South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2017 Proceedings

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Impact Of Interconnects For LEDs On Amit Patel, Rahul Raut, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Ramazan Soydan, Westin Bent and Ravi Bhatkal, Ph.D. and Brent Sweitzer, James Toonen, Bob Hanson  Abstract
Voiding Control At LED Die Attach Preform Soldering Arnab Dasgupta and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Effect Of Board Design On Electroplated Copper Filled Thermal Vias For Heat Management Carmichael Gugliotti, Rich Bellemare  Abstract
Functional Failure And Product Reliability Improvement Through PCBA Cleaning Optimization Danilo Damasco Pulido, Tee How Kee and Harwin Kaur  Abstract
Reliability Study Of No Clean Chemistries For Lead-Free Solder paste In Vapour Phase Reflow Emmanuelle GUENE, Aurélie DUCOULOMBIER  Abstract
A Data Analytics Approach To Manage IBM Storage Field Quality Feng Gao, Dave Verburg, Julian SK Tan, Ai Kiar Ang and Samuel Sitorus  Abstract
Flip Chip LED Process & Challenges Gyan Dutt, Srinath Himanshu, Nicholas Herrick, Amit Patel & Ranjit Pandher  Abstract
Requirements For A Secure And Scalable Industrial Internet Of Things ( Jay Gorajia, B.Sc. EE and MBA  Abstract
Assessment Of Paste Technology Limitation At Miniatruization For SMT Application Joanna Keck and Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
What's Moore To Advanced Packaging John Almiranez  Abstract
Advanced Semiconductor IC Packaging John H. Lau  Abstract
Basics Of Today's X-Ray Technology Keith Bryant and Ragnar Vaga  Abstract
Cleaning Lead-Free No-Clean PCBA To Improve ICT Probe Contact Rate Lee Kong Hui and Kangeyan Ramachandran  Abstract
Stencil Printing Techniques For M0201's In A Heterogeneous Environment Mark Whitmore and Jeff Schake  Abstract
Air Plasma At Atmospheric-Pressure For Improving Conformal Coating Reliability Mathieu Gonsolin, M. Sc.  Abstract
Development Of A Risk Profile From Flux Residues Trapped Under Leadless Components Mike Bixenman, DBA, T.C. Loy and Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Denis Jean, Jennifer Allen, Kyle Loomis  Abstract
Soldering Immersion Tin Rick Nichols and Sandra Heinemann  Abstract
Sip Package Defect Case Study- Tombstone And Hip Sheng-Hung Chou¹ Jonas Sigfrid Sjoberg¹ Sze Pei Lim¹ Maria Durham¹, Te-Hua Fang, Ph.D.², and Yu-Jen Hsiao, Ph.D.³  Abstract
System-In-Package (SiP) Assembly vs Solder Paste Attributes Sze-Pei Lim, Kenneth Thum, Dr. Andy Mackie  Abstract
Impact Of Multiple Thermal Cycles On The Cleaning Process Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E. and Jigar Patel, M.S.Ch.E.  Abstract
A Shift Left And Predictive Approach In Test Quality Management Yvonne Yeo, Feng Xue, Reynaldo Oliver Corral, Jung Yoon, John Wargo, and Paul Zulpa  Abstract
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