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Voiding Control and Reliability of Solder Joints with Backward Compatibility | Bonus Presentation: Technical Communication - Strategies for Success

Presenter: Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee and Chrys Shea
Company: Indium Corporation and Shea Engineering Services
Date Published: 2/7/2013

Description: Overview of "Voiding Control and Reliability of Solder Joints with Backward Compatibility"
Although lead-free soldering has been the main stream of electronic industry, applications demanding high reliability have been reluctant in converting into lead-free assembly. Unfortunately, the component industry opts to stick with the lead-free majority. As a result, the high reliability applications often end up being processed in the backward compatible mode. Voiding performance of solder joints, particularly that of BGA or CSP components, has been observed to be a vulnerable feature at backward compatible process. In this presentation, the voiding performance of backward compatible system is analyzed in terms of reflow profiles and alloy combinations, and is compared against tin-lead systems and lead-free systems. The reliability of this backward compatible systems is also reported.

1. Background – impact of voiding on reliability
2. Solder materials of backward compatible, tin-lead, and lead-free systems.
3. Factors affecting the voiding

  • Surface tension
  • Melting sequence
  • Solid top
  • Pasty range
  • Overheating
  • Reflow profile
  • Pasty versus flux
  • Vacuum or pressure

  • 4. Reliability of backward compatible solder joints

    Who Should Attend
    Design, process, and reliability engineers who are dealing with manufacturing of devices with backward compatibility and like to know how to control voiding and to achieve high reliability of solder joints.

    In addition to the valuable research presented by Dr. Lee, Chrys Shea will give an outstanding presentation on how to be a better technical communicator to improve your presentations and communication within your company.

    Overview of "Technical Communication - Strategies for Success"
    In technology-based organizations, everyone needs to communicate technical topics effectively, regardless of job function or level. People need to share information with coworkers, suppliers and customers. Customer communications are particularly important to companies that want to demonstrate their leadership in the marketplace. Technical publications can draw attention to an organization's superior technologies or value propositions, strengthen the brand, and raise market awareness of new products. In this presentation, Chrys will discuss various technical communication vehicles, typical audience, exposure and interest levels, and how to adapt information to best fit your delivery method. She will also identify specific opportunities to maximize the ROI of technical communications and offer simple tips for improving writing quality.

    About The Presenters
    Ning-Cheng Lee Ning-Cheng Lee is the Vice President of Technology of Indium Corporation. He has been with Indium since 1986. Prior to joining Indium, he was with Morton Chemical and SCM. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development of fluxes and solder pastes for SMT industries. In addition, he also has very extensive experience in the development of underfills and adhesives. He received his PhD in polymer science from University of Akron in 1981, and BS in chemistry from National Taiwan University in 1973.

    Chrys Shea Chrys Shea is the President of Shea Engineering Services, a consulting firm that produces technical studies and communications tools for the electronics manufacturing industry. With several hundred publications to her credit, Chrys leverages her 20+ years of process engineering and management experience to create documents, presentations, web pages and other items that deliver complex technical topics clearly and effectively. Chrys is a favorite speaker at SMTA events, and has twice received the SMTAI “Best of Conference” award for her work on solder paste printing. In 2012 she was honored with the SMTA "Member of Technical Distinction" award. Chrys earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and her M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, and is a past president of the Philadelphia SMTA Chapter. She launched Shea Engineering Services in 2008, and will be celebrating the company's fifth anniversary in June.

    Key Words: 

    Voiding, solder joint, backward compatibility, BGA, CSP

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