SMTA-IPC High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference 2014 Proceedings

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Substrate preparation prior to plasma deposition of thin film polymers for conformal coating applications in electronics industry Abe Ghanbari, Ph.D.  Abstract
Parylene Process Optimization and Other Vacuum Deposited Coatings Amanda Rickman  Abstract
Behavior of Conformal Coatings in Sulfur Vapor-Bearing Environments Barry Hindin  Abstract
Evaluation of Assembly Aid Cleanliness Carlyn A. Smith, Ph.D.  Abstract
Impact of Foreign Objects and Debris on Conformal Coating Insulation Resistance and Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (The Schmutz Project) Charmaine Johnson and Doug Pauls  Abstract
Design Rules That Reduce Flux Pooling Under Component Terminations Dale Lee  Abstract
Conformal Coating Material & Application State of the Industry Assessment Program Dave Hillman and Tina Berthiaume  Abstract
IPC Conformal Coating Material & Application State of the Industry Assessment Project Dave Hillman, Tina Berthiaume  Abstract
In-line Aqueous Cleaning System Wash Sump Solution Life Extension David Adams  Abstract
The Conformal Coat Impact on Solder Joint Performance Denis Barbini  Abstract
Does the Industry Need Standard Bare Board Cleanliness Requirements? Don Dupriest  Abstract
Electronic Components & Materials Compatibility Eddie Hofer  Abstract
The Risk of No-Clean Flux not Fully Dried under Component Terminations Fen Chen and Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee  Abstract
Innovative Nanocoatings for High Volume Conformal Coating of Electronics Filip Legein, MSc, MBA  Abstract
Impact of Process Control in Pb-free to SnPb Reballing Techniques - Part II: Contamination and Cleaning Joelle Arnold  Abstract
Hydrophobic Coatings to Protect Electronics and Other Substrates Kailey Bradt  Abstract
Minimum Electrical Spacing for No-Clean Flux residue vs. Cleaned Boards Mike Bixenman  Abstract
IPC-CC-830B Vs The real world: A quantitative comparison of the ability of CC-830B to predict the ability of a conformal coating to successfully protect a test assembly during thermal shock and salt-mist testing Phil Kinner  Abstract
A High Temperature Vapor Phase Conformal Coating for Electronics Applications Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Research on a method for real time values for wash concentration and soil levels in aqueous cleaning processes Ram Wissel  Abstract
Monitoring, Storing, and Logging Critical Wash Parameters Real Time Scott Nelson  Abstract
Protecting Electronics from the Deleterious Effects of Liquids and Other Contaminants at the Molecular Level Sean Clancy, Ph.D.  Abstract
Challenges and Solutions for the Effective Removal of OA Flux Residues Umut Tosun, M.S.Chem.Eng.  Abstract
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