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PWB Reliability Failure Modes

Presenter: Paul Reid
Company: PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc.
Date Published: 6/19/2012

Description: Overview:
The three hour Webtorial will cover the concept of reliability and the effect of lead free assembly on printed wire boards (PWBs). The class will focus on PWB failure modes that are induced by thermal excursions associated with accelerated testing, assembly and rework to include PTH (barrel), interconnect, buried via and microvias failures for a total of 10 failure modes. The Webtorial will include failure modes associated with complex interconnect structures including stagger and stacked microvias and microvias on buried vias which embrace and additional five failure modes unique to these HDI structures. Animations, illustrations and micrographs of specific failure modes will be reviewed. The class will include a quick overview of material failures that have become more common with lead free assembly and rework. The role of surface finishes on circuit board reliability, specifically hot air leveling and finishes which incorporate Nickel will be reviewed.

Who Should Attend:
The attendee will learn the limits and advantages of quality requirements and reliability testing. How to use reliability testing as a tool for PWB procurement, a method to rank variables like fabrication and assembly process, design, materials and PWB fabricators, an acceleration test to establish object field life predictions. The attendee will learn to review microsections from the point of view of understanding influences on reliability, the effects of surface finishes and the challenge of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) on PWB reliability.

Key Words: 

PWB, Failure Modes, Reliability, RoHS

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