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Novel Processing Methods For Electronic Materials Alan Rae, Ph.D.  Abstract
Re-Shoring: Total Cost Of Ownership, A Contract Manufacturing Guide Alex Zeitler  Abstract
Influence Of Alloy Combination and PCB Location On Package On Package (PoP) Component Assembly Drop Test Andrew Daya and S. Manian Ramkumar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Overview of Copper Wire Bonding Technology Andrew Mawer, Chu-Chung (Stephen) Lee, Tu Anh Tran and Les Postlethwait  Abstract
Plasma Polymerization: A Versatile and Attractive Process For Conformal Coating Andy Brooks, Siobhan Woollard, Gareth Hennighan, and Tim von Werne, Ph.D.  Abstract
Process Control Utilizing Component Risk Mitigation Test Plans Andy Buchan, Rachel Garcia, Clifton Aldridge, Jimmy Lucero and Mark Northrup  Abstract
Board Level Reliability Cyclic Bend Test Study On WCSP Packages Andy Zhang, Siva Gurrum, and Vikas Gupta  Abstract
Latest Developments In Testing Pb-Free Electronic Assemblies: A Report On The Revision A Update To GEIA-STD-0005-3 Anthony J. Rafanelli  Abstract
Dependable Electronics with Lead-Free Components/Systems - Overview Anthony J. Rafanelli  Abstract
Dependable Electronics with Lead-Free Components/Systems - Test and Reliability Anthony J. Rafanelli  Abstract
Simple, Fast High Reliability Rework of Leadless Devices Bob Wettermann  Abstract
New Underfill Materials Designed For Increasing Reliability Of Fine-Pitch Wafer Level Devices Brian J. Toleno, Ph.D., Stanley Hu, Hoseung Yoo, and Rong Zhang, Ph.D.  Abstract
Electrical Performance Evaluation of High-Frequency Laminates as a Function of Temperature Brian Wright  Abstract
Corrosion Mechanisms of Lead-Free PCB Surface Finishes in Corrosive Environments C. Xu, W.D. Reents, Jr., D.A. Fleming, J.P. Franey, G.E. Derkits Jr., P. Ahern, B. Wright, K. Demirkan, R. L. Opila, K. Hannigan, M. Reid, J. Punch, and M.N. Collins  Abstract
Influence Of Printer Settings On Step Stencil Design Carmina Läntzsch and Georg Kleemann  Abstract
Shared Resource Technology Centers: Industry Focused Development Resources for the Electronics Manufacturing and Microsystems Industry Chris Mather  Abstract
Providing Trained Technical Workforce to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry- New College Approaches Chris Mather  Abstract
The Evolving Nature of Offshore/Onshore Options Curtis Campbell  Abstract
GEIA-HB-0005-3 Rework/Repair Handbook to Address the Implications of Lead-Free Electronics and Mixed Assemblies in Aerospace and High Performance Electronic Systems Dave Hillman  Abstract
BGA Thermal Cycle Solder Joint Integrity Using a Nonconcentric Microvia in Pad Structure Dave Hillman, Dave Adams, Tim Pearson, and Ross Wilcoxon  Abstract
Types of Conformal Coatings, Applications and Process Issue Mitigation David Allen, EMBA, BSEET  Abstract
3D Board Level X-Ray Inspection Via Limited Angle Computer Tomography David Bernard, Ph.D., Dragos Golubovic, Ph.D., and Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D.  Abstract
Compliant Pin Interconnect Challenging and Reliability After January/1/2012 RoHS Exemption David He, Yu Xiang, DF Chung, Paul Wang, Ph.D., Livia Hu, Bobby Dayal, Karl Sauter, Tim Norman, and Jorge Martinez-Vargas  Abstract
Understencil Wiping: Does It Benefit Your Process? David Lober, Mike Bixenmen, D.B.A, Chrys Shea, and Ed Nauss  Abstract
