Pan Pacific Symposium 2017 Proceedings

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Investigating Test Methods For Electrochemical Consistency In PCB Assembly Processes Brook Sandy-Smith  Abstract
Conformal Coatings And Their Impact On QFN Reliability C Yin, S Stoyanov, C Bailey and P Stewart, S McCallum  Abstract
Impact Of Wide Band Gap Devices On Power Electronics Packaging Designs C. Bailey, P. Rajaguru, H. Lu  Abstract
AXI Inspection Study With Heavily Shielded Press-Fit Connectors (IMPEL) Chin Weng Tan, Yoke Hong Tan, Alvinkw Leong, Sreedharan Kelappen Kanaran, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph. D., David Geiger, Patrick Tan, YK Chan, Jim Lin and KT Tan  Abstract
Temporary Wafer Bonding-Key Technology For Mems Devices Dirk Wuensch¹, Lina Purwin¹, Lars Büttner¹, Ronny Martinka¹, Ina Schubert¹, Romy Junghans¹, Mario Baum¹, Maik Wiemer¹, Thomas Otto¹,²  Abstract
A Fast Pneumatic Droplet Generator For The Ejection of Molten Aluminum Dominik Rumschoettel, Benjamin Griebel, Franz Irlinger and Tim C. Lueth  Abstract
“Shift-Left”: Rapid Electronics Design With Advanced Tools And Optimized Workflow Dwight Howard  Abstract
Intelligent Manufacturing Automation Horatio Quinones, Ph.D. and Yang Yong  Abstract
NASA-DOD Phase 3 Consortium Testing Plan For Alternate Alloys For Use On High-Reliability Products Jeff Kennedy and David Hilman  Abstract
Introduction to Halt-Making Your Product Robust John Cooper, CRE, PE  Abstract
An Overview of Reliability John Cooper, CRE, PE  Abstract
One Approach How To Reduce Data Transferring Kanji Otsuka Ph. D., Yoichi Sato, Fumiaki Fujii  Abstract
Computer Tomography From Microelectronics To Assembled Products Keith Bryant and Ragnar Vaga  Abstract
COTS- Radiation Effects Approaches And Considerations Kirsten Weide-Zaage, Ph.D., Philemon Eichin, Chen Chen, Yupeng Zhao, Lifan Zhao  Abstract
Laser Releasable Temporary Bond/DE-Bond Materials For Next 3D Packages Koichi Hasegawa, Ph.D., Takashi Mori, Hikaru Mizuno, Hiroyuki Ishii, Yooichiroh Maruyama, Ph.D., and Kenzo Ohkita, Ph.D.  Abstract
Fabric-Based Fine Pitch Interconnect Technology Using Anisotropic Conductive Films(ACFs) Kyung W. Paik  Abstract
Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) For Fine-Pitch Bonding In 3D And 2.5D Integrated Circuits Liang Wang *, Gill Fountain, Bongsub Lee, Guilian Gao, Cyprian Uzoh, Scott McGrath, Paul Enquist, Sitaram Arkalgud and Laura Mirkarimi  Abstract
Smart Tags That Are Exactly Reliable Enough Maaike M. Visser Taklo, Ph.D., Branson D. Belle, Daniel Nilsen Wright, Astrid-Sofie B. Vardøy, Alexandre Garcia and Torbjörn Eriksson, Olle Hagel, Magnus Danestig  Abstract
Implantable Hemodynamic Controlling System With A Highly Miniaturized Two Axis Acceleration Sensor Mario Baum¹, Dirk Wuensch¹, Karla Hiller², Roman Forke¹, Tim Schroeder¹, Sebastian Weidlich², Susann Hahn², Danny Reuter², Maik Wiemer¹, Jens Weidenmueller³, Oezgue Dogan³ Michael Goertz³, Thomas Otto¹,²  Abstract
Fostering Innovation In Digital Health A New Ecosystem Matthew K. Hudes  Abstract
Reliable Micro-Electronic Assembly Process Design Test Methods - A Non-Standard Approach Mike Bixenman, DBA and Mark McMeen, Jason Tynes  Abstract
Effect of Leadership Style On Organizational Commitment Olayide Abosede Aina, MBA, DM and Kewal K. Verma, Ph.D.  Abstract
