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BGA with Controllable Warpage Used to Confirm the Need For a Lower Warpage Specification Alex Chan, Paul Brown, Rich Wensel, Kim Hartnett, Nancy Renfro, David Geiger, David Mendez, Ron Kulterman, Brent Selin  Abstract
Inspection, Big Data, and Zero-Defect Line Allen Ouellette  Abstract
Solder Powder Characteristics and Their Effect on Fine Pitch Printing of Solder Paste Amir H. Nobari, Ph.D., Arslane Bouchemit, Sylvain St-Laurent, Ph.D., Gilles L’Espérance, Ph.D.  Abstract
Process, Design and Material Factors for Voiding Control for Thermally Demanding Applications Amit Patel, Matthew Siebenhuhner, Gyan Dutt, Ranjit Pandher, Mitch Holtzer, T.W. Mok  Abstract
Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Microstructure, Properties, and Reliability of Lead-Free Bismuth Containing Solder Alloys André M. Delhaise, David Hillman, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, Ross Wilcoxon, David Adams, Stephan Meschter, Joseph Juarez, Milea Kammer, Ivan Straznicky, Doug D. Perovic  Abstract
Resource-Efficient and Cost-Effective Wave Soldering - Plasma Fluxing, Pulsar Preheating and Lead Free Low Temperature Soldering Andreas Reinhardt, Ph.D., Arne Neiser  Abstract
The Impact of Conformal Coating on WLCSP Thermal Cycle Performance: Degradation Mechanism and Mitigation Method Andy Hsiao, Tae-Kyu Lee, Kola Akinade, Cherif Guirgis, Edward Ibe, Karl Loh  Abstract
Optimizing Package Tilting And BLR Performance Through PCB and Stencil Design for Son Packages Andy Zhang, David Chin, Steven Kummer  Abstract
Void Reduction Strategy for Bottom Termination Components (BTC) Using Flux Coated Preforms Anna Lifton, Jerry Sidone, Paul Salerno, Oscar Khaselev Mike Marczi, Klaus Weigl, Gerhard Martl  Abstract
Pb-Free Design and Implementation Guidance in High Performance Engineering Design Anthony J. Rafanelli, Ph.D., PE  Abstract
Comparative Study on Impact Of Various Low Creep Doped Lead Free Solder Alloys Anto Raj, Sharath Sridhar, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Thomas Sanders, Ph.D., John Evans, Ph.D., Wayne Johnson, Ph.D., Mark Carpenter, Ph.D., Sa’d Hamasha, Ph.D.  Abstract
Solder Joint Reliability and Paste Stability Performance of Resin Reinforced Low Temperature Solder Paste Atsushi Yamaguchi, Ph.D., Andy Behr, Yasuo Fukuhara, Hirohisa Hino, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Naomichi Ohashi  Abstract
Development of a Low Voiding Lead-Free Solder Paste for High Reliability Applications Aurélie Ducoulombier, Emmanuelle Guéné  Abstract
Evaluation of the Use of ENEPIG in Small Solder Joints in Thermal Cycling Ben Gumpert, William Fox, C. Don Dupriest  Abstract
Reliability Testing of Multiple Level Microvia Structures Following Exposure to Lead-Free Assembly Bill Birch, Ivan Straznicky, Joe Smetana  Abstract
Effects of Cl2, NO2, Rh and Temperature on Accelerated Silver and Copper Corrosion in Mixed Flowing Gas Test Bo Yuan, Debra A. Fleming, Holly Rubin, Richard Popowich, Robert L. Opila , Chen Xu  Abstract
Dendritic Growth from Chemical Contamination and Partial Cleaning: Fundamental Tests and Application Study Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Kyle Loomis, Denis Jean, Jennifer Allen, Mike Bixenman, DBA, Dave Lober  Abstract
Solder-Joint Reliability of a Large Body Molded Array Package Burton Carpenter, Andrew Mawer, Betty Yeung  Abstract
The Next Generation of 3D Packaging Using a Glass Interposer C. G. Woychik, F. D. Egitto, D. Bajkowski, M. Gaige, W. Wilson, A. Shorey  Abstract
IPC-1782 Standard for Traceability of Critical Items Based on Risk Cameron E. Shearon, Jr  Abstract
Silicone Hot-Melt Technology: A New Alternative for Fast Assembly Operations Carlos Montemayor  Abstract
A Scanning Chromatic Confocal Microscope for Accurate Off-Line Solder Paste Volume Measurement Chandru Periasamy, Satyajit Walwadkar  Abstract
