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Design for Manufacturing (DfM): What Can No Longer Be Ignored

Presenter: Dale Lee
Company: Plexus Corporation
Date Published: 5/13/2008

Description: Component packaging technology continues to decrease in size (length, width, thickness), interconnection density per unit area is increasing (thinner PCBs, smaller lines & spaces), functional performance is increasing (thermal, mechanical, electrical) at the same time as assembly processes are changing to lead-free assembly and other legislated requirements.

Due to these evolutionary changes in technology, many of elements in the product design and assembly process that use to be ignored can no longer be ignored. This presentation will highlight examples of several elements within product design process (PCB and assembly), manufacturing tooling design, SMT and PTH assembly, cleaning, SMT and PTH rework, and inspection/test opportunities that may impact process deployment and yield improvement.

Who would benefit from this webinar? This event is ideally suited to PCB/PCBA designers, manufacturing and process engineers, quality and inspection staff, production operators and any members of staff tasked with looking at yield monitoring and process improvements on printing and reflow. Managers and supervisors would also benefit from a fuller understanding of the issues currently being experienced in industry.

Key Words: 

Design for Manufacturability (DfM), SMT, PTH, cleaning, rework, inspection, test

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