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Advancement of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Tools to Support Industry 4.0 & Package Scaling Abhishek Prasad, Larry Pymento, Srinivasa R Aravamudhan and Chandru Periasamy  Abstract
Practical Implementation of Assembly Processes for Lowmelting Point Solder Pastes Adam Murling, Miloš Lazic, Don Wood, Brook Sandy-Smith and Martin Anselm  Abstract
Practical Verification of Void Reduction Method for BTC Using Exposed Via in Pad Alfredo Garcia, Domingo Vazquez, Ricardo Macias, Rodrigo Ibarra, Joe Smetana, Mulugeta Abtew, Iulia Muntele  Abstract
Solder Powder Characteristics and Their Impact on Rheological Behavior of Solder Pastes Amir H. Nobari, Ph.D., Arslane Bouchemit, Ana Da Silva Marques, Sylvain St-Laurent, Ph.D. and Gilles L’Espérance, Ph.D.  Abstract
Restoration of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Lead-Free Bismuth Containing Solder Joints after Accelerated Reliability Testing Using a Thermal Treatment André M. Delhaise, Mikaella Brillantes, Ivan Tan, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, David Hillman, Stephan Meschter, David Adams, Milea Kammer, Ivan Straznicky and Doug D. Perovic  Abstract
Effect of Package Warpage and Composite Cte on Failure Modes in Board-Level Thermal Cycling Andrew Mawer, Paul Galles, Mollie Benson and Burt Carpenter  Abstract
Low Melting Temperature Interconnect Thermal Cycling Performance Enhancement Using Elemental Tuning and Edgebond Adhesive Andy Hsiao and Tae-Kyu Lee, Imbok Lee, Young-Woo Lee, Edward Ibe and Karl Loh  Abstract
Solder Paste Selection Challenges for Bottom Termination Components (BTC) Attach Anna Lifton, Westin Bent, Frank Andres, Irina Lazovskaya and Jason Fullerton  Abstract
Long Term Isothermal Aging of BGA Packages Using Doped Lead Free Solder Alloys Anto Raj, Sharath Sridhar, Ph.D., Seth Gordon, John Evans, Ph.D., Michael Bozack Ph.D., Wayne Johnson, Ph.D.  Abstract
Reducing Spatter in Flux Cored Solder Wires for Robotic Soldering Applications Arturo Espejo, Olga Spaldon-Stewart, Geoffrey Post and Kyle Loomis  Abstract
Process and Materials Interaction Investigation: Test Methods for Electrochemical Consistency in PCB Assembly Processes – Revisited Brook Sandy-Smith  Abstract
Fully Printed 3D Interconnects: Reducing Semiconductor Package Size and Reducing Manufacturing Complexity Bryan Germann  Abstract
Solder-Joint Reliability of a 0.65mm Pitch Molded Array Package for Automotive Applications Burton Carpenter, Mollie Benson and Andrew Mawer  Abstract
The Importance of Conformal Coating Thickness and Edge Coverage C.E Allen, A.Duffy, B.G Turner, P.J Kinner  Abstract
Essential Tools to Combat the Ingress of Counterfeit Materials Cameron E. Shearon, Jr.  Abstract
Silicone Science Innovates UV Conformal Coatings Chelsea Quinn, Kent Larson, Torrey Clark, Brian J. Chislea  Abstract
Investigation of Copper Sinter Material for Die Attach Christian Schwarzer, Ly May Chew, Michael Schnepf, Thomas Stoll, Jörg Franke and Michael Kaloudis  Abstract
Dissolution Rate of Specific Elements in SAC305 Solder David Hillman, Ross Wilcoxon, Tim Pearson and Paul McKenna  Abstract
The Effectiveness of 75% IPA/25% DI Extraction Solution on No-Clean Flux Residues David Lober; Mike Bixenman, DBA, Marietta Lemieux and Mark McMeen  Abstract
Extending 3D MRS Sensor Technology to Address Challenging Measurement and Inspection Applications Dick Johnson and John Hoffman Ph.D.  Abstract
