Medical Electronics Symposium 2014 Proceedings

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Midfield Wireless Energy Transfer Ada Poon  Abstract
Why Testing Matters - How Test Strategy Decisions Impact the Reliability and Cost of Manufacturing Medical PCBs Alan Albee  Abstract
All About MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Devices Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.  Abstract
Miniature Implantable Medical Devices for Commercial Applications Andrew Kelly  Abstract
Advanced Analytics for Zero Defects in Medical Electronics Anil Gandhi  Abstract
Next Generation, Highly Flexible, Tissue Friendly Neural Interface Electrodes Bill Carroll  Abstract
The Growing Role of More-than-Moore Technologies in Medical Devices Brian Mattis  Abstract
Medical Electronics Panel Discussion Chuck Richardson  Abstract
Noble Metal PCB Manufacturing for Direct Implants Daniel Schulze  Abstract
Ion Chromatography in Medical Device Manufacturing Delancy Albers  Abstract
Component Specifications for Medical Products Diganta Das  Abstract
The Astute Use of Commercial Off The Shelf Components Dock Brown  Abstract
Wearable Electronic Medical Devices: What Fails & Why? Dock Brown and Cheryl Tulkoff  Abstract
Application of The Second Generation of SACM in Both Solder Sphere and Solder Paste Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Kirkendall Voiding in 2.5/3D Assembly Microjoints F. Batieha, F. Feyissa, S. Hamasha, S. Shirazi, L. Wentlent, P. Ogutu, N. Dimitrov, E. Fey, and P. Borgesen  Abstract
Carbon Nanofiber Nanoelectrodes Arrays for Neural Implant Devices Jessica E. Koehne  Abstract
Qualification Methods for Portable Devices John C. McNulty  Abstract
Assessment of Reliability Standards and Test Methods for Implantable Medical Electronic Devices John C. McNulty  Abstract
Microstructure and Reliability Studies of Mixed SnPb and Pb-free BGA Soldering Ken Kramer, PhD  Abstract
Design and Manufacturing of Wearable Human Performance Monitors Flexible and Printed Electronic Materials and Devices Mark D. Poliks, Ph.D.  Abstract
Medical Electronics Digital Factory Matt Williams  Abstract
Silicon-based Vulnerabilities in a Carbon-based World - The Age of the Digital Pathogen Mike Ahmadi  Abstract
Design Rules for Cleaning Medical Electronics in a Batch Aqueous Cleaning Tool Mike Bixenman, Dale Lee, Bill Vuono, Steve Stach  Abstract
Ensuring Quality Medical Devices Meet Regulatory Scrutiny In The Face Of Industry Cost Pressure Mike Tendick  Abstract
Energy-Efficient Microsystems for Wearable Health Patrick Yin Chiang  Abstract
Mastering a Moving Target Peter Robinson  Abstract
MEMS for Medical Applications Ramesh Ramadoss, PhD  Abstract
Reproduction & CMOS - A Wearable Tech Company's Adventure from Product Conception to Delivery Reid Wender  Abstract
Improving the Human Condition with Advanced Packaging and Microelectronic Solutions Rex Anderson, Ph.D.  Abstract
Design of a Miniaturized Neurostimulator Based on Anatomical Placement and Imaging Constraints Ryan Powell  Abstract
Connecting the Human Nervous System to Machines Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D.  Abstract
Three-Dimensional Circuit Boards for New Products - LDS Technology for Medical Devices Stephan Krause  Abstract
Clones! The final Frontier of the Component Counterfeiter..?? Tom Sharpe  Abstract
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