South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2013 Proceedings

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New Underfill Materials Designed for Increasing Reliability of Fine-Pitch Wafer Level Devices Brian J. Toleno, Ph.D., Stanley Hu, Hoseung Yoo1, and Rong Zhang, Ph.D.  Abstract
A Second and Third Tier Supplier Control and Management Process Celine YC Chong, Kenneth Scea, Donald Thomas, Allen Miller, Stephen Chong, Lenz Pan WC  Abstract
Conformal Coating Process for Networking and Communication Devices in Harsh Environments Chuan Xia & Scott Priore  Abstract
Achieving High Reliability Low-Cost Lead-Free SAC Solder Joints Via MN Doping Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, Dr. Weiping Liu, Ronald C.Lasky, PhD, PE, and Timothy Jensen  Abstract
Causes, Characterization and Mitigation of Non Wet Open Defects for Area Array Components Dudi Amir, Satyajit Walwadkar, Srinivasa Aravamudhan, Lilia May and Kok Kwan Tang  Abstract
Case Study: Development of a Low Temperature Tin-Bismuth-Silver Solder Paste Emmanuelle Guéné and Céline Puechagut  Abstract
3D Board Level X-Ray Inspection Via Limited Angle Computer Tomography Evstatin Krastev Ph.D., David Bernard Ph.D. & Dragos Golubovic Ph.D.  Abstract
Solder Voiding in Assemblies Using Via-In-Pad Ball Grid Array Design Gurudutt Chennagiri, Satyanarayan  Abstract
Sealing Dispensing Requirements To Meet MEMS Packaging and Throughput Impact Heakyoung Park  Abstract
Changing Paradigms in Interconnect, Packaging, and Assembly Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D., and Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D.  Abstract
High Reliability High Melting Mixed Lead-Free BiAgX Solder Paste System HongWen Zhang and Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Procurement Cost Impact Analysis Tool Jane Wu, Jason Zhang, Philip Cheng, Ryan Zheng, Ellen Xu, Celine Chong  Abstract
Assembly and Design Challenges for New Generation 0.4/0.4mm Pitch Package on Package (PoP) and 0.3mm Pitch Chip Scale Package (CSP) Jonas Sjoberg, Ranilo Aranda, David Geiger and Murad Kurwa  Abstract
Optimizing Solder Paste for Void Minimization With Vacuum Reflow Keith Sweatman, Takashi Nozu, Tetsuro Nishimura  Abstract
Material Set Compatibility Kevin Tan, Reynaldo Rio, Casey Ng  Abstract
Factors Affecting Stencil Aperture Design for Next Generation Ultra Fine Pitch Printing Mark Whitmore, Jeff Schake & Clive Ashmore  Abstract
Cleaning Flux Residue Under Bottom Termination Components in Batch Spray-In-Air Tools Mike Bixenman, Chelsea Jewell, Kevin Soucy, Jan Declercq and Jason Chan  Abstract
Counterfeit Components Construction Analysis Methodology Ng Eric Sr., Xue Feng, Curtis Grosskopf  Abstract
Jetting Solder Paste Opens Up New Possibilities in Your SMT Production Nico Coenen  Abstract
Heatsink Adhesive Bonding Investigation Smile Ling, Jim Bielick, Michk Huang, Wayne Zhang, Blue Wang, Xiaoyun Xia and Divas Liu  Abstract
Counterfeit Electronics Parts, Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation Stanley H Salot Jr  Abstract
The Effects Of Formulation On Reflow Solderability Of Water Soluble Solder Paste In Air And Nitrogen T. P. Li, J. Y. R. Tan, S. A. Khoo, C. D. Breach and A. Hawkins  Abstract
Determine Critical Cleaning Process Parameters for QFNs Umut Tosun, M.S. Chem. Eng., Naveen Ravindran, M.S. Chem. Eng., and Michael McCutchen, M.S. Chem.  Abstract
An Evaluation to QFN Thermal Pad Void and Improvement Wayne Zhang, PK Pu, Ranndy Shi and Wilson Zhen  Abstract
PCB Assembly Process Development and Characterization of 0.3mm µCSP Packages Wu WeiPing (Jonathan Wu), RestyFonte Familara, LM Lim, Mohd Yusuf, Hien Ly, Chrys Shea  Abstract
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