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Low Temperature Solder Paste Transfer Efficiency Characterization and Area Ratio Limits Abhishek Prasad, Xiying Chen, Nilesh U Badwe and Kevin J Byrd  Abstract
Novel Application Methods of Solder Joint Encapsulant Materials for SnAgCu FCBGA Solder Joints Alex Huettis, Barath Palanisamy, and Raiyo Aspandiar  Abstract
Evaluation of Tin Whisker Formation on SOT and Discrete Components Assembled with Bismuth-Containing Lead-Free Solder Alloys After Short-Term High Temperature, High Humidity Storage André M. Delhaise, Stephan Meschter, Zohreh Bagheri, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy  Abstract
Packaging Technologies for Advanced Automotive Applications Andrew Mawer, Burt Carpenter and Mollie Benson  Abstract
Multi-Axis Loading Effect on Edgebond and Cornerfilled WLCSP Thermal Cycling Performance Andy Hsiao, Tae-Kyu Lee, Edward Ibe and Karl Loh  Abstract
Reliability of the Solder Joints: Is a Shear Force a Good Indicator? Anna Lifton, Westin Bent, Irina Lazovskaya, Paul Salerno and Frank Andres  Abstract
Status of Pb-Free Risk Mitigation for Aerospace and Defense - An Attitude Adjustment Perspective Anthony J. Rafanelli  Abstract
Reliable Novel Nickel-Free Surface Finish Solution for High-Frequency PCB Applications Ariel McFalls, Sam Rhodes, and Kunal Shah, Ph.D.  Abstract
Effect of Vacuum Reflow on Solder Joint Voiding in Bumped Components Arvind Srinivasan Karthikeyan and Sa'd Hamasha, Michael Meilunas, Fred Dimock  Abstract
Risk Management of Class 3 Electronics as a Function Of Cleanliness Bill Capen, Jason Edgar, Mark McMeen & Mike Bixenman  Abstract
Can AI Help Us in the Fight Against Counterfeit Components? Bill Cardoso, Ph.D., Glen Thomas, Ph.D.  Abstract
How X-Ray and AI Are Changing the Electronics Assembly Process Bill Cardoso, Ph.D., Griffin Lemaster, Carlos Valenzuela  Abstract
Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Prior to Selective Conformal Coating Brian Stumm  Abstract
Solder-Joint Reliability of BGA Packages in Automotive Applications Burton Carpenter, Andrew Mawer, Mollie Benson, John Arthur, Betty Yeung  Abstract
Solder-Joint Reliability of a 0.65mm Pitch Molded Array Package for Automotive Applications Burton Carpenter, Mollie Benson, A. R. Nazmus Sakib, Andrew Mawer, Paul Galles, Abdullah Fahim  Abstract
Using Standards to Increase Productivity While Fighting Counterfeits Cameron Shearon  Abstract
Periodic Pulse Plating of Mid-Aspect Ratio Printed Circuit Boards for Enhanced Productivity Carmichael Gugliotti, Rich Bellemare, Andy Oh, Ron Blake  Abstract
Analysis of the Root Cause for Solder Joint Cracking Chaohui Hu, P.E., Weiming Li, P.E., Jianghua Shen, P.E.  Abstract
High Performance RF Diplexer Module Using A Glass Interposer Charles Woychik, John Lauffer, Scott Pollard, Raj Parmar, Michael Gaige, William Wilson, James Carey and Matthew Neely  Abstract
Attachment Quality and Thermal Fatigue Reliability of a Surface Mount Chip Resistor Assembled with a Low Temperature Solder Charmaine Johnson, Richard Coyle, Martin Anselm, Lenora Clark, Richard Popowich, Ajitesh Singh Parihar, Tayler Swanson, Jason Fullerton, and Chen Xu  Abstract
Optimizing Conformal Coating Coverage for Improved Environmental Corrosion Protection Chen Xu, D. Fleming  Abstract
LED UVA-Curable Conformal Coatings with High Protective Qualities Chris Brightwell, Danielle Bradley  Abstract
Comparison of Aperture Designs, Solder Pastes, Nanocoatings and Print/Inspection Systems Chrys Shea, Jennifer Fijalkowski, Raymond Whittier, Michael Butler, Edward Nauss, Dean Fiato  Abstract