Lead-Free and Supply Chain Management For High Reliability Systems David Pinsky  Abstract
Tin Whisker Risk Management For High Reliability Systems David Pinsky  Abstract
Investigations Into 0.3mm Pitch Assembly and Reliability Denis Barbini, Ph.D., and Michael Meilunas  Abstract
The Effect of Thermal Pad Patterning on QFN Voiding Derrick Herron, Yan Liu, Ph.D., and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Challenges Of Non Wet Open BGA Solder Defect Dudi Amir, Satyajit Walwadkar, Srinivasa Aravamudhan, and Lilia May  Abstract
Considerations For Reduced Cost Micro Array Component Rework Edward Zamborsky  Abstract
The Effects Of Preforms In Paste On Voiding Under Large Area Surface Mount (BTC) Components Ellen Tormey, Jerry Sidone, Westin Bent, Karen Tellefsen, Paul Koep, and Rahul Raut  Abstract
Case Study: Development Of A Low Temperature Tin-Bismuth-Silver Solder Paste Emmanuelle Guéné and Céline Puechagut  Abstract
Cleaning No-Clean Flux and Related Reliability Issues Eric Camden  Abstract
Effect of Solder Paste and Flux Type On Board Level Reliability of a 3D Wafer Level Chip Scale Package Fei Xie, Ph.D., Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D., Paul N. Houston, and Brian J. Lewis  Abstract
SnZn Solder Alternative For Low-Cost Pb-Free Surface Mount Assemblies Gavin J. Jackson, Ian J. Wilding, Richard Boyle, Maurice N. Collins, Eric Dalton, Jeff Punch, Puwei Liu and Matthew Holloway  Abstract
Assessing The Impact On Temperature Cycling Reliability Of High Levels Of Voiding In BGA Solder Joints Grace Qin, Ph.D., Lei Nie, Ph.D., Francis Toth Jr, Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D., and Ian Williams  Abstract
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part I - Program Goals, Experimental Structure, Alloy Characterization, and Test Protocols For Accelerated Thermal Cycling Gregory Henshall, et al.  Abstract
Investigation of Factors That Influence Creep Corrosion on Printed Circuit Boards - Part 2 Haley Fu, Cherie Chen, Prabjit Singh, Jing Zhang, Anil Kurella, Xu Chen, Xiaodong Jiang, Jennifer Burlingame, and Simon Lee  Abstract
Improving Supply Chain Velocity Through Six-Sigma Application and Tools Harsh Kohli  Abstract
Reliability Of BiAgX Solder As A Drop-In Solution For High Temperature Lead-Free Die-Attach Applications HongWen Zhang, Ph.D. and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
3D Packaging For High Computing With Wide IO Processor-Memory Interface Ilyas Mohammed, Ron Zhang and Rajesh Katkar  Abstract
Surface Flatness and Bond Thickness Measurement Methods Using The Acoustic Microscope Janet E. Semmens  Abstract
Leveraging Manufacturing Solutions in FMEA Jay Gorajia  Abstract
Optimizing PTH Hole-Fill Using Lead-Free Wave Soldering Jennifer Nguyen, David Geiger, and Murad Kurwa  Abstract
No-Clean Flux Residue and Reliability - An EMS Perspective Jennifer Nguyen, David Geiger, Dennis Willie, and Murad Kurwa  Abstract
Isothermal Aging Effects on the Harsh Environment Performance of Lead-Free Solder Joints Jiawei Zhang, Zhou Hai, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, John L. Evans, M. J. Bozack, and Richard Sesek  Abstract
Aging Effects On Creep Behaviors Of Lead-Free Solder Joints And Reliability Of Fine-Pitch Packages Jiawei Zhang, Zhou Hai, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, John L. Evans, M. J. Bozack, Richard Sesek, Yifei Zhang, and J. C. Suhling  Abstract