Hybrid Laminate Structure for Minimizing Pad Cratering Chen Xu, Debbie Fleming, Rose Kopf, Pericles A. Kondos, Ph.D., Yunhu Lin  Abstract
Investigation of the Influence of Voids n the Reliability of Solder Joints by Finite Element Method Christian Schwarzer, Dennis Fuchs, Michael Kaloudis, Miriam Rauer, Ping Xu, Jörg Franke, Andreas Krügelstein  Abstract
Solder Paste Qualification Testing for EMS Production Chrys Shea and Raymond Lawrence  Abstract
SSD Quality in Enterprise Storage Application - Key Learning and E2E Approach Dave Verburg, Jung Yoon  Abstract
X-ray Inspection for PCBA – Challenges and New Developments David Geiger, Elbert Suen, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph.D., Weifeng Liu, Ph.D., Anwar Mohammed, Ph.D., Mike Doiron, Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D., Peter Chipman  Abstract
SMT Electrolytic Capacitor Solder Joint Criteria & Integrity Investigation David Hillman  Abstract
Localized Ion Chromatography Method Development and Validation David Lober, Mike Bixenman, DBA, James Peregrin, Mark McMeen, Jason Tynes, Anna Ailworth  Abstract
Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Failures – Recent Realities Dock Brown  Abstract
Impact of Test Vehicle on Process Development for Fine Pitch WLP-CSP Assembly Domingo Vazquez, Alfredo Garcia, Ricardo Macias, Surasak Sripanyavich, Joe Smetana, Richard Coyle Humberto Ramirez, Cristina Amador, Mulugeta Abtew, Iulia Muntele, Shane Lewis  Abstract
Evaluation of QFN Technology with Optically Inspectable Solder Connections Dwight Daniels, Andrew Mawer, Paul Galles and WH Chan  Abstract
Copper Pillar Plating Systems High Speed - Low Heat E.Walch, DJ., C.Rietmann, Ph.D., A.Angstenberger, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Necessity of Temperature Humidity Bias Testing with High Voltages = 1000 V Erik Biehl, Joachim Hink, Cindy Chak, Noel Jones, Sebastian Maass  Abstract
Rheology of Flux and Solder Paste Fan Gao, Ph.D., Yanrong Shi, Ph.D., Kyle Loomis, Bruno Tolla, Ph.D.  Abstract
Effects of Long-Term Aging on SnAgCu Solder Joints Reliability in Mechanical Cycling Fatigue Francy John Akkara, Sinan Su, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Ahmad Dawahdeh, Awni Qasaimeh, Ph.D.,John Evans, Ph.D., Sa’d Hamasha, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Mechanism of Nickel Corrosion in ENEPIG Deposits And How to Mitigate it George Milad, Jon Bengston, Don Gudeczauskas  Abstract
Flux Amount Control for Consistent Process Quality Gerjan Diepstraten  Abstract
X-ray Inspection Technology - An Application Driven Approach Glen Thomas, Ph.D., Bill Cardoso, Ph.D.  Abstract
Impact of Stencil Foil Type on Solder Paste Transfer Efficiency for Laser Cut SMT Stencils Greg Smith  Abstract
Inemi Project on Process Development of Bi-Sn-Based Low Temperature Solder Pastes Haley Fu, Raiyo Aspandiar, Jimmy Chen, Shunfeng Cheng, Qin Chen, Richard Coyle, Sophia Feng, Mark Krmpotich, Ronald C. Lasky, Scott Mokler, Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan, Morgana Ribas, Brook Sandy-Smith, Kok Kwan Tang, Greg Wu, Anny Zhang, Wilson Zhen  Abstract
Reliability Assessment of Die Attachment Materials for High Power Chip Package Design Hanxue Liu and Fei Xie  Abstract
Highly Reliable Package Bonding with Copper Sintering Paste Hideo Nakako, Dai Ishikawa, Chie Sugama, Yuki Kawana, Motohiro Negishi, Yoshinori Ejiri  Abstract
Automating Acoustic Microscopy for Process Control in the Fab and Back-End Jack Richtsmeier, Ben Liu & Steven R. Martell  Abstract
A Comparison of Localized Electronics Cleanliness Testing and Surface Insulation Resistance – Part 2 Jason Fullerton  Abstract
Counterfeit Electronic Components – the Threat and Risk Mitigation Methods Jason Jowers, MBA  Abstract
Solder Paste Jetting, an Integral Approach Jeff Leal, Gustaf Mårtensson, Nerijus Augustis  Abstract
Moisture Effects in Common Solderable RF Connector Dielectrics Part II: Characterization of Damage Threshold Moisture Level for Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Polymers Jeffrey Marcus Jennings  Abstract
