Medical Electronics Symposium 2015 Proceedings

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A Platform Development Strategy for Implantable Neuro-stimulator Devices Andrew Kelly  Abstract
Medical & healthcare: What are the Opportunities for MEMS and Sensors? Benjamin Roussel  Abstract
Medical Devices - The Nexus of Responsibilities Between Device Manufacturers and Hospitals Chana O'Leary  Abstract
Implementing New Technology in Audible Alarms to Decrease Size, Decrease Power, and Increase Functionality Daniel O'Brien  Abstract
Development of a Catheter: A Case Study in Material Selection, Design and Process Development for a High Yield and Reliable Medical Device David Vicari  Abstract
Development of a Sensor System to Measure Lumbar Spinal Fusion Deborah Munro, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Return of the Red Retardant Dock Brown, CRE  Abstract
Advancing of Neuromodulation Through the Development of Advanced Research Tools Erik Scott  Abstract
Cost, Size and Energy Efficiency Through 3D Silicon Integration Guillaume Raimbault  Abstract
Laser Depaneling Technology for Medical Device Manufacturing Jack Gilchrist  Abstract
Wearable Flexible Hybrid Electronics ECG Monitor James N. Turner, Ph.D.  Abstract
Transitioning Mobile Functionality and Packaging to Medical Devices Jan Vardaman  Abstract
Making the Right Choice: Manufacturing Medical MEMS and Sensors Jessica L. Gomez  Abstract
Electronic Assemblies & Devices for the Medical Industry: Cleaning & Material Compatibility Challenges Jigar Patel, M.S.  Abstract
Soft Electronics For The Human Body John A. Rogers, Ph.D.  Abstract
Automation of Flex Substrate Electronics Final Assembly: Mechanized Origami John Roos, Drew Elliott  Abstract
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Targets, Technology and Trials: Two Decades of Progress Kim Burchiel, M.D.  Abstract
How are Medical Device Companies Complying with Eco-Compliance Legislation Around the Globe? Krista Crotty  Abstract
Tantalum Capacitors: Commercial Versus Medical Marc Beaulieu  Abstract
Substrate Technology Enabling the Next Generation Implantable Devices Marc Hauer, Ph.D.  Abstract
Functionalization of Printed Circuit Boards Through Integration of Electronic Modules Marco Gavignin, Ph.D.  Abstract
vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy: Pioneering Micro-electroceutical Treatment of Metabolic Disease Mark Knudson  Abstract
Medical Electronic Hardware Cleanliness ~ How Clean is Clean Enough? Mike Bixenman, DBA  Abstract
Considerations When Using Low Loss RF Tuning Capacitors in Medical Device Telemetry Systems Patrick Gormally  Abstract
Supply Chain Management for Medical Electronics: Synergy of Business, Technical, and Quality for Risk Mitigation Quinn Krekorian  Abstract
Miniaturization for Implants and Other Medical Products Employing Ultra-Fine Pitch Flip Chip Technology Rainer Dohle, Ph.D.  Abstract
Retinal Prosthesis Robert Greenberg, Ph.D.  Abstract
Heterogeneous Integration of Isotachophoresis on a Bioflexible Electronic Device Sarkis Babikian  Abstract
Is Your Medical Device Protected in the Field? Technical Measures to Protect Your IP and the Consumer Srinivasan Jagannathan  Abstract
Capability Enhancement in SMT Defect Mitigation and AOI Driven Defect Detection on a Medical Electronics SMT Line Stephanie Gomez, Christine Braun  Abstract
QFN & QFN Modules with Integrated Inductors and Antennae Terence Collier  Abstract
Integrated Collaborative Design Optimization of Molecular Diagnostic Analytical Instrumentation System Thomas Ray, Dale Lee  Abstract
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