Comparative Cleaning Study To Showcase The Effective Removal of OA Flux Residues Jigar Patel, Umut Tosun, and Michael McCutchen  Abstract
Lead-Free SMT Connector Process Exposure, Reliability, Quality, and Yield Assessment For High Thermal Mass Assemblies Jimmy Chow, John McMahon, Heather McCormick, Russell Brush, Vejeyathaas Thambipillai, Kok Wei Khoo, Matt Kelly and Marie Cole  Abstract
Reliability Assessment of a SMT Assembly With Prediction of Its Board-Level Interconnect Life Distribution Jingsong Xie, Ph.D., Haiyu Qi, Ph.D., Jun-Ke Zhang, Feng-Hua Zhou, Chun-Yong Tang, Jaccy Wang, Ding-Jun Xie, Li-Li Chen, and Chang Wang  Abstract
Mechanical Reliability: Updated Results From A Spherical Bend Test Program John McMahon, P.Eng., and Brian P. Standing  Abstract
Assembly And Design Challenges For New Generation 0.4/0.4mm Pitch Package On Package (PoP) And 0.3mm Pitch Chip Scale Package (CSP) Jonas Sjoberg, Ranilo Aranda, David Geiger and Murad Kurwa  Abstract
Reliability of Passive and Active Components With Differences According To Lead-Free Paste Characterization Jörg Trodler, Heinz Wohlrabe, Ph.D., and Rüdiger Knofe  Abstract
New Interconnection For High Temperature Application: HotPowCon (HPC) Jörg Trodler, Mathias Nowottnick, Andreas Fix, and Timo Herberholz  Abstract
Increase of SMT Process Robustness Through the Right Selection of Solder Pastes Jose M. Servin and Cynthia Gómez  Abstract
Designing A Silicone System To Reduce Permeability To Moisture Julie Harber and Michelle Velderrain  Abstract
Lead-Free Alloy Development Karl F. Seelig  Abstract
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part III - Thermal Fatigue Results For Low-Ag Alloys Keith Sweatman, et al.  Abstract
Optimizing Solder Paste For Void Minimization With Vacuum Reflow Keith Sweatman, Takashi Nozu, and Tetsuro Nishimura  Abstract
The Stability of Cu6Sn5 in the Formation and Performance of Lead-Free Solder Joints Keith Sweatman, Tetsuro Nishimura, and Kazuhiro Nogita  Abstract
Development of Embedded Power Electronics Modules For Automotive Applications Lars Boettcher, Stefan Karaszkiewicz, Dionysios Manessis, and Andreas Ostmann  Abstract
Board Level Reliability And Assembly Process Of Advanced QFN Packages Li Li, Brian Smith, Joe Smetana, David Geiger, Chris Katzko, Jeffrey ChangBing Lee, Richard Coyle, and Alex Chan  Abstract
Review of the Lead Free Control Plan Requirements Linda Woody  Abstract
3D Technology - A Promising Approach in The Field of Smart System Integration M. Juergen Wolf and Klaus-Dieter Lang  Abstract
Overcoming Head-In-Pillow Defects In Hybrid LGA Socket Assembly Marie Cole, Theron Lewis, Jim Bielick, PK Pu, Stephen Hugo, Phil Isaacs, Eddie Kobeda, Matt Kelly, Su Bing, Alex Chen, James Huang, Kevin Liu, John McMahon, Brian Standing  Abstract
Alternative Testing Methods For Electronic Assemblies Mathias Nowottnick, Andrej Novikov, Dirk Schade, and Bob Sykes  Abstract
Water-Soluble Lead-Free Process Chemistry For High Voltage And High Reliability Hardware Requirements Matt Kelly, Mitchell Ferrill, Wai Ma, Nandu Ranadive, and Cheikhou Ndiaye, Simin Bagheri and Prakash Kapadia  Abstract
The IPC-B-52 Sir Test Vehicle: A Discussion Of The Current Test Vehicle Design and Possible Modifications For The Future Mitchell Ferrill, Matt Kelly, Wai Ma, Nandu Ranadive, Cheikhou Ndiaye, Jim Bielick, and Simin Bagheri  Abstract
