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Troubleshooting the Stencil Printing Process

Presenter: Chrys Shea
Company: Shea Engineering Services
Date Published: 5/7/2012

Description: Do you want to:
Increase your solder paste print yields?
Improve end of line yields?
Develop your workforce's knowledge of the printing process?
Learn troubleshooting skills to resolve printing problems?

This webinar begins with a review of the basic mechanics of solder paste printing, the key elements of a robust process, the principles of automated inspection, and typical methods of process control. It continues with the general steps used to check a process that is not producing good prints, and then moves into specific defects like solder bridges, insufficient deposits, and poor print definition, showing images of the defects and discussing the most common causes of them in a typical production environment.

What You Will Learn:
- Solder paste properties
- Key elements of the process

- Phase Shift Interferometry
- Typical Control Methods
- SPI SPC and other applications

Overall system check
- Will identify root cause 80% of the time

Investigating specific defect modes
- For the other 20%

Who should attend:
This one-hour webinar is designed to provide practical, useful troubleshooting skills for beginner to intermediate level SMT process engineers, technicians or production support personnel.

Key Words: 

Stencil printing process, SPI, SPC, automated inspection, solder bridge, squeegee

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