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Creative Electron Gets A Visit From Scotty Allen of 'Strange Parts'

Creative Electron, the manufacturer of the highest quality technical x-ray machines in the U.S.A., was proud to host Scotty Allen from the successful YouTube channel, “Strange Parts”. Widely known for his interest in the ever-evolving world of technology, his videos consist of “Do It Yourself” technology projects and travel documentaries. Scotty is famous for building an iPhone 6S from individual components sold in China!

Thus, Strange Parts!

As a former software engineer in Silicon Valley, Scotty Allen has traveled the world in search of adventure. After riding a bike through Laos and Cambodia, building and racing land yachts, planting coral underwater in Borneo – he began seeking out the weird and wonderful. That passion brought him to Creative Electron.

After a discussion about the history of x-ray and the evolution of the technology, he toured the factory, where Scotty photographed and filmed the experience of the energy that moves the machinery of Creative Electron. From the x-ray museum to the high tech mobile x-ray van, he shared in the enthusiasm to be on the cutting edge of the future of x-ray technology and its use in industry, quality control, and product safety.

The highlight of the visit was a challenge to see if Creative Electron’s TruView x-ray machine could identify a store-bought cell phone from the one Scotty built himself from, quite literally, from strange parts. To the naked eye, the phones looked identical. The TruView Parts Inspector highlighted the differences.

The day of collective excitement concluded with handshakes and a Q&A on Creative Electron’s plans for the future. Driven by Scotty’s stamp of Strange Parts approval, the enthusiasm at Creative Electron has doubled to follow the amazing journey that will take the company to new heights of ingenuity.

To learn more about Scotty’s visit to Creative Electron, please visit


ZESTRON Launches New Cleaning Agent for Removal of Conformal Coating

Manassas, VA – August 6, 2019 ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services, and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce that it has released ATRON® DC, a decoating cleaning agent. 
ATRON® DC is a maintenance cleaning agent designed to remove conformal coating from pallets, fixtures and tools. It quickly and reliably removes different coating materials including acrylics, urethanes, and epoxies. The water-based, pH neutral formulation of ATRON® DC has been developed to improve worker safety versus traditional solvents, ATRON® DC suitable for use in most maintenance cleaning equipment, including dip tank and ultrasonic machines. 

For more information on ATRON® DC please click here

ZESTRON is headquartered in Manassas, Virginia and operates in more than 35 countries. With eight technical centers worldwide and the industry’s most knowledgeable team of engineers focused on high precision cleaning, ZESTRON’s commitment to ensuring that its customers surpass even the most stringent cleaning requirements is without equal. 
For additional information or to tour one of our technical centers, please visit www.zestron.com.

Amerway Marks 30 Years in Business as Leading Domestic Solder, Alloy Manufacturer

Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA – Amerway, Inc. celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year as a leading domestic manufacturer of high-purity solder products for the electronics manufacturing industry. Family-owned and operated since 1989, Amerway is strategically located in the eastern United States, in Altoona, Pennsylvania, serving its customers with custom alloys, solder bar, wire, and other specialized formulations and specialty products and services in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industries as well as the stained glass craft and arts. Amerway provides both lead-bearing and lead-free alloys as needed by its customers. All Amerway products are manufactured in the USA of virgin metals.

In making the announcement, Terry Buck, President, stated, “For three decades Amerway has been, and continues to be, a leader not only in solder itself but in customer support. We have expanded our offerings to include ‘Green’ Dross recovery and recycling options, Custom Fabrication of specialty items, and more, while continuing to provide our traditional services such as Solder Pot Analysis.  We offer full Product Certification, and we hold ISO 9001 quality certification.” Recently, Amerway completed the addition of a new 4,000 ft2 lead-free casting room within its Beale Avenue manufacturing facility in Altoona, and a state-of-the-art Continuous Casting System that improves lead times for all orders.” Amerway alloy products include pure tin, tin/copper, tin/antimony, tin/silver, SAC-alloys, fluxes, and more.  

About Amerway

Amerway Inc., based in Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA, is a premier supplier of solder bar, solder wire, fluxes, and custom alloy products to the electronics manufacturing industry. Amerway manufactures a large selection of lead-bearing and lead-free alloys including pure tin, tin/copper, tin/antimony, tin/silver, SAC-alloys, fluxes, and more. For more information, visit www.amerway.com, or contact the company at 3701 Beale Avenue, Altoona, PA 16601; Tel. 814-944-0200.

