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Advances in X-Ray for Demanding Applications

Presenter: Keith Bryant
Company: Keith Bryant Consulting and Chairman of SMTA Europe
Date Published: 10/30/2019

Description: The taking of x-ray images goes back over 100 years, since then there have been numerous advances in x-ray tube and detector technology and these have been increasingly applied into helping with the manufacturing of electronic components and assemblies, as well as in their failure analysis. Most recently, this has been driven partly by the continued reduction in circuit board, device and feature size and the movement to using lower density materials within the structures, such as copper wire replacing gold wire as the interconnection material of choice within components.

However, due to the solar and battery advances, where heat transfer is critical and voiding is a huge problem, we are also seeing an increasing amount of high-density and thick materials which need to be imaged and worse still, low-density materials in combination with high-density ones. In order to meet these most recent challenges and those in the future, there have been a number of key improvements to the vital components within x-ray systems, which will be covered in the presentation. The choice of available technologies, however, means selecting the tube/detector combination, which is optimum for electronics inspection is no longer so clear-cut. For example, one configuration may provide certain benefits that are applicable for one area of electronics inspection, whilst being less valid for others. This presentation will look at both ends of the spectrum of demanding applications, low-power applications using LED's as a subject and high-power applications showcasing IGBTs.

About the Presenter

Keith Bryant

A fully qualified engineer, Keith has over thirty years' experience in Electronics Manufacturing. He is well known and respected for presenting technical papers at many high-profile events around the world and for his many published articles and interviews.

He started his career in this industry with bare printed circuit boards in the early days of multi-layer technology, moving through to contract manufacturing. He had ten years' experience with advanced materials and soldering systems before working with high technology x-ray and AOI Systems, again for 10 years.

Then for almost 3 years Keith worked as a technology and business consultant, assisting many of the major industry names and being Technology Editor for an Industry magazine for part of that time. from 2017 to 2019 he was Global Sales Director of the leading X-ray manufacturer. Recently reverting to a Consultancy role allowing him more freedom to pursue other projects, including i4.0.

He was Chairman of the SMART Group for 11 years and is now Chairman of the recently formed SMTA Europe, last year he was presented with the SMTA International Leadership award.

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