Novel Solder Alloy with Wide Service Temperature Capability for Automotive Applications Jie Geng, Hongwen Zhang, Francis Mutuku, Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
How Creating a Stencil Process That Focuses in the Aperture Design Improves Cp and Cpk Values of Any Printer Process Jim Villalvazo  Abstract
Nano-Cu Sintering Paste for High Power Devices Die Attach Applications Jinjin Zhao, Min Yao, Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
The Impact of Final Plated Finishes on Insertion Loss for High Frequency PCBs John Coonrod  Abstract
Fracture Toughness of Thermally Conductive Adhesives John Timmerman, Ph.D., Maria Salamon  Abstract
R1 – A Reliability Comparison Study between 14 Lead Free Alloys Jörg Trodler, Heinz Wohlrabe  Abstract
Device Assembly Considerations for Integration of One-Step Chip Attach Materials in Conventional Reflow Processing Joseph Biggs, Hemal Bhavsar, Bruno Tolla, Ph.D.  Abstract
Alternative Strengthening Mechanisms for Lead-Free Solders Keith Sweatman, Takatoshi Nishimura, Wayne Ng, Michihiro Sato, Tetsuro Nishimura  Abstract
Silicone Pressure Testing: Thermal Expansion and Solvent Swelling Kent Larson  Abstract
Packages and Interconnects Under Harsh Environment Conditions Kirsten Weide-Zaage, Ph.D., Hélène Frémont, Verena Hein  Abstract
Embedded Power Electronic Modules Realized by PCB Embedding Lars Boettcher, S. Karaszkiewicz, Th. Löher, D. Manessis, A. Ostmann  Abstract
Rework of New High-Speed Press-Fit Connectors, Part II Lars Bruno  Abstract
Utilization of the Ipc B52 Test Board for Platform Release in the Automotive Industry Lothar Henneken, Ph.D., Pierre Eckold, Ph.D., Roman Fritsch  Abstract
Reliability Engineering: Education, Skills, Knowledge, Experience Manthos Economou, Jack Huang, Ph.D., Joe Hai, Ph.D.  Abstract
Innovatve Acid Copper Process for Simultaneously Filling Vias and Plating Through Holes Maria Nikolova, Ph.D., Confesol Rodriguez, Kesheng Feng, Ph.D., William Bowerman, Jim Watkowski  Abstract
Industry 4.0 and the Cognitive Transformation of Electronics Manufacturing Marie Cole, Caitlin Stuckey, Anne-Marie Sweetland, Matt Kelly, Vijay Sankaran, Jayapreetha Natesan, Mike Whitney, Tom Ward  Abstract
Cleanliness Process Control an Innovative Approach to a Complex Problem Mark McMeen, Collin Langley, Jonnie Johnson, Mike Bixenman, DBA, David Lober  Abstract
PCBA Component Cleanliness Specifications Limits are Lacking Mark Northrup, Joe Russeau, Don Tyler, Timothy A. Estes  Abstract
Stencil Printing Techniques for Challenging Heterogeneous Assembly Applications: Parts 1 & 2 Mark Whitmore, Jeff Schake  Abstract
Achieving a Successful ENIG Finished PCB Under Revision a Of IPC 4552 Macdermid Enthone Martin Bunce, Lenora Clark, John Swanson  Abstract
Particle Impact Dampers Mitigate Random Vibration Fatigue in Printed Circuit Boards Martin Hart, Ron Hunt  Abstract
1000 Days of Testing Tin Whiskering PCB Assemblies to Determine the Suitability of Conformal Coatings to Mitigate Against Shorting Martin Wickham, Adam Lewis, Kate Clayton  Abstract
High Reliability and High Temperature Application Solution – Solder Joint Encapsulant Paste Mary Liu, Ph.D., Wusheng Yin, Ph.D.  Abstract
Possibilities and Limits of Bismuth Solders Mathias Nowottnick, Andrej Novikov, Joerg Trodler  Abstract
Design For Excellence: Inductor Form, Fit, Function Equivalence & New Design Rules Matt Kelly, Mitch Ferrill, Mark Jeanson, Jesus Montanez, Timothy Jennings  Abstract
Fatigue Life Prediction Model for LEDs On Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs) with Pb-Free Solder Alloys Maxim Serebreni, Nathan Blattau, Craig Hillman, Ravi Bhatkal, Gyan Dutt, Ranjit Pandher  Abstract
New Pb-Free Solder Alloy for Demanding Applications Mehran Maalekian, Ph.D., Karl Seelig  Abstract
The Importance of Stencil Tension for High-Yield SMT Printing Michael Burgess, Laszlo Gyalog  Abstract
