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2020  Solder Reflow Fundamentals  Fred Dimock  Free!
2020  Introverted Leadership  Karyn Ross, Karyn Ross Consulting & Leslie Henckler, TriNet  Free!
2020  Solder Paste Fitness Monitoring  Denis Barbini, Ph.D.  Free!
2020  Low Temperature Solder: Enabling the Future  Kevin Byrd  Free!
2020  12 Essential Skills Every Engineer Needs To Learn  Happy Holden  $60.00
2020  Flex and Rigid Flex: Materials, Design for Manufacturability and Real-World Advice  Tara Dunn  Free!
2020  Screen Printing Key Factors  Miguel Colomer  Free!
2020  Asking Better Questions and Improving Your Listening Skills  Karyn Ross, Karyn Ross Consulting & Katie Anderson, KBJ Anderson Consulting  Free!
2020  Four Things Engineers Need To Know About Patents and Intellectual Property  Christopher P. Schaffer  Free!
2020  Why Are We Cleaning No-Clean?  Mike Konrad  Free!
2019  Advances in X-Ray for Demanding Applications  Keith Bryant  Free!
2019  Recent Advances in X-ray Technology  Keith Bryant  $10.00
2019  Practical Guidelines in Handling Moisture Sensitivity of SMT Packages  Mumtaz Bora  Free!
2019  Improving Reliability of Assemblies from a Soldering Materials Development Standpoint  Shantanu Joshi  Free!
2019  Flux Cleaning from PCB Assembly: Challenges, Methods and Assessment  Dr. Ansuman Das  Free!
2019  Key Design Variables that Impact Electrochemical Reliability of Electronic Devices  Dr. Mike Bixenman and Ram Wissel  Free!
2019  Harsh Environment Failure - Causes & Cures  Keith Bryant & Bob Willis  Free!
2019  BGA and Area Array Process Defects - Causes & Cures  Keith Bryant  Free!
2018  Inspecting PWB Assemblies for Defects  Bob Wettermann  $25.00
2018  ESD Electrostatic Discharge Guide for Everyone  SMTA Europe  $25.00
2018  Jump Start - An Introduction to SMT Process Basics and Troubleshooting  Chrys Shea, Tom Foley, Fred Dimock  Free!
2018  PCB Design, Fabrication and Use from an End User's Perspective  SMTA Europe  $25.00
2018  Consider the options-How should I mask for Conformal Coating?  Bob Wettermann  Free!
2018  Tin Whisker - All You Should Know  Dr. Jennie S. Hwang  $200.00
2018  Stencil Printing Process and Solder Paste Inspection – An In-Depth Look  S. Manian Ramkumar, Ph.D.  $200.00
2018  Role of Bi in Lead-free Electronics - All You Need to Know  Dr. Jennie S. Hwang  $200.00
2018  Solder Paste Qualification Testing  Chrys Shea and Doug Dixon  Free!
2018  Introduction to Technical Paper Writing - Values, Concepts, and Process Steps  Matt Kelly, P.Eng, MBA  Free!
2018  Moving from F to G- Changes to IPC A-610/J-STD-001  James Barnhardt  Free!
2017  X-Ray Inspection of PCBs  Kamran Iqbal and Bob Wettermann  $200.00
2017  Webtorial: Reflow - Understanding the Complete Process & Defect Prevention  Bob Willis  $200.00
2017  Solder Joint Voids - All You Should Know  Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D.  $200.00
2017  Advances in Stencil Technology for Achieving Successful Printing Results  Chrys Shea  Free!
2017  Supply Chain Risk Insights Powered by Watson  Tom Ward and Rahul Nahar  Free!
2017  Exploring Interferometry Sensors for Advanced Packaging Metrology Applications  Julia Brueckner, Ph.D.  Free!
2017  Role of Bismuth in Lead-free Systems - All You Need to Know  Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D.  $200.00
2017  What are the Next Concerns in Counterfeit Electronics?  Diganta Das, Ph.D.  Free!
2016  Tin Whisker - All You Should Know  Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D.  $200.00
2016  The Three Fundamentals to the Ultimate Reliability in Consumer Electronics  Craig Hillman, Ph.D.  Free!
2016  Practical Guidelines in Handling Moisture Sensitivity of SMT Packages  Mumtaz Bora  Free!
2016  Stencil Printing - Advanced Topics  Chrys Shea  $200.00
2016  Corrosion in Data Centers  Prabjit Singh  Free!
2016  How to Design for Testability (DFT) for Today's Boards and Systems  Louis Y. Ungar  $200.00
2016  Management Overview of the Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) Principles, Costs, Risks and Benefits  Jay Gorajia  Free!