Masterwork Electronics Appoints Bhawnesh Mathur as Chief Executive Officer

Rohnert Park, CA – July 23, 2019 – Masterwork Electronics, (“Masterwork”), a top manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), which is backed by Hidden Harbor Capital Partners, today announced the appointment of Bhawnesh Mathur as its new Chief Executive Officer. Founded in 1994 to meet the increasing worldwide demand for PCBA and Cable & Harness Assembly, Masterwork Electronics is today one of the premier Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers. 

“Bhawnesh brings a wealth of strategic leadership gained from his 30-year career in electronics manufacturing, with cross-industry insight from experience at a range of companies on both the customer and supplier sides,” said David Block, Partner at Hidden Harbor. “His deep industry knowledge in electronics combined with his proven executive experience make him the perfect candidate to lead Masterwork during this exciting time in the company’s growth.” 

Over the course of his distinguished 30-year career, Bhawnesh has successfully worked in various roles throughout the electronics industry ranging from assignments in plant management and global supply chain logistics, to driving cross-border efforts and efficiencies in global and regional teams. Prior to joining Masterwork, Bhawnesh served as CEO of Creation Technologies for four years and as CEO of Epic Technologies for five years. Previously, Bhawnesh spent two formative decades at IBM, where he learned creative ways to apply his technological expertise to help customers solve problems. 

Originally from India, Bhawnesh graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering before going on to receive his Master of Business Administration from the University of Arizona. 

“I’m excited to join the team and help propel Masterwork Electronics into its next stage of growth as we continue to focus on superior service, innovative solutions and a high-performance culture for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees,” said Bhawnesh Mathur. 

Masterwork Electronics company serves a diverse mix of customers from North America, representing varied markets including telecom, industrial hardware, payment processing, electric vehicle charging, and home automation. With California-based corporate leadership and state-of-the-art production facilities just over the border in Mexicali, Mexico, Masterwork Electronics is the go-to nearshoring provider of high quality and low-cost manufacturing solutions.

TAKAYA Introduces APT-1600FD, Fastest Dual-Sided Flying Probe Tester

Santa Clara, California, USA  – Takaya’s APT-1600FD Advanced Flying Probe test system for assembled PCBAs provides average head-speed increases of up to 50% with throughput improvements of 30-50% over existing models, making it the industry’s fastest flying-probe test system. The APT-1600FD incorporates a new 10-flying-Z-axis design, including 4 vertical flying probes that provide unequalled access to test points where conventional angled probes fail to contact.TEXMAC Takaya APT 1600FD System

The APT-1600FD is the newest member of Takaya’s APT-1400F family of flying probers.  Its 6 top side and 4 bottom side flying probes deliver unprecedented speed and performance found only from TAKAYA, the inventor and industry leader in flying-probe test technology for more than 25 years. 

Takaya’s “soft touch” probing virtually eliminates the presence of witness marks often associated with flying probe test.  To help compensate for board warpage, the system now comes equipped with a laser profiling system.  Prior to testing a PCA, the surface of the board is scanned and the system automatically compensates for any warpage, guaranteeing maximum probing accuracy. 

Next generation, high-precision measurement electronics are embedded in the flying heads allowing for greatly improved measurement accuracy and increased functional capabilities. The new measurement system includes multiple 4-quadrant source and measurement units, plus an AC sine and square wave generator and frequency counter, providing the ability to perform dynamic characteristic tests of components and circuits.  An Enhanced Function Scanner Board and communications software make it easy to connect external instrumentation for additional functional-test capabilities.


TEXMAC, the exclusive authorized distributor of TAKAYA flying prober test systems in North America, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and offers a full range of sales and support services including test and programming services. Locations include facilities in the Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Silicon Valley areas. For more information, contact Roy McKenzie, TEXMAC, Inc., 3370 Montgomery Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054, Tel. (408) 970-9171, rmckenzie@texmacusa.com,  and visit www.texmac.com.

Trans-Tec America Opens State-of-the-Art SMT Demo and Training Facility in Silicon Valley

Trans-Tec America is proud to announce the grand opening of their new SMT (Surface Mount Technology) demo room and training facility in the center of Silicon Valley. Located at 46731 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, California, they are in the heart of the electronic manufacturing corridor.  In addition to the Chandler, Arizona corporate demo and training facility, by opening this expansion center in Fremont, Trans-Tec adheres to their mission statement, “Take care of your customer, or someone else will.”

At the Fremont location clients can receive live demonstrations on all facets of the SMT industry including Yamaha screen printing, component placement, and inspection (SPI, AOI, X-Ray) machines, as well as custom work cells and more at their convenience. Also located at this new facility is a high-tech, technology driven training center. Customers, new and existing, can receive all levels of both machine and software training.  This training includes user/operator as well as advanced machine maintenance and programming. The center is open by appointment so please contact John Hengst at johnh@trans-tec.com or 480-286-2000 or the Chandler corporate offices at sales@trans-tec.com.


