Medical Electronics Symposium 2009 Proceedings

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Evaluation of Cleaning Chemistries for the Removal of Solder Flux Residues from Hybrid (PCB) Assemblies   Abstract
Ink-Jet as a Bio-MEMS Fabrication Tool Donald Hayes  Abstract
Failure Mechanisms, Acceptance Criteria, and Accelerated Test Procedures for Electronic Components Used in Active Implantable Medical Devices: Capacitors Grady White  Abstract
The Suitability of Parylene for Medical Electronic Devies Lonny Wolgemuth  Abstract
Integrated DFX for Wireless Communication with Implantable Devices Mike Febo  Abstract
Reliability challenges in the Medical Industry Mike Silverman and David Tu  Abstract
Preparing for the Sentinel Initiative Cradle to Grave Product Tracking Nader Fathi  Abstract
Implantable Medical Electronics: A leading application for integrated 3D systems Paul Gerrish  Abstract
2nd Generation LF Alloys Is SAC the best we can do? Randy Schueller, Ph.D.  Abstract
Advanced Technologies for High Reliability Medical Electronics Manufacturing Thomas Jacob  Abstract
Solder Trends Affecting Medical Electronics Assembly Tim Jensen  Abstract
Electrical Design for Reliability on the Development of Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillators Yan Liu, Scott Hareland, Donald Hall, Tom Lane, Rob Mehregan, Roger Hubing, Eric Braun, Bill Wold, Joe Ballis  Abstract
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