Effects of ENIG Nickel Corrosion on Wetting Balance Test Results and Intermetallic Formation Donald Gudeczauskas, George Milad  Abstract
Cavity Board SMT Assembly Challenges Dudi Amir and Brett Grossman  Abstract
Rheology of Solder Paste: Shelf Life Study Fan Gao Ph.D. and Dinesh Amin  Abstract
Novel High Reliability Low Temperature Solder Alloys Francis Mutuku, Jie Geng, Hongwen Zhang, and Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Effects of Mixing Solder Sphere Alloys with Bismuth-Based Pastes on The Component Reliability in Harsh Thermal Cycling Francy John Akkara, Cong Zhao, Mohammed Abueed, Sinan Su, Sa’d Hamasha, Jeffrey Suhling, Pradeep Lall, Ph.D.  Abstract
Operation of a Vacuum Reflow Oven with Preliminary Void Reduction Data Fred Dimock  Abstract
The Use of Insoluble Anodes in Acid Copper Plating George Milad  Abstract
How X-Ray Technology is Improving the Electronics Assembly Process Griffin Lemaster and Bill Cardoso, Ph.D.  Abstract
Qualitative Model Describing Hot Tear above VIPPO And Numerous Other Design Elements Günter Gera, Udo Welzel, Yin Jizhe, Harald Feufel  Abstract
iNEMI Project on Process Development of Bisn-Based Low Temperature Solder Pastes - Part IV: Comprehensive Mechanical Shock Tests on Pop Components Having Mixed BGA Bisn-Sac Solder Joints Haley Fu, Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan, Morgana Ribas, Raiyo Aspandiar, Babak Arfaei, Kevin Byrd, Jimmy Chen, Shunfeng Cheng, Qin Chen, Richard Coyle, Derek Daily, Sophia Feng, Mark Krmpotich, Scott Mokler, Brook Sandy-Smith, Kok Kwan Tang, Greg Wu, Anny  Abstract
Requirements on a Class "0" EPA - Basics, Standards, ESD Equipment’s and Measurements Hartmut Berndt, Dipl.-Ing.  Abstract
Crack Propagation Mechanism Study on Bismuth Contained SN Base Lead Free Solder Under Thermo-Mechanical Stress Imbok Lee, Young-Woo Lee, Aakash Valliappan and Tae-Kyu Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Reflow Blower and Vibration Characterization, Effect on BGA Bridging Jason Stafford  Abstract
Rational Application of Impractical Stencil Aperture Designs to Enable M0201 Heterogeneous Assembly Jeff Schake and Mark Whitmore  Abstract
Impact of Stencil Quality & Technology on Solder Paste Printing Performance Jeffrey Len Yung Kwuan, Leon Rao, Evan Yip, Wisdom Qu, Jonas Sjoberg  Abstract
Combing Automated Advanced Process Control with Feedback to Revolutionize the Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process Jenny Yuh, Joseph Park, Denis Kang and Brent Fischthal  Abstract
Rheology and Wetting Characterizations of Flux and Solder Paste for Bga Packages Jinlin Wang, Ph.D.  Abstract
BGA Pad Cratering and Peeling During SMT Reflow Joe Fuller, Amit Abraham, and Aravind Munukutla  Abstract
Laser Rework Process for BGA a New Method for PCBA Rework Instead of Hot Air/Infrared Heating John Burke, Fellow and Alex Dai Chunsheng, MBA, P.E.  Abstract
Metallization of Glass Interposers John Lauffer, David Bajkowski, Michael Gaige, Robert Edwards, Gordon Benninger and William Wilson  Abstract
Thermally Conductive Liquid Materials for Electronics Packaging John Timmerman, Ph.D.  Abstract
Technology for Components with a High Position Accuracy Jörg Trodler, Dipl.-Ing., Dr. Ing. habil. Heinz Wohlrabe, Oliver Albrecht, Stefan Gunst, Dr. Ing.; Jürgen Ehmes; Stefan Merlau and James Wertin  Abstract
Thermal Shadow Moiré to Cross-Section Correlation Study Jorge Arellano, Edgardo Alvarez, Steven Perng and Neil Hubble  Abstract
