Medical Electronics Symposium

May 21-22, 2019
The Tudor Arms Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio

Crystal Ballroom

The human body is an extremely complex "electrical (neurological) system", with companies continuing their quest to understand and improve capability as related to neural interface, basically connecting the human body directly into computers! There is no question, capabilities in smart phone/watch technologies connected to the internet erases any doubt of the potential to connect people to computers.

With the brain being the human equivalent of the "MicroProcessor", semiconductor companies such as IBM, Intel, MicroChip and MicroSemi have been well aware of potential for connectivity. Others have taken knowledge of neural interface to help humans manage their internal electrical systems, including Medtronic, Philips and Abbott, with a range of pacemakers, defibrillators and neural therapies.

Expanding the potential scope of linking the brain to computers and to the internet has attracted the likes of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, MicroSoft, Neuralink and others, adding to the list that already includes J&J, G.E., T.I., Stryker, and Edwards. MicroProcessors and other ASIC Chips, coupled with MEMS and Sensors, are now seen as the “next big thing” over the next 5 years looking at the Internet of Things.


This event will bring together experts to cover topics such as:

* Forecasting and Analytics

* MEMS, Sensors and Integrated Circuits

* Implantable Devices and Neural Interface

* Medical Robotics, Equipment, and Prosthetics

* Advanced Materials and Reliability


Technical Committee

General Chair:
Nicholas Leonardi, SMART Microsystems

Technical Chairs:
Peter Tortorici, Ph.D., Medtronic Microelectronics Center
Virginia Woods, Abbott

Committee Members:
Don Banks, Abbott
Dock Brown, DfR Solutions
Paul Gill, Abbott
Andy Kelly, Cactus Semiconductor Inc
Dale Lee, Plexus Corp.
Tanya Martin, SMTA
Gary Tanel, Libra Industries
Greg Vance, Rockwell Automation