SMT Wars Lesson Learned from an Electronic Contract Manufacturer and the Customer Who Sued Them Michael Konrad  Abstract
Thermal Cycle Reliability Assessmen of Bowed PCB Assemblies Michael Meilunas, Lars Bruno and Bo Eriksson  Abstract
SMT Profiling: Does it Represent Product Reflow Exposure? Mitch Ferrill, Matt Kelly, Alec Chen, Sandy Mo  Abstract
Effect of Processing Variables on the Mechanical Reliability of Free Solder Joints Mohammed Genanu, Babak Arfaei, James Wilcox , Eric Perfecto, Eric J.Cotts  Abstract
Effect of Process Thermal History on the Microstructure of Copper Pillar Sn-Ag Solder Joints Mohammed Genanu, Jim Wilcox, Eric Cotts, Jae Joon Choi, Ki Seok Kim  Abstract
Low Temperature Soldering Using Sn-Bi Alloys Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., Anil Kumar, Divya Kosuri, Raghu R. Rangaraju, Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D., Suresh Telu, Ph.D., Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Effect of Voids on Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Solder Joints Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., Siuli Sarkar, Ph.D., Carl Bilgrien, Ph.D., Tom Hunsinger  Abstract
Comparing Shadow Moiré and Digital Fringe Projection Warpage Metrology Techniques Neil Hubble and Leon Weaver  Abstract
High Performance Electronic Interconnect Materials Characterization - Techniques & Challenges Nicholas Herrick, Amit Patel, Gyan Dutt and Ranjit Pandher  Abstract
Laser Exfoliation Removal of Conformal Coatings from CCA PCB Pad Surfaces Norman J. Armendariz, Ph.D., Cristian Porneala, Ph.D.  Abstract
Fine Line through Hole Copper Filling in VCP for Next Generation Packaging Olivier Mann, Ph.D., Henning Hübner, Angelo Ferro  Abstract
Automated Conformal Coating Inspection & Thickness Measurement Owen Sit, Hector L. Fonseca  Abstract
Thermal Cycling – It Doesn’t Have to be a Waste of Time and Money P. Borgesen, J. Jiang, R. Sivasubramony, L. E. Alvarez, T. Alghoul, and C. Greene, L. Wentlent, M. Meilunas  Abstract
Contact Interconnect Challenge and Resolution The Ddr4 Dual-Contact Methodology, Component and Board Level Reliability Paul Wang, Ph.D., David He, Rocky Wang, Alien Jiang, DF Chung, Shigeyuki Takizawa, Fred Ge, Orson Wang, Fred Ye, Park Liang, KG Tan  Abstract
No-Clean Flux: A Potential Ionic Contaminant Phil Isaacs, Terry Munson  Abstract
Round Robin Testing of Creep Corrosion Dependence on Relative Humidity Prabjit Singh, Larry Palmer, Haley Fu, Dem Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Karlos Guo, Jane Li, Simon Lee and Geoffrey Tong, Chen Xu  Abstract
X-ray Micro Computed Tomography Based Fe Models for Potted Fuze Electronics Assemblies Pradeep Lall, Nakul Kothari, John Deep, Jason Foley, Ryan Lowe  Abstract
Role of EMC Formulation and Operating Current on The Survivability of Cu-Al Wirebonds Operating in Extreme Environments Pradeep Lall, Shantanu Deshpande, Yihua Luo, Luu Nguyen  Abstract
Failure Analysis of Small Form Factor Devices Priyanka Dobriyal, Lauren Cummings, Chet Lee  Abstract
Reliability of CGA/PGA Assemblies Under Harsh Thermal Cycles R. Ghaffarian, A. Choubey, T. Goodsall  Abstract
Modern Multi-Material – 3D - Manufacturing with Separate Toner Layer Structure Production and Component Assembly Ralf-Kilian Zäh, Benedikt Mosbach, Jan Hollwich, Benedikt Faupel, Ph.D  Abstract
Assembly Reliability of FPBG/FCBGA on HASL/ENEPIG Reza Ghaffarian, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Effect of Vacuum Reflow Processing on Solder Joint Voiding and Thermal Fatigue Reliability Richard Coyle, Dave Hillman, Michael Barnes, David Heller, Charmaine Johnson, Richard Popowich, Richard Parker, Keith Howell, Joerg Trodle, Adam Murling  Abstract
The Effect of Die Size on the Thermal Fatigue Reliability and Failure Mode of a Chip Array BGA Richard Coyle, Jim Wilcox, Peter McClure, Michael Meilunas, Richard Popowich, Charmaine Johnson  Abstract
