South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2015 Proceedings

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Package-On-Package (PoP) Solder Short FA Technique Afaq Ahmed, B.E., MBA, Mohammad Nizam Othman, Fazli Haidir  Abstract
Enabling the Use of PET Flexible Substrates for LED Lighting Applications Amit Patel, Rahul Raut, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Ramazan Soydan, Westin Bent and Ravi Bhatkal, Ph.D., Brent Sweitzer, James Toonen, Bob Hanson  Abstract
Chemical Influences on the Reliability of Complex Assemblies Bruno Tolla, Ph.D., Yanrong Shi, Xiang Wei, Hemal Bhasvar  Abstract
Effects of Flux Residues on Thermal Shock Performance of Conformal Coatings Carolyn Taylor, Phil Kinner  Abstract
Cool Substrate for 2.5D Packages Charles Lin, Ph.D., Nick Wang, Jerry Tan  Abstract
Multi-Array PCB Traceability System Christoph Wimmer  Abstract
Laser Singulation of FR-4 and Metal Substrates D Suneail, Tan Chi Wai & Allen Duck  Abstract
Reliability Assessment of No-Clean and Water-Soluble Solder Pastes Part I Emmanuelle Guéné, Steven Teh  Abstract
Innovative Nanocoatings for High Volume Conformal Coating of Electronics Eva Rogge, MSc and Filip Legein, MSc, MBA  Abstract
Key To Building Solar Panel Efficiently and Effectively John Almiranez  Abstract
A Novel Solution for Circuit Board Protection Kevin Tan and Casey Ng  Abstract
Guidelines for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) of UTAC Group's Grid Array Package (GQFN) and Its Board Level Reliability Kyaw Ko Lwin, Daniel Ting Lee Teh, Carolyn Epino Tubillo, Jun Dimaano, Ang Choon Ghee, Nathapong Suthiwongsunthorn, Saravuth Sirinorakul  Abstract
The Development of a 0.3mm Pitch CSP Assembly Process Part 1: Stencil Printing Considerations Mark Whitmore, Jeff Schake  Abstract
Electronic Cleaning Fluid Adancements Mike Bixenman, DBA, Haley Jones, Chelsea Jewell, Jason Chan and T.C. Loy  Abstract
Real Time Control of Multi-Phase Electronic Assembly Cleaning Agents Ram Wissel, Mike Bixenman, DBA, Jason Chan & T.C. Loy  Abstract
Low Porosity Pressureless Sintering of Nano-Ag Paste for Die Attach Sihai Chen, Guangyu Fan, Xue Yan, Chris LaBarbera, Lee Kresge, and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Ultralow Residue (ULR) Semiconductor Grade Fluxes for Copper Pillar Flip-Chip SzePei Lim, Jason Chou, Maria Durham, Dr. Hyoryoon Jo, and Dr. Andy Mackie  Abstract
SMT Soldering with Low Temperature Solder Paste Tang Kok Kwan, Raiyo F. Aspandiar, Scott Mokler, Olivia Chen, Art Jiang  Abstract
Addressing High Precision Automated Optical Inspection Challenges with Unique 3D Technology Solution Todd Liberty, P.E., Tim Skunes  Abstract
Maintaining OSP Coating Integrity During the Cleaning Process Umut Tosun, M.S.Chem.Eng., Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Chem.Eng., Michael McCutchen, M.S.Chem.  Abstract
Improving System Quality Through Quality Data Analytics Wen Wei Low, Yvonne Yeo Chii  Abstract
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