International Conference on Soldering & Reliability 2015 Proceedings

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Crack Paths and Fracture Loads of BGA Solder Joints under Bending as a Function of Strain Rate and Mode Ratio Amir Nourani, Saeed Akbari and Jan K. Spelt  Abstract
Enabling the Use of PET Flexible Substrates for LED Lighting Applications Amit Patel, Rahul Raut, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Ramazan Soydan, Westin Bent, Ravi Bhatkal, Ph.D., Brent Sweitzer, James Toonen, and Bob Hanson  Abstract
The Effects of Bi and Aging on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sn-Rich Alloys André Delhaise, Doug Perovic, and Polina Snugovsky, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Use of Graphene to Replace Silver in Electricaly Conductive Adhesives - A Study on Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties Behnam Meschi Amoli, Ph.D.; Josh Trinidad; Norman Y. Zhou, Ph.D.; Boxin Zhao, Ph.D.; Alex Chen; John Persic, Ph.D.; Robert Lyn, Ph.D.  Abstract
IPC-CC-830B vs The Real World: Part 3. Factors Influencing the Tendency for A Conformal Coating to Crack During Thermal Shock Cycling Carolyn Taylor, Emma Mangham, and Phil Kinner  Abstract
BGA Solder Joint Integrity: A Case Study Dave Hillman and Ross Wilcoxon  Abstract
Microstructural Evaluation of Low and No-Ag, Bi-Containing Pb-Free Solders Eva Kosiba, Polina Snugovsky, Doug Perovic  Abstract
Verification of Cleaning under Leadless Components Flavius Dehel and Ishrat Hasan  Abstract
Reliability Threats Fine Pitch Through Hole Soldering Gerjan Diepstraten  Abstract
Case Study - Head in Pillow Defect on a Plastic Ball Grid Array Henry Rekers, P. Eng.  Abstract
The Development of a 0.3mm Pitch CSP Assembly Process Part 1: Stencil Printing Considerations Jeff Schake and Mark Whitmore  Abstract
Solder- Is It The Right Choice For Reliable Electronics Assembly? Joseph Fjelstad  Abstract
Characterizing Airplane Environments in Commercial Airplanes Using On-Board Test Vehicles to Evaluate State-Of-The-Art Lead-Free Alloys Joseph M Juarez, Jr, Ph.D.; Connie M Borror, Ph.D.; David Redman, Ph.D.  Abstract
Development of Polyurethane-Based Conformal Coatings for Pb-Free Electronics Junghyun Cho, Stephan J. Meschter, and Suraj Maganty  Abstract
Estimating the Lifetime of Electrolytic Capacitors M. Simard-Normandin and C. Banks  Abstract
Comparing Mechanical and Soldering Properties of Castin™, Babbitt and Alternative Lead-Free Alloys Mehran Maalekian, Yuan Xu, Amir Hossein Nobari, Karl Seelig  Abstract
Solder Pastes and Their Marine Pollutant Hazards Michel Hachey, Ph.D.  Abstract
How Clean Is Clean Enough to Achieve Reliable Electronic Hardware? Mike Bixenman, DBA, David Lober, Mark McMeen and Jason Tynes  Abstract
Preventing Head in Pillow Defects in Area Array Components Nandu Ranadive, Wai Mon Ma, and Daniel Buschel  Abstract
Comparison of the Mechanical Shock/Drop Reliability of Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA) Solder Joints Formed by Soldering with Low Temperature BiSn-Based Resin Reinforced Solder Pastes Olivia H Chen, Kevin Byrd, Scott Mokler, Kok Kwan Tang, and Raiyo Aspandiar  Abstract
Investigation of Field Failures of Power Systems: A Different Whisker Story Peter Arrowsmith  Abstract
Investigations on Magnetic Ni-SAC305 Solder Material System for Inductive Melt Applications R Gopala Krishan, Xu Ke, S. Arun Kumar, Eng Soon Tok, G. Yaadhav Raaj, and G Srayes  Abstract
Effect of Viscosity and Fillet Size of Board-Level Underfills on Reliability of BGA Assemblies Saeed Akbari, Amir Nourani, Jan K. Spelt  Abstract
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Tin Whisker Testing and Modeling: Long Term Low Temperature High Humidity Testing Stephan Meschter, Evan Ekstrom, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, Zohreh Bagheri, and Eva Kosiba  Abstract
Stencils for Mixed Flip Chip / SMT Assembly Susan Holmes and William Coleman  Abstract
The Performance of Solid Solution Strengthened No Silver Lead Free Solder Takatoshi Nishimura, Mu Dekui, Shuhei Sawada, Keith Sweatman, Keith Howell, Guang Zeng, Kazuhiro Nogita  Abstract
Application of Novel Dopamine-Polypyrrole Nanofibers for Electrically Conductive Adhesives Wei Zhang, Behnam Meschi Amoli, Jeffrey d'Eon, Boxin Zhao, Alex Chen  Abstract
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