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Shining a Light on LED Technology

Presenter: Martine Simard-Normandin
Company: MuAnalysis
Date Published: 3/19/2015

Description: Martine Simard-Normandin

Light emitting diodes, LEDs, have evolved tremendously in the last few years. They are no longer relegated to such roles as low output power indicator lights on panels, or seasonal decorative light strings. Just as electronics has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, a LED invasion is aggressively underfoot. Yet the technology behind these devices is poorly understood, often leading to avoidable early failures. In this webinar we will look at every aspect of LED technology. First we will explore the semiconductor devices themselves and the structures within that allow them to be efficient emitters. Next we will focus on high brightness LEDs and review their packaging and assembly challenges. Then we will investigate LEDs in luminaires: the phosphor materials of the LED devices, LED driving circuits, dimming issues. Finally, the long term reliability issues and failure mechanisms of LED devices will be reviewed.

Topic Outline:

  • What are LEDs
  • History

    Physics of the semiconductor die
  • Band diagrams
  • Types of LEDs
  • Quantum wells
  • Contact metallurgy

  • Heat, heat, heat
  • Lens or no lens
  • Phosphors
  • A19 format

    Reliability consideration
  • Performance
  • LM79 and LM80
  • Failure modes

    Who should see this?
    This webinar presents an overview of current LED technology for design engineers, component engineers, quality engineers and their managers who may not be familiar with the physics, internal structure and reliability issues of LEDs as components.

    Presenter's Bio
    Dr. Martine Simard-Normandin, President, MuAnalysis Inc. Dr. Simard-Normandin has over 30 years experience in microelectronics, specializing in semiconductor device physics, reverse engineering and electrical and material characterization. She has authored or co-authored more than 50 scientific journal and conference papers on microanalysis. Dr. Simard-Normandin holds a B.Sc. in physics from the Université de Montréal, a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Toronto. She was awarded an Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship from the American Physical Society, focusing on microelectronics, and recently the prestigious Medal of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the Université de Montréal. Dr. Simard-Normandin has held the positions of Manager - Materials and Device Analysis at STMicroelectronics’ Centre for Microanalysis and Manager of Materials and Structures Analysis at Nortel Networks. In 2002 she founded MuAnalysis Inc., a privately-owned Canadian company offering expertise in failure analysis, materials analysis and reliability testing.

  • Key Words: 

    LED, reliability

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