Ag-Au-Ge Alloys For High Temperature Geothermal and Oil Well Electronics Applications P. T. Vianco, R. Grant, J. A. Rejent, T. B. Crenshaw, and A. C. Kilgo  Abstract
Development and Optimization of Through Silicon Via Interposers Pejman Monajemi, Michael Newman, Cyprian Uzoh, Charles Woychik, Lina Ayat, and Terrence Caskey  Abstract
Epoxy Fluxes: Dip Assembly Process Issues and Reliability Pericles A. Kondos, Ph.D., Michael Meilunas, and Martin Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
Can RoHS Conversion Actually Reduce Product Cost? Philip DiVita, David Steele, John Kanavel, and Chrys Shea  Abstract
SnAgCu Lead-Free Electronics Reliability Under Combined Temperature and Vibration Environments Pradeep Lall and Geeta Limaye  Abstract
Area-Array Electronics Models and Survivability Under 50,000G Shock Loads Pradeep Lall, Kewal Patel, Ryan Lowe, Mark Strickland, Dave Geist, Randall Montgomery, and Jim Blanche  Abstract
Method For Determination Of Accrued Damage And Remaining Life During Field-Usage In Lead-Free Electronics Pradeep Lall, Mahendra Harsha, and Kai Goebel  Abstract
Process Development For Micro-Electronics Packaging With Direct Printed Additive Manufacturing R. X. Rodriguez and K. Church, Ph.D., X. Chen  Abstract
Fine Pitch (0.4 mm) TMV Package On Package Assembly In Air Rafael Padilla, Yutaka Hashimoto, Satoru Akita, Derek Daily, Tokuro Yamaki, Takayuki Yoshida, and Masato Shimamura  Abstract
Copper Wire Bond Failure Mechanisms Randy Schueller, Ph.D.  Abstract
Which New Stencil Technologies Provide The Best Paste Printing Performance? Rich Brooks, John Carr, and Marty Carr  Abstract
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part IV - Effect Of Isothermal Preconditioning On Thermal Fatigue Life Richard Coyle, et al.  Abstract
Interconnection Reliability of Interposer and Reballing Options For Ball Grid Array Backward Compatibility Richard Coyle, Michael Meilunas, Richard Popowich, Martin Anselm, Peter Read, Mike Oswald, and Debra Fleming  Abstract
Thermal Fatigue Reliability And Microstructural Characterization Of A Large, High Density Ball Grid Array With Backward Compatible Assembly Richard Coyle, Raiyo Aspandiar, Vasu Vasudevan, Steve Tisdale, Iulia Muntele, Richard Popowich, Peter Read, and Debra Fleming  Abstract
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part II - Thermal Fatigue Results For Two Common Temperature Cycles Richard Parker, et al.  Abstract
Force Multiplication-Supporting Complex Customer Requirements at a Regional Level Rick Herndon  Abstract
Solder Alloy Creep Constants For Use in Thermal Stress Analysis Robert Darveaux and Corey Reichman  Abstract
If You Can't Take The Heat (There Are Options) Robert M. Simon  Abstract
A New Approach To Void-Free Reflow Soldering Rolf Diehm, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Nowottnick, and Uwe Pape  Abstract
A Focus on Productivity and Profitability: Several Case Studies Ronald Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Abstract
LGAs VS. BGAs - Lower Profile And Better Reliability S. Joshi, B. Arfaei, A. Singh, M. Gharaibeh, M. Obaidat, A. Alazzam, M. Meilunas, L. Yin, M. Anselm, and P. Borgesen  Abstract
Should Intermetallic Thickness Measurements Be Needed To Determine Solder Joint Reliability Scott K Buttars, Chonglun Fan, and Raiyo F. Aspandiar  Abstract
Bottom Termination Component Land Pattern Design and Assembly For High Reliability Electronic Systems Scott Nelson  Abstract