X-Ray Inspection: New Capabilities and Methodology for PCBA Analysis Julien Perraud, Shaïma Enouz-Vedrenne, Jean-Claude Clement and Arnaud Grivon  Abstract
The Role of Nickel in Solder Alloys - Part 2. The Effect of Ni on the Integrity of the Interfacial Intermetallic in Sn-Based/Cu Substrate Solder Joints Kazuhiro Nogita, Ph.D., Keith Sweatman and Tetsuro Nishimura, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Role of Nickel in Solder Alloys - Part 1. The Effect of Ni on The Behaviour of Sn-0.7Cu in Soldering and Coating Processes Kazuhiro Nogita, Ph.D., Keith Sweatman and Tetsuro Nishimura, Ph.D.  Abstract
Packaging’s Impact on Reliability Keith Donaldson and Chris Brown  Abstract
Effect on Creep Rate of Alloying Additions to Ni-Stabilised SN-CU Eutectic Solder Keith Sweatman, Tetsuya Akaiwa, Tetsuro Nishimura Ph.D.  Abstract
Experimental Study on the Capability and Performance of a Jet Dispensing Feeder in Components Fastening Keyla Y. Bastardo, Tayler Swanson, Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
A Novel & Cost-Effective Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Surface Finish for Better Reliability of Electronic Assemblies Kunal Shah, Ph.D.  Abstract
Development of High Density Interconnect Technologies for Panel Level Packaging Lars Boettcher, S. Kosmider , Friedrich-Leonhard Schein , and Andreas Ostmann  Abstract
How Wet is Wet – Robust Automotive Electronics in Humid Environment Lothar Henneken, Ph.D., Daniel Markus, Ph.D., Daniel Koenig, Ph.D., and Walter Gronbach  Abstract
Low-Temperature Soldering Using Ordered Alloys M. H. Biglari, A. Das, L.C.P. Krassenburg, J.H.G. Brom, N.J.A. van Veen, A. A. Kodentsov  Abstract
Comparison Study between Lead Free Solder and Low Temperature Solder for Hand Soldering Rework Maria Mejias, Connie Lavinger, Keyla Bastardo  Abstract
Continuing Test Point Management Throughout a PCB Design Flow Mark Laing and Zac Elliott  Abstract
SIR Characterization of No-Clean Flux Residues under the QFN Component using Different PCB Board Design Options Mark McMeen, Collin Langley, Mike Bixenman and David Lober  Abstract
Improved Condensation Testing to Evaluate Protection Performance of Conformal Coatings Under Different Condensation Levels Martin Wickham and Ling Zou  Abstract
The Influence of Aspects of Solder Paste Formulation and Soldering Process Factors on Voiding Under Large Qfn Devices Matthew Jones, Tamara Goas-Fernandez and Barry Wenham  Abstract
Reflow Profiling for Next-Generation Solder Alloys Meagan Sloan, Kim Flanagan, Brook Sandy-Smith and MB Allen  Abstract
Developing High Reliability Solders for Harsh Environment Mehran Maalekian, Ph.D.  Abstract
Strain Energy Model for Underfill Michael Bodendorfer, Reza Ghaffarian  Abstract
How Do I Get Smart With IPC CFX? Michael Ford  Abstract
Synergy between Smart Manufacturing & the Secure Supply Chain Michael Ford  Abstract
Selective Soldering Design for Reliability Using a Novel Test Board and Sir Test Method Mike Bixenman, David Lober, Mark McMeen, Denis Jean and Joe Clure  Abstract
Low Temperature Soldering: Reflow Optimization for Enhanced Mechanical Reliability Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., Bhaskar Vangapandu, Raghu Raj Rangaraju, Suresh Telu, Ph.D., Laxminarayana Pai, Ramesh Kumar, Vikas Patil, H. V. Ramakrishna, Ph.D., Traian Cucu, Ph.D., Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Rework Practices for MicroLEDs and Other Highly Miniaturized SMT Components Neil O'Brien, Robert Avila  Abstract
Effect of Tim Compression Loads on BGA Reliability Nicholas Graziano, Harry Schoeller, Ph.D., Lars Bruno  Abstract
