be optionally equipped with LED Color Sensors that enable the functional testing of LEDs. Color spectrum (RGB) and Luminance parameters of the LED can be verified to meet component specifications.

With the APT-1400 series, setup of the LED test is very simple and intuitive. Test Engineers are presented with a graphical interface that allows them to set the Source Voltage/Current and locate the placement of the LED sensor to monitor the LED emissions. Test parameters are set to monitor source current and to sense the RGB and luminance values of the illuminated LED. TAKAYA APT-1400 Series flying probe testers are the industry’s fastest flying-probe test systems for assembled PCBAs. 

TAKAYA Flying Probers are the only major Japanese-engineered and manufactured flying probe systems in our  industry. They are proven to be the most accurate, repeatable and reliable systems on the market. With ease-of-use and fast program development, TAKAYA provides the best-in-class solution for quick-turn response, prototype environment through production test runs. TEXMAC, Inc. is the exclusive authorized distributor of TAKAYA flying probers in North America.  

EMS providers and OEMs use TAKAYA flying probers to provide cost-effective electrical test in place of in-circuit test for prototypes and low-to-medium volume production.  They are also very effective as a diagnostic tool on complex boards that fail functional test. Designed for use by manufacturers who require accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use, they provide the capabilities that are crucial to test operations. 


TEXMAC, the exclusive authorized distributor of TAKAYA flying prober test systems in North America, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and offers a full range of sales and support services including test and programming services. Locations include facilities in the Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Silicon Valley areas. For more information, contact Roy McKenzie, TEXMAC, Inc., 3370 Montgomery Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054, Tel. (408) 970-9171, rmckenzie@texmacusa.com,  and visit www.texmac.com.

Robotas Launches Mascot Clinch Placement System

Robotas Technologies, who have over 30 years’ experience in the optimization of hand assembly operations, across multiple manufacturing sectors, is proud to announce the launch of its Mascot Clinch system; a significant addition to its Mascot family of THT placement systems.

Robotas Mascot ClinchThe Mascot system

Robotas’ Mascot system semi-automates the PCB hand assembly process, speeding up production and making the hand assembly process more reliable and repeatable. The benefits include improved product quality, increased throughput, the virtual elimination of set up time and reduced rework, helping to drive productivity.

Mascot systems provide operators with on-screen step-by-step work instructions whilst simultaneously indicating each component’s placement location and polarity directly onto the PCB via an eye safe laser. At every assembly step the operator is also delivered the correct component via intelligent motorised carousels or shelving with incorporated LED pick to light indication. 

The launch of Mascot Clinch

Mascot Clinch goes one step further. Once the component has been placed by the operator an automated mechanism underneath the PCB will ‘clinch’ the component legs in either a North, East, South or West direction. The finished lead profile can be also be set to either an angle or flat to the board. 

As the operator is placing the components the Mascot Clinch mechanism underneath the PCB 'follows' the Mascot laser to each component location.  As the component is placed the clinch mechanism bends over each leg of the component.  Once the clinch function has been performed, the laser, parts dispensing systems and clinch mechanism moves to the next component location and the process repeats.  A variety of component types are able to be clinched such as axial components, resistors and capacitors as well as ICs, transistors and SIL arrays. Transistors will also be able to have all three leads clinched. 

For more information about Mascot Clinch please contact Robotas Technologies on +44 (0)1474 815 815.


YAMAHA Motor Corporation USA Announces New IM Division Headquarters in Marietta, Georgia

Marietta, Georgia, USA – Yamaha Motor Corporation USA‘s Intelligent Machinery (IM) Division is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new sales, training and demonstration facility in Marietta, Georgia, USA. Having outgrown the previous facility in nearby Kennesaw, the new facility is a complete replacement of the  previous headquarters and offers the ability to double the number of employees while increasing available space for equipment, service, and support operations.

In making the announcement, Tom Simpson, Operations Manager said, “This expansion was necessary to support our increased machine line-up, which includes Stencil Printers, Solder Paste Inspectors (SPI), Dispense, Automatic Optical Inspectors (AOI), In-line 3D X-Ray, Storage Towers, Industrial Robots and our 3 brands of Mounters:  iPulse, YSM and SIGMA Series Machines.  Covering all speeds and complexity of production. Yamaha is the only SMT vendor with a full line solution.”

In addition to adding factory automated material delivery systems, connected factory tools, computer-controlled component storage and a full line of industrial robots to Yamaha’s already extensive lineup, it was imperative that Yamaha expanded their IM Operations in the USA. Tom went on to say, “We have doubled our office capability, and increased our showroom and training/refurbishment area by 80%.  Additionally, we have increased our spare parts inventory and storage area by over 50% to accommodate our additional machines as well as to provide direct support for our many new direct and corporate accounts.”

In the past year, Yamaha has increased direct headcount by over 20% and added 3 new distinct product lines to their portfolio.  With a dedicated team of Service Engineers, Applications Engineers, Technical Support Personnel and Sales People, the IM Team now has room to grow even further in 2019 and beyond.

About Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machinery

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA IM is a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Corporation, and offers a full line of machines for electric/electronic parts mounting and other production-line solutions to answer the diversifying needs of today’s electronics manufacturers. Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has sales and service offices in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, providing a truly global sales and service network, delivering best in class on-site sales and service support for their customers.

Vision Engineering Launches FREE Electronics Academy Webinar Series to help identity and rectify PCB

Vision Engineering Vision Engineering has teamed up with industry-expert Bob Willis to broadcast a free Electronics Academy Webinar Series aimed at identifying the issues affecting PCB/SMT assembly and the challenges of achieving Zero Defect Manufacture. The 3 part webinar is focused on improving quality and reducing costs through improving the inspection process.


The series begins on June 16th with Solder Joint Inspection & Process Defects. During this webinar participants will learn how to minimize inspection and process defects, identify common joint failures, causes, cures and corrective actions. Bob will explain the best ways to inspect solder joints on conventional and surface mount assemblies with reference to international standards (e.g. IPC 610 and IPC J-STD-001). On June 29th Counterfeit Component Inspection & Detection will be broadcasted. Production, quality and purchasing teams will learn how to inspect conventional and surface mount devices to identify counterfeit component and avoid expensive consequences. In this webinar Bob will illustrate the most common issues faced by these teams, how to test parts and demonstrate the importance of photographic documentation to provide reference standards for the future.

The 3 part series closes on July 21st with Conformal Coating Inspection & Coating Faults. The use of conformal coating is growing in popularity. Regardless of application method, either manual or automated inspection is required in most applications, carried out under normal or UV light, with reference to international standards. During this webinar, Bob will cover the inspection of coatings, setting up of inspection standards, as well as the common process defects and corrective actions Bob Willis is a globally-recognized expert in surface mount and area array technology, providing training and consultancy to electronics manufacturers worldwide for over 30 years. Bob regularly speaks at international events, providing expert knowledge to improve skills and knowledge for electronics production staff and engineers. For more information on the Electronics Academy Webinar or to register visit www.visioneng.com/electronicswebinar

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