Pan Pacific Symposium 2019 Proceedings

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I/O Planning and Cross-Hierarchical Optimization for Advanced Electronic Systems 4.0 Anna Fontanelli, Michele Taliercio, Francesco Rossi  Abstract
Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) for Nano-Fabrication Heiko Wolf, Yu K. Ryu Cho, Siegfried Karg, Philipp Mensch, Christian Schwemmer, Armin Knoll, Martin Spieser, Samuel Bisig, Colin Rawlings, Philip Paul, Felix Holzner, Urs Duerig  Abstract
Impact of Stencil Quality & Technolgy on Solder Paste Printing Performance Jeffrey Len Yung Kwuan, Leon Rao, Evan Yip, Wisdom Qu, and Jonas Sjoberg  Abstract
What Does My Shirt Tell Me? The Integrating of Electronics in Clothing K.M.B. Jansen  Abstract
Real-Time Reliability Testing Advancements on Production Electronic Hardware Mike Bixenman, DBA, MBA, and Mark McMeen  Abstract
Hybrid PCB Verification Methodology with Geometrical Checks and Simulations Minoru Ishikawa  Abstract
Managing 21st Century Workforce Olayide Abosede Aina, MBA, DM, Kewal K. Verma, Ph.D.  Abstract
Tin Whiskers 101: 2019 Professor Ronald C. Lasky, PhD, PE, Annaka Balch  Abstract
Industry 4.0 for Advanced Inspection Ragnar Vaga and Keith Bryant  Abstract
Moore's Law for Packaging to Replace Moore's Law for ICs Rao R Tummala, Ph.D.  Abstract
From Wafer Processing to Advanced Packaging: Broadening the Applications for TSVs Beyond the High End Richard Hollman  Abstract
New Era of Device Science Takashi Kasahara, Ph.D., Hiroyuki Kuwae, Ph.D. and Jun Mizuno, Ph.D.  Abstract
Advanced Package Wiring Technology Solution for Heterogeneous Integration Yasuhiro Morikawa  Abstract
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