Trans-Tec Facility in Silicon Valley

Conecsus Opens Wastewater Treatment Operation in Mexico

San Luis Potosí, México - Conecsus LLC announces the opening of a new Wastewater Treatment operation in Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí (SLP), México. The new Conecsus de Mexico S.A. de C.V. is an industrial wastewater treatment plant that applies the latest and best technology and physicochemical treatment methodology available to its processes for the purification of residual industrial wastewater. The plant is housed in a modern industrial park, Logistik II, where it is neighbors with manufacturing companies including BMW, San Luis Metal Forming, Loreal, and others.

In making the announcement, Gilberto Cifuentes, Operations Director, said, “We have all the required authorizations to operate, and have state-of-the-art equipment for the collection and transportation of water to our plant. We offer our clients the confidence that their water will be treated safely and with the best available technology, as well as the traceability and logistics systems necessary for the proper management of effluents and to meet the individual, specialized needs of each and every client.”

Cifuentes adds that “Although the wastewater we treat is currently non-hazardous, by August 2019 we will have our hazard permit, thereby offering different choices to our clients managing the residual water as hazard, non-hazard and even as a third option as a residual water being treated not as a waste but as a resource to be decontaminated.” He adds, “Also, we are innovating with technologies including advanced oxidation processes and different distillation methods to fulfil not only legal requirements but to meet even the highest national and international standards.”  

Conecsus de Mexico S.A. de C.V. exceeds applicable government standards for wastewater treatment and handling and health and safety compliance. In addition, the company has developed specialized software tools for traceability and monitoring of their clients’ wastewater treatment process from pickup to discharge to the drain, ensuring complete ‘cradle to grave’ traceability to comply with existing legislation and also to meet any corporate requirements. “This gives us the opportunity to improve the indicators (KPIs) that are necessary for each client. This enables future usage of these treated waters for irrigating ‘green’ areas, for example, thereby completing a cycle that is environmentally friendly.” 

Management and Staff includes Steven Butler, General Director; Gilberto Cifuentes, Operations Director; and Manuel Tapia, Commercial Manager. The address is Circuito Bruselas No. 59, Parque Logistik II, Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí, México, 79526. Tel. +52 444-604-9339; E-Mail: wwtslp.mexico@conecsusllc.com.

About Conecsus

Founded in 1980, Conecsus, LLC is a sophisticated ‘green’ recycler and refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes and residues, as well as Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper from a variety of manufacturing industries. Located in Terrell, Texas, USA, Conecsus converts these wastes into usable metal products. Conecsus’ mission is to provide innovative and high-quality industrial byproducts management, metal recovery, and recycling options that provide world-class value and service to our customers, and display respect and stewardship toward the environment. For more information, visit www.conecsusllc.com.

Vision Engineering Launches FREE Electronics Academy Webinar Series to help identity and rectify PCB

Vision Engineering Vision Engineering has teamed up with industry-expert Bob Willis to broadcast a free Electronics Academy Webinar Series aimed at identifying the issues affecting PCB/SMT assembly and the challenges of achieving Zero Defect Manufacture. The 3 part webinar is focused on improving quality and reducing costs through improving the inspection process.


The series begins on June 16th with Solder Joint Inspection & Process Defects. During this webinar participants will learn how to minimize inspection and process defects, identify common joint failures, causes, cures and corrective actions. Bob will explain the best ways to inspect solder joints on conventional and surface mount assemblies with reference to international standards (e.g. IPC 610 and IPC J-STD-001). On June 29th Counterfeit Component Inspection & Detection will be broadcasted. Production, quality and purchasing teams will learn how to inspect conventional and surface mount devices to identify counterfeit component and avoid expensive consequences. In this webinar Bob will illustrate the most common issues faced by these teams, how to test parts and demonstrate the importance of photographic documentation to provide reference standards for the future.

The 3 part series closes on July 21st with Conformal Coating Inspection & Coating Faults. The use of conformal coating is growing in popularity. Regardless of application method, either manual or automated inspection is required in most applications, carried out under normal or UV light, with reference to international standards. During this webinar, Bob will cover the inspection of coatings, setting up of inspection standards, as well as the common process defects and corrective actions Bob Willis is a globally-recognized expert in surface mount and area array technology, providing training and consultancy to electronics manufacturers worldwide for over 30 years. Bob regularly speaks at international events, providing expert knowledge to improve skills and knowledge for electronics production staff and engineers. For more information on the Electronics Academy Webinar or to register visit www.visioneng.com/electronicswebinar

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