Micro-Computed Tomography Analysis for Failure Analysis in Electronics Claire Brennan, Ph.D.  Abstract
An Investigation on the Influence of Copper and Nickel Solderable Surfaces on Solder Joint Degradation Due to Gold Embrittlement Daphne Gates, Ross Wilcoxon, David Hillman, Julie Silk  Abstract
Low Temperature Solder Experience David Geiger, Howard Osgood, and Dongkai Shangguan, Ph.D.  Abstract
Bottom Terminated Component (BTC) Void Concerns: Real and Imagined David Hillman, Ross Wilcoxon, Tim Pearson, Kim Cho  Abstract
Electrochemical Corrosion Measurments on Metal Alloys Exposed to EAC Cleaning Agents David Lober and Mike Bixenman, DBA, MBA  Abstract
Impact of 10-Year Room Temperature Aging on SAC105 Deng Yun Chen, Subramani Manoharan, Patrick McClusky, and Michael Osterman  Abstract
LTS – A Path Forward Derek Daily  Abstract
Real Stories of Applied Advanced Analytics in the Electronics Manufacturing Smart Factory Derek Ong, BscEE  Abstract
Automotive Harsh Environments and Implications for ADAS and AD Sensors Dwight Howard  Abstract
Improved Printed Circuit Board Reliability Through Quantitative Control of Cleaning Processes E.J. Kidd, Brooke Campbell, R. Giles Dillingham, Ph.D.  Abstract
Stencil Printing 008004/0201 Aperture Components Edward C. Nauss, Michael Butler  Abstract
Test Methodology & Metrics for Force Sensing Resistors Edward Collins  Abstract
Electromigration Behavior of SAC(305) / SnBiAg Mixed Solder Alloy Assemblies Faramarz Hadian, Mohammed Genanu, Eric Cotts  Abstract
Fluxes Design for Suppressing Non-Wet-Opens at BGA Assembly Fengying Zhou, Fen Chen, and Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Thermal Cycling Reliability of Newly Developed Lead-Free Solders for Harsh Environments Francy John Akkara, Cong Zhao, Sudan Ahmed, Mohammed Abueed, Sinan Su, Sa'd Hamasha, Jeffrey Suhling, Pradeep Lall  Abstract
Elimination of Nickel Corrosion in ENIG and ENEPIG by Using Reduction Assisted Immersion Gold In Place Of Standard Immersion Gold George Milad, Jon Bengston and Albin Gruenwald  Abstract
Selective Solder Fine Pitch Components on High Thermal Mass Assembly Gerjan Diepstraten  Abstract
Root Cause Stencil Design for SMT Component Thermal Lands Greg Smith and Tony Lentz  Abstract
Automating Detection of Pick & Place Nozzle Anomalies (An IIoT Case Study) Gregory Vance, Francisco Maturana, Miki Cvijetinovic  Abstract
iNEMI Project On Process Development of BiSn-Based Low Temperature Solder Pastes - Part VI: Mechanical Shock Results on Resin Reinforced Mixed SnAgCu-BiSn Solder Joints Of FCBGA Components Haley Fu, Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan, Morgana Ribas, Raiyo Aspandiar, Babak Arfaei, Kevin Byrd, Antonio Caputo, Jimmy Chen, Qin Chen, Richard Coyle, Derek Daily, Sophia Feng, Pubudu Goonetilleke, Ralph Lauwaert, Francis Mutuku, Murali Sarangapani, et al  Abstract
LTS Product Certification & Learning Han Liang Cheah and Kok Kwan Tang  Abstract
Evaluation of the Warpage Behavior of SMD-Packages and Printed Circuit Boards During Soldering Heinz Wohlrabe, Karsten Meier, Oliver Albrecht, Jörg Trodler  Abstract
Indium Low Temperature Solders Hongwen Zhang, Francis Mutuku, Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Aerosol Jet Direct Writing Polymer-Thick-Film Resistors for Printed Electronics James Q. Feng, Anthony Loveland, and Michael J. Renn  Abstract
Evaluations on the Mixing of the Tin-Bismuth Paste with Sn3ag0.5Cu BGA Components in Terms of Peak Temperature, Time Over Melting and Paste Volume Jasbir Bath, Shantanu Joshi, Roberto Segura  Abstract
Electronics Production Planning - What You Need To Do To Remain Competitive Jay Gorajia  Abstract
