International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2017 Proceedings

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Effect of Nanoparticles on Bonding Properties A. Sharma, D.W. Lim, D.H. Jung, S.J. Lee and J.P. Jung  Abstract
Thermal Preconditioning, Microstructure Restoration and Property Improvement in Bi-Containing Solder Alloys André M. Delhaise, Polina Snugovsky, Ivan Matijevic, Jeff Kennedy, Marianne Romansky, David Hillman, David Adams, Stephan Meschter, Joseph Juarez, Milea Kammer, Ivan Straznicky, Leonid Snugovsky, Doug D. Perovic  Abstract
Investigating Solder Paste Performance After Worst-Case Shipping Scenarios Brook Sandy-Smith  Abstract
Characterization of the Capability of Conformal Coating to Inhibit Tin Whisker Growth David Hillman  Abstract
High Temperature Lead-Free Die Attach Materials - A Review Hongwen Zhang, Jonathan Minter, Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Accelerated Life Testing Solder Reliability in Combined Environments: ISO Temperatures with Harmonic Vibration Ivan Tan, Joseph Juarez, Polina Snugovsky, Jeffrey Kennedy, Milea Kammer, Ivan Straznicky, David Hillman, David Adams, Stephan Meschter, Subramaniam Suthakaran, Russell Brush, Doug Perovic  Abstract
A Comparison of Localized Electronics Cleanliness Testing and Surface Insulation Resistance - Part 1 Jason Fullerton  Abstract
The Effect of FR-4 Laminate Materials on the Surface Insulation Resistance of Wave Soldering Fluxes Karen Tellefsen, Anna Lifton, Mike Previti, and Mike Murphy  Abstract
CT Technology Advances Imaging Microelectronics to Assembled Products Keith Bryant and Ragnar Vaga  Abstract
Failure Mechanisms in IGBT's Related to Voiding Keith Bryant, Thorsten Rother  Abstract
Blackpad Revisited M. Simard-Normandin, C. Banks  Abstract
Semi-Analytical Fatigue Life Model for Reliability Assessment of Solder Joints in QFN Packages under Thermal Cycling Maxim Serebreni, Nathan Blattau, Gil Sharon, Craig Hillman, Patrick McCluskey  Abstract
Low Silver SAC-Bi Lead-Free Solder for Reliable Applications Mehran Maalekian, Ph.D., Karl Seelig  Abstract
Reliable Micro-Electronic Assembly Process Design Test Methods - A Non-Standard Approach Mike Bixenman, DBA, Mark McMeen, Jason Tynes  Abstract
Improved Method for ALT Plan Optimization Peter Arrowsmith, Ph.D.  Abstract
Fracture Behavior of Lead-Free Solder Joints under Bending as a Function of Joint Width Sadegh Mirmehdi, Amir Nourani, Farid soroosh and Gholamhossein Farrahi  Abstract
Low Temperature Sinter-Able Silver Paste For High Power Die Attach Application Sihai Chen, Christine LaBarbera and Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Addressing the Problems with Ionic Cleanliness Testing on Modern Circuits Todd Rountree, Steve Stach  Abstract
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