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Process Optimization and Defect Elimination for PCB Assembly

Presenter: Tim Jensen
Company: Indium Corporation
Date Published: 3/18/2015

Description: A detailed discussion of soldering materials, components, and PCBs will be given to help the attendee understand the important aspects of each to produce a complete electronics product that meets current and future legislative restrictions. Additionally, a detailed discussion of the assembly process will be covered with an examination of process optimization and defect elimination.

What you will learn:
1) The Different Solder Alloy Systems (Cost and Reliability)

  • How the Pb-Free Alloys Were Chosen
  • Trends Toward Alternative Alloys
  • The Importance of Dopants

    2) How Solder Paste Selection Influences Profitability, Reliability, and Efficiency
  • Composition: Flux, Powder and the Many Additives
  • Powder Types
  • The Formation of Intermetallics
  • Sn/Pb vs. Pb-Free

    3) Optimizing the Pb-Free Stencil Printing Process
  • Why 65% of Assembly Defects are From Printing
  • SMT Printing Fundamentals
  • Stencil Design
  • Achieving an Optimized Lead-Free SMT Printing Process

    4) The Pb-Free Reflow Process
  • Lead-Free Reflow Differences
  • Ramp to Peak versus Soak Profiles
  • Achieving an Optimized Lead-Free SMT Reflow Process

    5) Pb-Free SMT Defects: Causes and Solutions
  • Tombstoning
  • Graping
  • Head-In-Pillow
  • Voiding
  • Poor Wetting
  • Higher Temperature Issues

    6) Through-hole Soldering Optimization for Defect Minimization
  • Lead-Free Wave Soldering Process Fundamentals
  • Reliability vs. Hole Fill: J-STD-004B Dilemma
  • SAC vs SnCu Alloys
  • Poor Hole Fill
  • Achieving an Optimized Lead-Free Wave Soldering
  • SMT Alternatives to Wave Soldering

    Who should attend:
    This program provides a practical set of information that can be applied for those in electronics manufacturing positions such as process engineering.

    Your Instructor:
    Tim Jensen is the product manager for Indium Corporation’s Engineered Solder Materials, the company’s most diverse product group. His product group encompasses solder preforms, wire, ribbon, and foil, and thermal interface materials, including gold-tin and tin-lead solder preforms, Solder Fortification® preforms, Heat-Spring® thermal interface materials, and indium-containing preforms. He is responsible for ensuring the product line best meets the needs of the customers.

    Tim joined Indium Corporation in 1997 and has held a number of positions, including senior technical support engineer, Pb-free programs manager, and, most recently, global product manager for PCB assembly materials

  • Key Words: 

    process optimization, PCB assembly, defect elimination

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