Designing A Robust Industrial Augmented Reality Solution Jay Gorajia, Nir Sagi, Eran Nadel, Shai Newman  Abstract
Component and Printed Wiring Board Finish Effects on QFN Solder Joint Formation Jeffrey M. Jennings, Carlyn Smith, Joe Kreuzpaintner  Abstract
Effect of No-Clean Flux Residue on Signal Integrity at High Frequency Jennifer Nguyen, David Geiger and Dongkai Shangguan, Ph.D.  Abstract
Reliability of Electrical Devices Due To Warpage Behavior of SMD-Packages and Boards During Soldering Jörg Trodler, Heinz Wohlrabe, Ph.D., Karsten Meier, Oliver Albrecht  Abstract
An Interesting Approach to Yield Improvement Keith Bryant  Abstract
Optimizing Solder Alloy Composition for Low Temperature Assembly Keith Sweatman, Tetsuro Nishimura, Tetsuya Akaiwa, Pavithiran Naraynanan  Abstract
Ultra-Fine Solder Paste Dispensing for Heterogeneous Integration Kenneth Thum, Sze Pei Lim, KC Tai  Abstract
Qualification of High Density Connector Solutions for Military and Avionic Environments Kim Cho, Tim Pearson, David Hillman, Ross Wilcoxon  Abstract
LTS - Motivations & Industry Challenges Kris Troxel  Abstract
High Density RDL Technologies for Panel Level Packaging of Embedded Dies Lars Boettcher, S. Kosmider, F. Schein, R. Kahle and A. Ostmann  Abstract
Assessment of the Behavior of High Reliability Solder Alloys in Accelerated Thermal Testing Luke Wentlent, Ph.D., Jim Wilcox, Ph.D., Fei Dong, Ph.D.  Abstract
Solder Joint Reliability of BGA Packages on High Frequency Laminate PCBs Under Power Cycling Mahesh Pallapothu, Akshay Lakshminarayana, Mugdha Chaudhari, Unique Rahangdale, Abel Misrak, Dereje Agonafer, Ph.D.  Abstract
Printed Circuit Board Design Can Impact Electrochemical Reliability Mark McMeen and Mike Bixenman  Abstract
Full LTS BGA Application for Large size BGA Package Masateru Koide  Abstract
Full LTS BGA Application for Large size BGA Package Masateru Koide  Abstract
Modification and Application of Organic Phase Change Materials for Thermal Peak Management Mathias Nowottnick, Jacob Maxa, Andrej Novikov  Abstract
Origin of Ionic Contamination in Automotive Electronics Case Study Maurice Dore  Abstract
Challenges of Automotive Electronics Miniaturization Maurice Dore  Abstract
New High Reliability Lead-Free Solder Alloy for Electronic Application in Extreme Environment Md Hasnine, Ph.D., Xiang Wei, Ph.D.  Abstract
Development of Low Temperature Sn-Bi Based Pb-Free Solder Alloys Mehran Maalekian, Ph.D., Aranav Das, Ludo Krassenburg, Co van Veen, Ph.D., Alexander Kodentsov, Ph.D., Mo Biglari, Ph.D.  Abstract
Human Automation - Hands-Free Industry 4.0 Michael Ford  Abstract
The IPC-1782 Secure Supply-Chain - 2019 Update Michael Ford  Abstract
Handling Technical Cleanliness in Electronic Production Michael Kövi, P.E. and Helmut Schweigart, Ph.D.  Abstract
Characterize and Understand Functional Performance of Cleaning QFN Packages on PCB Assemblies Mike Bixenman, MBA, DBA  Abstract
Mechanical Properties of SAC-Bi Solder Alloys with Aging Mohamed El Amine Belhadi, Dr. Luke Wentlent, Raed Al Athamneh, Dr. Sa'd Hamasha  Abstract
Effect of Creep and Fatigue on Individual SAC305 Solder Joint Reliability in Iso-Thermal Cycling Mohammed Abueed, Raed Alathamneh, Sa'd Hamasha, Ph.D., Jeff Suhling, Ph.D., Pradeep Lall, Ph.D.  Abstract
Reliability Assessment of BGA Solder Joints - Megtron 6 Vs FR4 Printed Circuit Boards Mugdha Chaudhari, A S M Raufur R Chowdhury, Unique Rahangdale, Abel Misrak, Pavan Rajmane, Aniruddha Doiphode, Dereje Agonafer  Abstract