Solder Paste: Fundamental Material Property/SMT Performance Correlation Nilesh Badwe, Shunfeng Cheng, Srinivasa Aravamudhan, Mukul Renavikar  Abstract
Robust SMT No-Clean Solder Paste for SiP and 01005 Assembly Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Thermomechanical Reliability of Low-Temperature Solder Alloys for Mid-Power Led Packages Niveditha Nagarajan, Matthew Siebenhuhner, Nicholas Herrick, Ranjit Pandher and Carl Bilgrien  Abstract
Testing and Mitigating Resistor Silver Sulfide Corrosion Pam Lembke, Marie Cole, Tim Tofil1, Jacob Porter, Jason Wertz, Jim Wilcox, Mike Gaynes, Mike Meilunas and Holly Rubin  Abstract
Low Temperature Solder Interconnect Reliability and Potential Application in Enterprise Computer and Automotive Electronics Paul Wang, Ph.D., David He, Vivi Cao, and Jason Su  Abstract
Second Round Robin Evaluation of iNEMI Creep Corrosion Qualification Test Prabjit Singh, Larry Palmer, Haley Fu, Dem Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Karlos Guo, Jane Li, Simon Lee, Geoffrey Tong and Chen Xu  Abstract
Warpage of Flexible-Board Assemblies with BGAs During Reflow and Post-Assembly Usage Pradeep Lall, Kartik Goyal, Ben Leever and Jason Marsh  Abstract
Comparison of Reliability of Copper, Gold, Silver, and Pcc Wirebonds Under Sustained Operation at 200C Pradeep Lall, Shantanu Deshpande and Luu Nguyen  Abstract
A Study on the Minimum and Maximum Temperatures of the Reflow Process in SMT Assembly on Paste Containing Bismuth Alloys Combined with Lead-Free Solder Spheres Priscilla Gomez, Tayler Swanson and Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
Blockchain and Its Application in the High Tech Industry Quentin B Samelson  Abstract
Effect of Aging on Sac305 Solder Joints Reliability in Accelerated Fatigue Shear Test Raed Al Athamneh, Mohammed Abueed, Dania Bani Hani, Sa’d Hamasha  Abstract
Industry 4.0 for Inspection in the Electronics Industry Ragnar Vaga  Abstract
Engineered Flux for Low Temperature Solders Ramakrishna H V, Ph.D., Harish H S, Manjuvani J, Vangapandu Bhaskar, Ramesh Kumar , Vikas Patilz Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D. and Traian C. Cucu, Ph.D.  Abstract
Characterization of SiP Assembly and Reliability Under Thermal Cycles Reza Ghaffarian and Michael Meilunas  Abstract
Reliability of TSOP/QFN/Passive Assemblies Under Harsh and LN2 Thermal Cycles Reza Ghaffarian, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Effect of Bismuth, Antimony, or Indium on the Thermal Fatigue of High Reliability Pb-Free Solder Alloys Richard Coyle, Dave Hillman, Richard Parker, Charmaine Johnson, Michael Osterman, Joe Smetana, Babak Arfaei, Andre Delhaise, Keith Howell, Stuart Longgood, Andre Kleyner, Jasbir Bath, Hongwen Zhang, and Jie Geng  Abstract
The Influence of Printed Circuit Board Thickness on the Thermal Fatigue Reliability of Quad Flat No-Lead Packages Richard Coyle, David Ihms, Neil Hubble, Charmaine Johnson, Jesse deWitt, Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan, Jeffrey Lee, Greg Wu, Ranilo Aranda, and Grace O’Malley  Abstract
Alloy Composition and Thermal Fatigue of High Reliability Pb-Free Solder Alloys Richard Coyle, et al.  Abstract
Can a Cyanide Free Immersion Gold Bath be a Viable Option in the Existing Final Finish Production Environments? Rick Nichols, Sandra Heinemann, Robert Spreemann, and Gustavo Ramos  Abstract
As-Shipped vs. Mounted Height for BGA and LGA Packages Robert Darveaux, Howard Chen, Shaul Branchevsky, Mahendra Harsha  Abstract
