International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2012 Proceedings

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Terminal Solder Dip Testing For Chip Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitors Alexander Teverovsky  Abstract
Evaluating Solderability Of Surface Finishes Bev Christian, Numaira Obaid and Adam Westwood  Abstract
Solder Paste Dipping With 0.4mm Pitch PoP Packages Christopher Nash & Maria Durham  Abstract
The Last Will And Testament Of The Lead-Free BGA Void David Hillman, David Adams, Tim Pearson, Ross Wilcoxon, Bev Christian, Brandon Smith, and Mario Scalzo  Abstract
Quality Control Methods Used To Insure The Production Of Reliable Assemblies David Lober, John M. Williamson, Mike Bixenman  Abstract
Process Guidelines To Ensure Optimal SMT Electronics Assembly Ed Briggs and Ron Lasky  Abstract
Graphite Nanofiber Composite Thermal Interface Material Eric Dalton, Amy Fleischer, Maurice N. Collins, Jing Tao, Kafil M. Razeeb, Jeff Punch  Abstract
Conformal Coating Protection Of Surface Mount Resistors In Harsh Environments Eric Dalton, Maurice Collins, Michael Reid, Jeff Punch  Abstract
Assembly Feasibility and Property Evaluation of Low Ag, Bi-Containing Solder Alloys Eva Kosiba, Simin Bagheri, Zohreh Bagheri, Polina Snugovsky, and Doug Perovic  Abstract
The Effect Of Coating And Potting On The Reliability Of QFN Devices Greg Caswell and Cheryl Tulkoff  Abstract
Implementation Of Package-On-Package Assembly In Manufacturing Ishrat Hasan and Adrian Hirceaga  Abstract
Evaluating The Electrical And The Mechanical Reliability Of Soldering Materials Karen Tellefsen, Ph.D. and Mitch Holtzer  Abstract
Lead Free Alloy Development Karl F. Seelig  Abstract
The Stability Of Cu6Sn5 in The Formation and Performance of Lead-Free Solder Joints Keith Sweatman, Tetsuro Nishimura, and Kazuhiro Nogita  Abstract
Corrosion Study Of Lead-Free Solders Exposed To Artificial Sweat Laura Sloboda, Thomas Kennedy, Julie Liu, Deepchand Ramjattan, and Laura Turbini  Abstract
Fundamentals Of The Non-Wet Open BGA Solder Joint Defect Formation Lilia Kondrachova, Srini Aravamudhan, Rajen Sidhu, Dudi Amir and Raiyo Aspandiar  Abstract
Lead-Free Assembly Design For Manufacturability Considerations Matt Kelly and Mark Hoffmeyer  Abstract
Accelerated Temperature Cycling and Microstructural Analysis of SnZn Solder In Surface Mount Assemblies Maurice N. Collins, Gavin J. Jackson, Eric Dalton, Hector Steen, Puwei Liu, Matthew Holloway and Jeff Punch  Abstract
Design And Construction Affects On PWB Reliability Paul Reid  Abstract
Improving Product Reliability Using Accelerated Stress Testing Peter Arrowsmith and Bojan Randjelovic  Abstract
New Generation Of Pb-Free Solder Alloys: Possible Solution To Solve Current Issues With Main Stream Pb-Free Soldering Polina Snugovsky, Simin Bagheri, Marianne Romansky, Doug Perovic, Leonid Snugovsky, John Rutter  Abstract
Pre-Stacking Of Package On Package Mitigating The Effects Of Warpage Robert Farrell, Paul Bodmer, Doug Sommer, and Binh Pham  Abstract
Materials For High Performances Solder Joint Reliability Sang Ho Jeon, Yeong Gyeong Yang, Sun Young Kim, Kyu Yul Ahn, Sang Jun Bae, Yong Chul Chu  Abstract
Tin Whisker Testing: Low Stress Conditions Stephan Meschter, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, Zohreh Bagheri, and Eva Kosiba  Abstract
A Novel Approach To 3D Chip Stacking Sukhi Binapal, Ron Csermak, and Mark Vandermeulen  Abstract
To Clean or Not To Clean - Both Sides of the Story Tim Luke  Abstract
Maintaining OSP Coating Integrity During The Cleaning Process Umut Tosun, M.S.Chem.Eng., Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Chem.Eng., Michael McCutchen, M.S.Chem.  Abstract
Reverting Back To Convection Reflow From Vapor Phase Reflow For High End Server Printed Circuit Board Assembly Wai Mon Ma  Abstract
The Performance Of Fluxes And Lead-Free Solder Alloys In Soldering Of Aluminum William F. Avery and Philip A. Baskin  Abstract
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