New Developed Copper Electroplating Process for BMV Filling with the Special Feature of a Very Bright Cu Deposition on Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB Applications Mustafa Özkök Dipl.-Ing; Peter Haack, Dr; Vera Peldinski, Dipl.-Ing.; Thomas Huelsmann Dipl-Ing., Dr; Grigory Vazhenin, Dr.; Henning Hübner, Dipl.-Ing.  Abstract
High Temperature Component Warpage as a Function of Moisture Sensitivity (MSL) Rating Neil Hubble  Abstract
Sn-Bi Solder Paste Supply Chain Overview Nilesh Badwe  Abstract
Tin-Bismuth Low Temperature Homogeneous Second Level Interconnect Solder Joint Microstructure, Reliability, and Failure Mechanism Nilesh Badwe, Kevin Byrd, Ou Jin, Pubudu Goonetilleke  Abstract
High-Reliability Lead-Free Solder for Low-Cost Die Attach Applications Niveditha Nagarajan, Sathish Kumar, Gyan Dutt, Ranjit Pandher, Carl Bilgrien  Abstract
Gold (Au) Embrittlement of Plastic Quad Flat(Pack), No-Lead (PQFN) Solder Joints and Mitigation Strategies P. T. Vianco, T. Garcia, C.E. Jaramillo, B.M. McKenzie, and J. Reese  Abstract
A Defect Prediction Case Study for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Containing Ball Grid Array Package Types Phillip M. LaCasse, LTC, USA, Ph.D., Wilkistar Otieno, Ph.D., Gregory J. Vance, Francisco P. Maturana, Ph.D., Mikica Cvijetinovic  Abstract
Effect of Cure Conditions on the Interface Properties and Reliability of Potted Electronics in 25,000G Mechanical Shock Pradeep Lall, Kalyan Dornala, Ryan Lowe, John Deep  Abstract
X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography Based FE-Models to Capture Realistic Manufacturing Variability in Cu-Al Wirebonds and Solder-Joints in QFNs Pradeep Lall, Madhu Kasturi, Nakul Kothari, David Locker  Abstract
High Reliability Low Temperature Solder Alloys Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D., Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., Raghu Raj Rangaraju and Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Robustness of High Tension, Standard Tension, and Mesh Mount Solder Paste Stencils Prithvi Kotian, MS, Jeff Schake, Martin Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
Common Status of LTS Qin Chen  Abstract
Process Development Challenges and Design of Experiments for Conformally Coated Printed Circuit Board Assemblies R. Muralidharan, R. Dhiman, D. Santos, K. Srihari, C. Greene, B. DeKelaita, G. Pandiarajan, S. Eckel  Abstract
Smart Inspection Methods in the Electronics Industry Ragnar Vaga  Abstract
New X-Ray Technologies for Enhanced Void Investigation Ragnar Vaga and Keith Bryant  Abstract
PCBA Cleanliness as a Means to Improve Humidity Robustness of Electronics Rajan Ambat, Ph.D. and Kamila Piotrowska, Ph.D.  Abstract
Ultrathin and High Temperature Conformal Coatings for Corrosive Resistance of Electronics Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Thermal Cycling Reliability and Failure Mode of Two Ball Grid Array Packages with High Reliability Pb-Free Solder Alloys Richard Coyle, Charmaine Johnson, Dave Hillman, Richard Parker, Michael Osterman, Joe Smetana, Tim Pearson, Babak Arfaei, Keith Howell, Stuart Longgood, Andre Kleyner, Julie Silk, Andre Delhaise, Hongwen Zhang, Jie Geng, Ranjit Pandher, Eric Lundeen  Abstract
Vacuum Reflow Processing of Ball Grid Array Packages to Reduce Solder Joint Voiding and Improve Attachment Reliability Richard Coyle, Charmaine Johnson, Tim Pearson, Dave Hillman, Michael Meilunas, Fred Dimock, Richard Popowich, Bob Bouchard, Richard Parker, Keith Howell, Jörg Trodler, Arvind Karthikeyan, Elizabeth Barr  Abstract
Fluxes with Decreased Viscosity After Reflow for Flip-Chip and SIP Assembly Runsheng Mao, Fen Chen, and Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Phase Formation and Solid Solubility in High Reliability Pb-Free Solders Containing Bi, Sb or In S.A. Belyakov, B. Arfaei, C. Johnson, K. Howell, R. Coyle and C.M. Gourlay  Abstract
