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Cleaning Agent and Cleaning Equipment Innovations

Presenter: Mike Bixenman
Company: Kyzen Corporation
Date Published: 5/22/2012

Description: Overview:
As highly dense circuit assemblies continue to advance at a rapid pace, the removal of process residues is ever more necessary. Low residue no-clean residues did not require cleaning on assemblies with larger spacing between conductors. As the distance between conductors narrow, residues under component gaps pose a reliability risk. Additionally, the transition to lead-free alloys with tighter component densities requires flux residue innovations that can withstand higher reflow temperatures. Traditional cleaning agents and cleaning equipment may not be able to remove these harder to clean flux residues from extremely small geometries.

Increased circuit functionality is accomplished using bottom termination surface mount components. As components reduce in size, the distance from the board to the underside of the component reduces. Flux residues bridge conductors making cleaning highly difficult. One of the most challenging issues is the selection of an appropriate cleaning process that will clean flux residues under these extremely tight geometries.

Cleaning agents must be designed to remove strong covalent (hydrophobic) and weak ion (hydrophilic) bonds. Cleaning machines must be designed to move the cleaning agent to the source of the residue and either extract or create a flow channel to remove residues under component gaps. Recent solvent and aqueous cleaning agent and cleaning equipment innovations have been developed to bridge this gap.To achieve the process objective, cleaning agent and cleaning equipment suppliers collaborate with assemblers to develop improved cleaning processes.

Topics Covered:
  • Chemical Properties of Residues
  • Solvent and Aqueous Cleaning Agents Innovations Designed to Remove Residues
  • Cleaning Equipment Innovations Designed to Remove Flux Residues under Bottom Termination Components
  • Integrating Cleaning Agent and Cleaning Machine
  • Controlling the Process

    Who Should Attend:
  • Circuit Assembly Designers
  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Control Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers

    Instructor Bio:
    Mike is one of the joint founders and CTO of Kyzen Corporation. He is an active researcher and innovator in the precision cleaning field. Mike chaired the IPC Cleaning & Alternatives Handbook, IPC Stencil Cleaning Handbook, and two IPC/SMTA Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conferences. Mike has published over 100 tech papers and received a number of awards in his field of expertise. Mike holds four earned degrees, including a Doctorate of Business Administration from the University Of Phoenix School Of Advanced Studies.

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