International Conference for Electronics Enabling Technologies 2018 Proceedings

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Evaluation of Tin Whisker Formation in Bismuth-Containing Lead-Free Solder Alloys After Long-Term Ambient Temperature, High Humidity Storage André M. Delhaise, Stephan Meschter, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, Zohreh Bagheri  Abstract
Isothermal Aging Effects of Doped Lead-Free Solder Performance in Super BGA Package Anto Raj, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, John Evans, Ph.D.  Abstract
Proactive Formulation Strategies for Navigating Chemical Regulations Bonnie J. Ludwig, Ph.D., and A. Florin  Abstract
2D and 3D (CT) X-Ray Inspection Advances for Void Analysis in Electronics David Bernard  Abstract
Characterization of Soldered Plated Through Holes (PTHs) and Gold Embrittlement Conditions David Hillman and Daphne Gates  Abstract
Ultra Thin Fluorinated Polymer Coating for Protection of LED and Electronics Greg Marszalek, Molly Smith, Weixing Hou  Abstract
Development of Low Flux Splattering Solder Paste for Sensor and Camera Module Applications Jasbir Bath, Shantanu Joshi, Noriyoshi Uchida  Abstract
Development of Novel Activators for Use in Halogen Free and Water Soluble Solder Pastes Julia Del Re, Ph.D., Mitra Matloobi, Ph.D., and Mehran Maalekian, Ph.D.  Abstract
Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Migration at High Temperatures Karen Tellefsen  Abstract
Aftermarket LED-Based Electronic Devices, Buyer Beware M. Simard-Normandin, C. Banks, S. Trifoli  Abstract
The Relative World of Harsh Environments Michael Konrad  Abstract
Bare Board Design Research to Improve Flux Outgassing under BTCs Mike Bixenman, David Lober, and Mark McMeen  Abstract
Laser Projector Field Reliability Dashboard: An Effective Tool to Monitor Product Reliability Monika Wieder and Elena Gorcea  Abstract
Stretchable Polyurethane-Based Conductive Ink for E-Textile Applications Pengxiang Si, Li Chen, Boxin Zhao, Alex Chen, John Persic, and Robert Lyn  Abstract
The Study of Dissolution of Bi Precipitates in Sn Using A Novel In Situ Heating Technique in the SEM Peter Banh, André M. Delhaise, Doug D. Perovic  Abstract
UV Curing to Accelerate Innovative Silicone Conformal Coatings Torrey Clark and Brian Chislea  Abstract
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