Evaluation Of Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials By In-Situ Methods and Their Application Dependent Performance Parameters Scott T. Allen  Abstract
Drop Reliability Test On Different Dimensional Lead-Free Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Namo Vijayakumar, Jiawei Zhang, John Evans, Ph.D., Fei Xie, Ph.D., and Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D.  Abstract
Heatsink Adhesive Bonding Investigation Smile Ling, Jim Bielick, Michk Huang, Wayne Zhang, Blue Wang, Xiaoyun Xia, and Divas Liu  Abstract
Using SPI, AXI, and CT X-Ray Data To Improve SMT Process with QFN Devices Stephen Chen, Tho Vu, Hung Le, Alan Chau, Elliott Le, Phuong Chau, Hao Cui, Raymond Tran, Roy Chung, Bryan Goble, Nadarajan M Singaram, Golden Xu, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph.D., David A. Geiger, Murad Kurwa, and Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D.  Abstract
High Speed Cleaning In A Reduced Manufacturing Footprint Steve Stach, Mike Bixenman, and Dale Lee  Abstract
Precision Height Stand-Off Block with Inline High Speed Placement Machine Steven Perng, Weidong Xie, and Nguyet Anh Nguyen  Abstract
Automated Site Redress Method Application For Pb-Free Rework Sven Peng, Wayne Zhang, PK Pu, Phil Isaacs, William Uy and Henley Zhou  Abstract
Low Cost Process Optimization in High Mix, Low Rate Manufacturing Environment Thomas A. Seitz, Brian Asti, Brandon Kidney and William Presley  Abstract
Integration of Electronic Components Into PCB For Electromobility Application Thomas Hofmann and Stefan Gottschling  Abstract
Embedding and Reliability of Discrete Capacitors Into Build Up Layers of Printed Circuit Boards Thomas Löher, Joao Marques, Martin Haubenreisser, Andreas Ostmann, and Norbert Bauer  Abstract
Material And Process Optimization For HiP Defect Elimination Timothy Jensen, Ronald Lasky, Ph.D., PE, and Sehar Samiappan  Abstract
Lessons Learned in Developing and Optimizing a Select Solder Process for Thermally Challenging Boards Tom Gervascio  Abstract
xFD: A Very Thin Two and Four Die Package Solution for High Performance DDR SDRAM Vern Solberg, Simon McElrea, and Wael Zohni  Abstract
Development Of Processing Parameters For Soldering Lead-Free Ball Grid Arrays Using Tin-Lead Solder W. Fox, B. Gumpert, and L. Woody  Abstract
Systematic Investigation of Impact of SMT Parameters, Isothermal Aging and Alloy Microstructure on Lead-Free BGA Solder Joint Reliability Weidong Xie, Tae-Kyu Lee, and Steven Perng  Abstract
Flux Reservoir Stencil Printing William E. Coleman, Ph.D.and Matthew S. Read  Abstract
PCB Assembly Process Development and Characterization Of 0.3mm µCSP Packages Wu WeiPing (Jonathan), Restyfonte Familara, L.M. Lim, Mohd Yusuf, Hien Ly, and Chrys Shea  Abstract
Non-Isocyanate, Non-Mercury Polyurethane Encapsulation Resins Xiaoping Lei, Ph.D., and Darren Hodson  Abstract
On The Fatigue Life Of Microelectronic Interconnects In Cycling With Varying Amplitudes Y. Jaradat, J. E. Owens, A. Qasaimeh, B. Arfaei, L. Yin, M. Anselm, and P. Borgesen  Abstract
Voiding Behavior In Mixed Solder Alloy System Yan Liu, Ph.D., Derrick Herron, Joanna Keck, and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating For Cu Wire Bonding Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Abstract
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