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Mechanical and Thermal Reliability of Package on Package

Presenter: Heather McCormick
Company: Celestica Inc.
Date Published: 3/25/2010

Description: Package on Package components are seeing increasing adoption in handheld portable applications, and in other products where dense circuitry is essential. By stacking a memory device on top of a logic package, Package on Package (PoP) enables a significant amount of functionality in a very small footprint. This webinar will provide a brief overview of some of the Package on Package variations available, and will outline package on package assembly processes, including primary attach, rework and underfill. A strong focus will be placed on the reliability of the final assemblies, and the reliability impacts of different assembly variations such as assembly using dip flux or dip solder paste for attaching the upper package will be discussed. Results on different PoP package types in both accelerated thermal cycling and drop testing will be presented, along with a discussion of the failure modes for the packages. The effect of underfill on reliability and on the failure modes will also be included.

Key Words: 

Package on Package, PoP, reliability, underfill, failure modes

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