2016  PCB Surface Finishing Overview How Process Parameters Effect Functional Performance  Lenora Toscano  Free!
2016  Stencil Printing - The Essentials  Chrys Shea  $200.00
2016  Solder Joint Voids: All You Should Know  Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D.  $200.00
2016  Key Technical Challenges and Process Improvements for an Electronics Manufacturing Provider  Bob Farrell  Free!
2015  Material Properties and How They Affect Electronic Devices  Neil Poole, Ph.D.  $200.00
2015  Design for Cleaning and Reliability Webtorial  Mike Bixenman  $200.00
2015  Solder Paste Printing and Inspection Webtorial  Chrys Shea  $200.00
2015  LEDs and Solid State Lighting Ecosystem  Makarand (Chips) Chipalkatti, Ph.D.  Free!
2015  Solder Joint Voids - All You Should Know  Jennie Hwang, Ph.D.  $200.00
2015  Shining a Light on LED Technology  Martine Simard-Normandin  Free!
2015  Process Optimization and Defect Elimination for PCB Assembly  Tim Jensen  $200.00
2015  Thermal Events: Root Cause Analysis & Prevention for Electronics  Cheryl Tulkoff  $200.00
2014  IPC-A-610 and IPC J-STD-001: Moving From Rev. E to Rev. F  Norman Mier and James Barnhart  Free!
2014  Stencil Printing - A Practical Guide to Defect Prevention and Yield Improvement  Chrys Shea  $200.00
2014  Evaluating the Performance of Conformal Coatings  Doug Pauls  $200.00
2014  Power and High Temp Electronics Manufacturing  Dr. Chris Hunt and Bob Willis  Free!
2014  Higher Density Packaging: Manufacturability & Reliability  Cheryl Tulkoff  $200.00
2014  Tin Whiskers: All You Should Know  Jennie Hwang, Ph.D.  $200.00
2014  Head in Pillow Causes & Process Solutions  Bob Willis  $200.00
2014  Properties and Applications of Low Temperature Solders  Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  $200.00
2013  Reflow Soldering Process and Influence on Defects - An In-Depth Look  Dr. S. Manian Ramkumar  $150.00
2013  High Reliability and RoHS  Ian Wilding  Free!
2013  Cleaning a No-Clean Flux and Related Reliability Issues  Eric Camden  Free!
2013  Mechanical Reliability - Updated Results from a Spherical Bend Test Program  John McMahon  Free!
2013  Improving SMT Stencil Printing Yields  Chrys Shea  $200.00
2013  Design for Manufacturing (DfM)  Cheryl Tulkoff  $200.00
2013  Voiding Control and Reliability of Solder Joints with Backward Compatibility | Bonus Presentation: Technical Communication - Strategies for Success  Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee and Chrys Shea  Free!
2013  Design and Assembly Process Challenges for Bottom Terminations Components (BTCs)  Ray Prasad  $200.00
2012  Preventing Production Defects and Failures  Jennie Hwang  $200.00
2012  BGA Rework/Repair-A Primer  Bob Wetterman  $200.00
2012  Design For Environment (DfE): 8 Proven Strategies for Developing Superior, Cost Efficient, & Environmentally Compliant Products  Graham Adams, BSc. Ceng.MlechE, PlesTech Ltd.; Pamela J. Gordon, Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI.); and Harvey Stone, Ph.D  Free!
2012  Lead-Free Soldering Technology Symposium  SMTA International  $320.00
2012  Package On Package (PoP) Design and Assembly  Bob Willis  Free!
2012  Implementing TSV for 3D Semiconductor Packaging  Vern Solberg  Free!
2012  PCB Inspection and Inspection Strategies  Tammy Grefkowicz and Bob Wettermann  Free!
2012  Failure Analysis: Lessons Learned in Manufacturing  Martin Anselm, Ph.D.  $200.00
2012  Drop Test Performance of BGA Assembly Using SAC105Ti Solder Sphere  Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Free!
2012  PWB Reliability Failure Modes  Paul Reid  $200.00
2012  Cleaning Agent and Cleaning Equipment Innovations  Mike Bixenman  $200.00
2012  A Study of Surface Finishes for IC Substrates and Wire Bond Applications  Lenora Toscano  Free!
2012  Troubleshooting the Stencil Printing Process  Chrys Shea  Free!
2012  Solder Pad Cratering Webtorial  Cheryl Tulkoff  $200.00
2012  RoHS Product Eco-compliance - with all the changes, where do we stand now?  Krista Crotty  Free!
2012  Tin Whiskers - A 2012 State of the Industry Assessment  Dave Hillman  $200.00
2012  PCB Depaneling with Lasers: A Comparison of Laser to Traditional Depaneling Methods  Josh Brown  Free!
2012  Material and Process Optimization for Head-in-Pillow Elimination  Timothy Jensen  Free!
2011  Developing a Counterfeit Testing Program  Cathy Moritz  Free!
2011  Critical Considerations for Conformal Coating Reliability  Jason Keeping, P. Eng.  Free!
2010  Root Cause Failure Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Through Analysis of Product and Tooling Design  Dale Lee  Free!
2010  Go Greener in Your Cleaner! - Cleaning Process Benchmarking  Dr. Harald Wack  Free!
2010  Mechanical and Thermal Reliability of Package on Package  Heather McCormick  Free!
2010  Status of the Proliferation of Lead-Free Alloys: 2010  Ronald Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Free!
2010  Reducing Head-in-Pillow with Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Solder Paste Development  Jasbir Bath  Free!
2009  Practical Guidelines for Moisture Sensitive Component Handling  Mumtaz Bora  Free!
2009  Methods for Reworking Leadless Packages - LGA, QFNs and More  Bob Wettermann and Ray Cirimele  Free!
2009  Why Switch From Pure DI-Water To Chemistry?  Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Chem.Eng.  Free!
2009  Process Controls in Classifying, Handling, Storing and Baking Devices and PWBs  Steven Martell and Mumtaz Bora  Free!
2009  Inspecting, Detecting and Rejecting Counterfeit and Reworked Electronic Components in the Open Marketplace  Art Ogg  Free!
2009  Mixed Alloy BGA Assembly: Low-Silver Lead Free BGA Spheres into Tin-Lead & LF Assembly Processes  Chrys Shea, Quyen Chu, and Ken Hubbard  Free!
2009  Cleaning, Coating and Functional Climatic Reliability  Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Chem.Eng.  Free!
2008  Design for Manufacturing (DfM): What Can No Longer Be Ignored  Dale Lee  Free!
2008  MSD Controls for PWBs  Joelle Arnold and Mumtaz Bora  Free!

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