Nanoscale Profile Copper For High Speed Transmission Printed Wiring Boards Osamu Suzuki  Abstract
Volumetric Characterization of Reservoir Printing In Deep Cavities Phani Vallabhajosyula, Ph.D., William Coleman, Ph.D., Karl Pfluke and Mark Reece, Brook Sandy-Smith  Abstract
Comparison of Ionic Contamination Test Methods To Determine Their Ability To Reliably Predict Performance Risks Phil Isaacs, Jennifer Porto, Dave Braun and Terry Munson  Abstract
Process Considerations For Lead Free Assemblies Phil Isaacs, Kar Lin Chia, Huat Ing Poh2 & Tom Truman  Abstract
Influence Of Intermetallic Thickness And Elastic Modulus On Passivation Thermal Stress Raj Sekar Sethu and How Ung Ha, Ph.D. and Kok Heng Soon, Ph.D.  Abstract
Thermal Cycling Testing To Failure Of A Ceramic Column Grid Array¹ Package For Space Applications² Rajeshuni Ramesham, Ph.D.  Abstract
Future of Embedding And Fan-Out Technologies Rao Tummala, Ph.D; Venky Sundaram, Ph.D; Pulugurtha M. Raj, Ph.D; Vanessa Smet, Ph.D.  Abstract
Board Level Reliability of BGA Multichip Modules Robert Darveaux and Bhuvaneshwaran Vijayakumar  Abstract
3D IPD On Thru Glass Via Substrate Using Panel Manufacturing Technology For RF Applications Satoru Kuramochi1 and Hobie Yun2  Abstract
Defining A Quality View Selim S. Nahas  Abstract
Industry Trends In Photonics Packaging: Passive Fiber and Die Coupling Shalomin Thomas, Keyla Y. Bastardo, and Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
Mixed-Signal Glass Module For IOT Applications Srikrishna Sitaraman¹, Tony Contreras¹, Ray Kahidi¹, Ganesh Bhatt², Terry Bowen³ and Mohammad Ahmed²  Abstract
Reliability Improvement Of Cu-Wire Bonded Lead Frame Package For Automotive Applications Tatsunori Saruwatari, Toru Takahashi, Akinori Ono, Yuichi Asano, Toshihiro Iwasaki, Mitsuru Ooida, Yoichi Hiruta  Abstract
Additive Metallization of Injection Molded Ceramic Components By a Plasma-Coating Process Thomas Braun¹, Sandra Greiner², Antonia Diepgen¹, Kerry Schröppel¹, Dietmar Drummer², Jörg Franke¹  Abstract
Scalable Packaging Platform Suppporting High-Performance 3D Chip Stacks Thomas Brunschwiler¹, Gerd Schlottig¹, Arvind Sridhar¹, Antonio La Porta¹, Ozgur Ozsun¹, Jonas Zürcher¹, Rahel Strässle¹, Luca Del Carro¹ and Pedro A. M. Bezerra²  Abstract
Influences On Crack Initiation In Conductor Tracks On Three-Dimensional Thermoplastic Substrates Thomas Kuhn and Jörg Franke  Abstract
Wafer-level Fabricated High-Performance Micro/Nano Gas Sensor Tie Li, Ph.D., Lei Xu, Ph.D., Le Luo, Ph.D., and Yuelin Wang, Ph.D.  Abstract
Reinforced Solder Preforms For High-Reliability And Low Voiding Tim Jensen, Sunny Neoh, and Adam Murling  Abstract
Void Reduction In Reflow Soldering Processes By Sweep Stimulation of PCB Substrate-Influence of Solder Paste Viktoria Rawinski  Abstract
Atomic Level INP/SI Wafer-Scale Direct Bonding In Low Temperature Xuan Xiong Zhang  Abstract
High-Density Via Fabrication Technology Solution For Heterogeneous Integration Yasuhiro Morikawa, Takahide Murayama, Toshiyuki Sakuishi, Muneyuki Sato and Akiyoshi Suzuki  Abstract
Solder Ball Joint Reliability With Electronics NI/PD/AU Plating-Influence Of Electroless PD Deposition Reaction Process And Electroless PD Film Thickness Yoshinori Ejiri, Kunihiko Akai, Yasushi Sugimoto, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Abstract
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