Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to announce our distinguished Keynote Speakers.

John Knickerbocker

From Health Data to Insights and Care that Improve Patients' Lives

Dr. John U. Knickerbocker, IBM Corporation
Manager: Micro Systems Technology & Solutions, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry

Dr. Knickerbocker is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and member of IBM Academy. He is the executive manager of Micro-Systems Technology and Solutions Team within the Healthcare and Life Sciences organization at IBM Research. His current focus is on precision diagnostics and sensing devices for quality of life improvement. He received his PhD degree in 1982 from the University of Illinois studying Materials Science & Engineering. Dr. Knickerbocker has authored or co-authored over 300 patents / patent applications and more than 85 technical papers, presentations and publications.

Jonathan Sakai

Designing for the Future of Healthcare

Jonathan Sakai, Cleveland Clinic
Director, Medical Device Commercialization

Opportunities for healthcare innovation are everywhere – in operating rooms, clinics, insurance companies - even your living room. Despite unending clinical needs and an abundance of technology available, only a fraction of these innovations ultimately impact patient care. What are the barriers that prevent good technology from reaching the market, and how do the clinical and technical domains view these challenges? The answers aren’t simple, however there are trends that can help us shepherd the most promising medical device technologies onto the market and into the hands of those who can improve and enrich the lives of patients everywhere. Jon will present lessons learned from a front row seat of the intersection of technology and patient care.

Jon Sakai is the Director of Medical Device Commercialization at Cleveland Clinic Innovations, responsible for the development and translation of a portfolio of technologies ranging from napkin sketches to medical implants. He spent the early part of his career researching the use of neuromodulation for applications ranging from preventing pressure ulcer formation to restoring movement in spinal cord injured patients. At Cleveland-based NDI Medical, he developed neuromodulation devices and systems ranging from external control systems to implantable leads and pulse generators. Jon has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds 6 issued patents.