Precipitation of Bi and SbSn Phases in Next-Generation Pb-Free Solders S.A. Belyakov, K. Sweatman, T. Akaiwa, T. Nishimura and C.M. Gourlay  Abstract
High-Density Microdispensing Solder and Adhesives onto FHE and Conformal Substrate Assemblies Sam LeBlanc, Jasmine Hammonds, Mike Newton  Abstract
Real Time X-Ray Analysis of Void Formation and Dynamics in QFN Devices During Reflow Sandeep Kullar, Christopher Rand, Evstatin Krastev  Abstract
IMC Study of Mid-Phosphorous and High-Phosphorous ENIG Finishes Sandra Nelle, Thiago Pugliesi-Garcia, Britta Schafsteller, Gustavo Ramos  Abstract
High Frequency Characteristics of Glass Interposer Satoru Kuramochi, Masaya Tanaka, Miyuki Akazawa, Syohei Yamada  Abstract
Study of Epoxy Flux to Improve Reliability of IC Packages for Automotive Applications Shigeru Yamatsu, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Andy Behr, Koso Matsuno, Yasuhiro Suzuki  Abstract
Impact of Thermal Aging on Thermomechanical Properties of Oil-Immersed Printed Circuit Boards Shrinath Ramdas, A S M Raufur R Chowdhury, Akshay Lakshminarayana, Rabin Bhandari, Tushar Chauhan, Abel Misrak, Dereje Agonafer  Abstract
Low Temperature Solder (LTS) – Evolving Performance, Growing Opportunities Steve Folsom  Abstract
Transient Solder Separation of BGA Solder Joint During Second Reflow Cycle Phase III – The Impact of Back Drill Steven Perng and Weidong Xie  Abstract
LTS Vision and Progress Tadashi Kosuga  Abstract
Evaluation of Direct Metallization Technology Plating Properties with Excellent Material Selectivity Takuya Komeda, Tetsuji Ishida, Hisamitsu Yamamoto  Abstract
Properties of Mixing SAC Solder Alloys with Bismuth-Containing Solder Alloys for a Low Reflow Temperature Process Tayler J. Swanson, MSc. and Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
pH Neutral Cleaning Agents: Technology and Performance Terry Price, Ph.D. and Axel Vargas  Abstract
Solder Joint Integrity Evaluation of Bottom Terminated Component (BTC) Subjected to Thermal Cycling Tim Pearson, David Hillman, Ross Wilcoxon, Tim O'Neill, Karl Seelig  Abstract
Supply Chain Readiness for LTS Tim Williams  Abstract
Influence of a New Abnormal (CuNi)6Sn5 / (NiCu)3Sn4 Layer Growth at Temperatures Above 175°C in Tin Silver Based Lead-Free Solder Joints Timo Herberholz, Ph.D., Andrey Prihodovsky, Ph.D., Mathias Nowottnick, Ph.D.  Abstract
Root Cause and Solution to Mitigate the Hot Tear Defect Mode in Hybrid SAC-Low Temperature Solder Joints Todd Harris, Kevin Byrd, Nilesh Badwe  Abstract
The Effects of Surface Finish on Solder Paste Performance - The Sequel Tony Lentz  Abstract
Impact of Thermal Aging and Cycling on Reliability of Thermal Interface Materials Tushar Chauhan, Abel Misrak, Rabin Bhandari, Pavan Rajmane, Raufur Chowdhury, Krishna Bhavana Sivaraju, Milad Abdulhasansari, Dereje Agonafer  Abstract
Shenmao LTS Readiness Watson Tseng  Abstract
Improve AOI Performance Through Smart Visual Insight Solutions Collaboration Wayne Zhang, Ziv Zhao, Ben Wu, Peng Tang,Yan Wang, Marie Cole, Li Qin Shen, Andrew Vogel  Abstract
Wire-Bonding Reliability of Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating - Influence of Electroless Pd Deposition Reaction Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Abstract
Advanced PCB Lamination Material Development for High-Speed Networking Application Yuki Hirokawa, Tatsuya Arisawa, Shohei Hanazaki, Mitsuyoshi Nishino, Tomoyuki Abe  Abstract
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