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Eltek USA Inc.

Eltek is a leading manufacturer of advanced printed circuit board (PCB) solutions for sophisticated electronic products. Eltek's PCBs are used in some of the world's most advanced medical applications. Whether it's a pacemaker, neurostimulator, insulin delivery system or diagnostic imaging, Eltek manufactures and delivers printed circuit boards for medical OEMs that help people live longer and healthier lives. Eltek provides complete support for the medical device development process from PCB design, through layout, DFX evaluation, NPI trials and FDA approval and then into full production support. Eltek medical manufacturing capabilities meet and exceed the most stringent standards that regulatory bodies mandate. Our PCBs are in many FDA approved implantable products. Eltek understands that a higher level of quality and reliability is critical in this field. With over 25 years of experience supporting the specific requirements of the medical industry, Eltek brings both experience and technical expertise to your new designs.

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Murata is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electronic components, wireless connectivity modules, and power conversion technologies. Since its establishment in 1944, Murata has contributed to the advancement of society and the evolution of the electronics industry. Our innovations can be found in a wide range of applications: healthcare devices, mobile phones, home appliances, automotive electronics, energy management systems and more. Today, Murata is a global enterprise with over 100 offices worldwide. Aspiring to the slogan, “Innovator in Electronics,” approximately 60,000 Murata employees strive every day to develop new technologies, “world’s first” innovations, and products shaping the future of society. To learn how Murata’s products and solutions are providing value to the medical and healthcare field visit www.murata.com/en-us/apps/health. For more information, visit Murata's website at www.murata.com

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