Thermal Cycle Reliability of a Low Silver Ball Grid Array Assembled with Tin Bismuth Solder Paste Richard Coyle, Raiyo Aspandiar, Michael Osterman, Charmaine Johnson, Richard Popowich, Richard Parker, Dave Hillman  Abstract
The Impact of Deposition Thickness on High Speed Shear Test Results Specifically Related to Electroless Palladium and Semi Autocatalytic Gold Rick Nichols, BSc (HONS), Sandra Heinemann, MSc  Abstract
Reliability; Right Sizing for Your Business Rita Mohanty, Ph.D.  Abstract
Investigation of the Factors Influencing the Performance of Low Temperature Solder Rohit Valooran, Martin Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
RoHS: How Has it Gone Eleven Years Later Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D, PE, Christopher Nash, W. James Hall, Phil Zarrow  Abstract
Continued Advances in the Research of a Cu-Ni/Sn High Temperature Pb-Free Composite Solder Paste S.M. Choquette, I.E. Anderson  Abstract
Micro-Dispensed 50 Micron Solder Dots from Type VII Solder Sam LeBlanc, Joseph Conenna, Brandon Dickerson, Ken Church  Abstract
Novel Mid-Temperature Alloy for Enabling Solder Processing Temperature Hierarchy in SMT Assembly Sathish Kumar, Nicholas Herrick, Ranjit Pandher, Morgana Ribas, Amit Patel, Gyan Dutt, Ravi Bhatkal  Abstract
Reliability of Doped Ball Grid Array Components in Thermal Cycling After Long-Term Isothermal Aging Seth Gordon, Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Thomas Sanders Ph.D., Anto Raj, Sharath Sridhar, John Evans Ph.D., Wayne Johnson PhD, Sa’d Hamasha. Ph.D.  Abstract
Reliability Study of Doped Lead Free Solder Paste Alloys by Thermal Cycling Testing Sharath Sridhar, Anto Raj, John Evans, Ph.D., Michael Bozack, Ph.D., Wayne Johnson, Ph.D., Sa’d Hamasha, Ph.D.  Abstract
Lead-Free Solder Paste Development for Ultra Fine-Pitch Printing And Reflow of 03015 and 0201 Metric Chip Components Takeshi Shirai, Masashige Hayakawa, Shantanu Joshi, Roberto Garcia  Abstract
Revealing the Material Dimension: Multi-Absorption Plate Technology Applied to Single-Exposure Radiography Tamzin Lafford Ph.D., Paul Scott Ph.D., Oscar Bates, Ben Lopez, Adam Ratcliffe, Richard McWilliam Ph.D., Adam Hirst, Jordan Hall  Abstract
Characteristics of New Electroless Au/Pd/Au Process For Fine Line Application Tetsuya Sasamura, Ph.D., Tatsushi Someya, Eriko Furuya, Katsuhisa Tanabe, Shigeo Hashimoto  Abstract
Enablng an Intelligent Supply Chain for Electronics Manufacturing Thilo Sack, Alex Chen, James Huang, Sam Khoo  Abstract
Digital Speckle Correlation with HDI PCB Failure Mode Thilo Sack, Hua Lu, Laurence Schultz  Abstract
Fill The Void III Tony Lentz  Abstract
Low Temperature Solder Paste Process Advantages Traian C. Cucu, Ph.D., Ioan Plotog, Ph.D., Mihai Branzei, Ph.D.  Abstract
PCB Surface Finishes & the Cleaning Process – A Compatibility Study Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E., Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Ch.E.  Abstract
Novel Copper Paste for Low-Temperature Metallization Process Urashima Kosuke, Noudou Takaaki, Yonekura Motoki, Akebi Ryuji, Yanaka Yuichi, Ejiri Yoshinori  Abstract
Void Reduction in Reflow Soldering Processes by Sweep Stimulation of PCB Substrate – Influence Of Eigenmodes Viktoria Rawinski  Abstract
Mitigation Strategies to Enhance Product-Level BGA Shock Performance for Various Heat Sink Attachment Methodologies Weidong Xie, Cherif Guirguis, Mudasir Ahmad, Jianghai Gu  Abstract
Comprehensive Study of Various Short Failures on Printed Circuited Board Xiao He, Baojun Qiu, Daojun Luo  Abstract
Solder Ball Joint Reliability with Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating -Influence of Phosphorus Content and Thickness of Electroless Pd Plating Film Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Abstract
Practical Application and Analysis of Lead-Free Solder for Hearing Aids Youngtak Lee, Doug Link  Abstract
How Your Factory will Become Smart with CIM and IoT Zac Elliott  Abstract
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