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Murata is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electronic components, wireless connectivity modules, and power conversion technologies committed to the advancement of society and the evolution within the electronics industry. Our innovations can be found in consumer & industrial applications from mobile communications, home automation, energy management systems, computers/networking equipment, wearables, automotive mobility, healthcare devices and more. Aspiring to the slogan, "Innovator in Electronics," over 80,000 Murata employees are striving every day to develop new technologies, "world's first" innovations, and products to shape and empower the future of society. Products include: Capacitors (MLCC, polymer, silicon), noise/EMI suppression filters, inductors, ESD protection devices, resistors, resonators, filters, RF components, communication and wireless module solutions, sensors, thermistors, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, sound components, piezo actuators, Micro IoT batteries and RFID/NFC technologies. To learn how Murata's products and solutions are providing value to the medical and healthcare field visit www.murata.com/en-us/apps/health.

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