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Preventing Production Defects and Failures

Presenter: Jennie Hwang
Company: H-Technologies Group
Date Published: 12/6/2012

Description: Overview:
Considering the new and anticipated developments in packaging and assembly, this two-part webinar addresses “how-to” prevent failures and take remedial measures of the prevailing production defects through the understanding of potential causes. The webinar focuses on six issues/defects - PCB bare board issues, Pad cratering, BGA head-on-pillow defect, passive 01005 issues, copper dissolution and Pb-free thru-hole barrel filling problem, and tin whisker. PCB thermal properties and halogen-free PCB laminates will be discussed. New developments in tin whisker and mitigating measures will also be outlined. Attendees are encouraged to bring their issues for discussion.

Part 1:
  • SMT production defects overview
  • PCB – thermal properties for Pb-free assembly
  • PCB bare board – thermal properties vs. defect prevention
  • PCB - halogen–free laminates
  • Pad cratering – causes, solutions, differentiation from pad-lifting
  • BGA head-in-pillow defect – causes, factors, remedies
    Part 2:
  • Copper dissolution – process factors, impact on thru-hole solder joint reliability, mitigation;
  • Pb-free thru-hole barrel filling – material, process, solder joint integrity;
  • Tin whisker – new developments, mitigation;
  • Passive 01005 assembly – process, factors, best practice;
  • Your issues.

    Who Should Attend:
    The course provides a working knowledge to all who are involved with or interested in SnPb and Pb-free manufacturing including designers, engineers, researchers, managers and business decision makers; also designed for those who desire the broad-based information.

    Dr. Hwang, a pioneer and major contributor to the implementation of Surface Mount manufacturing since its inception as well as in lead-free electronics, brings to the webinar her 30+ years experience in hands-on production and as an advisor to OEMs, EMS and U.S. government. She has provided solutions to many challenging problems - from production yield to field failure diagnosis to reliability issues. Dr. Hwang has received numerous honors and awards including the U.S. Congressional certificate of recognition and achievements. She authored several books and 350+ publications and is an invited speaker in numerous international and national events. Additionally, she has served on the Board of NYSE Fortune 500 companies, and on various civic, government and university boards and committees. Her formal education includes four academic degrees (Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, M.S. in Physical Chemistry, M.S. in Liquid Crystal Science, B.S. in Chemistry). She has held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., SCM Corp, Sherwin Williams Co, and IEM Corp. Currently, she is president of H-Technologies Group and is also an invited distinguished adj. Professor of Engineering School of Case Western Reserve University, and serves on the University’s Board of Trustees.

  • Key Words: 

    Preventing, Defects, PCB, Pad Cratering, BGA, HoP

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