High Elongation Electroless Copper Roger Bernards, Judy Ding, Boen Li, Richard Retallick  Abstract
Copper-Tin Intermetallics: Their Importance, Growth Rate, and Nature Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., P.E.  Abstract
Direct Digital Manufacturing for 3D Electronic Packaging Sam J. Leblanc, Casey P. Perkowski, Dasan E. Costandi, Kenneth H. Church, James L. Zunino and Jaret C. Riddick  Abstract
Innovative Cu Electroplating Process for any Layer via Fill with Planer via Top and Thin Surface Copper Saminda Dharmarathna, Todd Clark, William Bowerman, Kesheng Feng, Jim Watkowski  Abstract
Fatigue and Shear Properties of High Reliable Solder Joints for Harsh Applications Sinan Su, Minghong Jian, Francy John Akkara, Dr. Sa’d Hamasha, Dr. Jeff Suhling and Dr. Pradeep Lall  Abstract
New Interconnection for High Temperature Application: HotPowCon (HPC) Steffen Käss, Ph.D., Sebastian Fritzsche, Ph.D., Wolfgang Schmitt, Dipl. Ing., Jörg Trodler, Dipl. Ing., Daniel Feil, Timo Herberholz, Ph.D.  Abstract
Measuring the Hygroscopic Capacity of Integrated Circuit Packages and Printed Circuit Boards Steven B. Watson, David Rathbone, Kaitlyn Fox and Matthew Domanic  Abstract
Development and Testing of a Lead-Free Low Melting Point Alloy Steven Teliszewski  Abstract
Determining the Effect of Fine Mesh Solder Powder on Flux Residue Removal Timothy O’Neill, Terry Munson, Kalyan Nukala, M.S.Ch.E. and Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Ch.E.  Abstract
How Does Surface Finish Affect Solder Paste Performance? Tony Lentz  Abstract
How Does Printed Solder Paste Volume Affect Solder Joint Reliability? Tony Lentz, Jasbir Bath and N. Pavithiran  Abstract
The Impact of Alloy Composition on Shear Strength for Low Temperature Lead Free Alloys Traian C. Cucu, Ph.D., Carl Bilgrien, Ph.D., Anna Lifton, Irina Lazovskaya  Abstract
Asep (Application Specific Electronics Package) a Next Generation Electronics Manufacturing Technology Victor Zaderej, Richard Fitzpatrick and Babak Arfaei, Ph.D.  Abstract
Void Reduction in Reflow Soldering Processes by Sweep Stimulation of PCB Substrate – DoE Tests Viktoria Rawinski, Joe Clure, Marcel Buck and Denis Jean  Abstract
Assessment of 2nd Level Interconnect Quality in Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) Package Using Laser Ultrasonic Inspection Technique Vishnu V. B. Reddy, I. Charles Ume, Aaron M. Mebane, Kola Akinade, Amiya R. Chaudhuri, Bryan Rogers, Cherif Guirguis, Kathy Derksen and Parimal Patel  Abstract
Effective Approach to Enhance the Shock Performance of Ultra-Large BGA Components Weidong Xie, Mudasir Ahmad, Cherif Guirguis, Gnyaneshwar Ramakrishna, and Jianghai Gu  Abstract
Effect of Component Density on Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Solder Joint Reliability Under Harsh Environment Won Sik Hong, Ph.D., Jinju Yu, BA., and Chulmin Oh, Ph.D.  Abstract
Comprehensive Study of Various Short Failures on Printed Circuited Board Xiao He, Baojun Qiu, Daojun Luo  Abstract
PCB Reliability: Auditing your Supply Chain to Insure it Yash Sutariya  Abstract
Influence of Bonding Parameters on Reliability of CU Wire-Bonding to Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Abstract
Evaluation of High Speed Plating for Copper Post With Flat Top Shape and Improved Post Height Uniformity Yuki Itakura, Shinji Tachibana, Hisamitsu Yamamoto and Shigeo Hashimoto  Abstract
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