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The Optimization of MEMS through the Development of Generic Manufacturing Platforms A. Rouzaud, JP. Polizzi, Ph. Robert, J. Arcamone  Abstract
Size Does Matter - Breaking The Barriers of Wafer Level Packaging Adi Merschon, Michael Yingling  Abstract
High Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscopy for the Development of Wafer Level Packaging and 3D IC Integration Allen Gu, Ph.D., Raleigh Estrada, Bruce Johnson, Gabe Guevara  Abstract
Thermal Resistant Thin Wafer Support Technology for 3DIC Alman Law, Jared Pettit, Alex Brewer, and John Moore  Abstract
Interposer Based Wide IO Processor Integration Andy Heinig, Robert Fischbach, and Michael Dittrich  Abstract
Unique Polymer Coating Process for Improving Performance and Reliability of 3D Wafer Level Packaging Antun Peic, Ph.D., Felix Massa, Johanna Bartel, Thorsten Matthias, Ph.D., Markus Wimplinger, Thomas Uhrmann, Ph.D., and Paul Lindner  Abstract
Non-Conductive Film (NCF) Underfill for Flip Chip Assembly and High Reliability Anupam Choubey, Edgardo Anzures, David Fleming, Avin Dhoble, Lei Herong, Robert Barr, Jeffrey Calvert, Joon Seok Oh  Abstract
Enhancing WLCSP Reliability Through Build-Up Structure Improvements and New Solder Alloys Boyd Rogers, M. Melgo, M. Almonte, S. Jayaraman, C. Scanlan, and T. Olson  Abstract
Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging for Power Device Operating at High Temperature C. Jia, C. Gruber, J. Bardong, M. Kraft, S. Grasser  Abstract
Extending Capabilities of Etch and Deposition Technologies for 3D Packaging of MEMS in Volume Production Carolyn Short, Chris Jones, Dave Thomas and Keith Buchanan  Abstract
Cost Comparison of Embedded Die Packaging and Wafer Level Packaging Chet Palesko and Amy Palesko  Abstract
Wafer Overlay Measurement Using Bright-Field Optical Microscopy Chia-Hung Cho, Po-Yi Chang and Yi-Sha Ku  Abstract
A New Manufacturing Approach for Fabricating Next Generation 3-D Interconnects for MEMS and ICs Using Directed Nanoparticle Assembly Cihan Yilmaz, Adnan Korkmaz, Steven Varni, Ahmed Busnaina, and Dongguang Wei  Abstract
Ceramic Wafer Bonding for Vertically Integrated MEMS D. Wuensch, J. Froemel, M. Wiemer, Th. Gessner, S. Bargiel, M. Baranski, N. Passilly, C. Gorecki  Abstract
Characterization of Stress and Topology in WLP Processes Using CGS Interferometry David M. Owen, Ph.D., Doug Anberg, Shrinivas Shetty, Warren Flack  Abstract
Mobile Applications to Enhance Manufacturing Productivity in Advanced Packaging Didier Chavet and Shekar Krishnaswamy  Abstract
Living Connected Through a Trillion Sensors Dr. Janusz Bryzek  Abstract
Uniform, Flat, and Interfacial Void Free Deposits for Copper Pillar Applications Erik Reddington, Matthew Thorseth, Yi Qin, Julia Woertink, Ryan Farrell, Mark Scalisi, Emily Banelis, Pedro Lopez-Montesinos, Brandon Sherzer, Zachary Baumer, Wataru Tachikawa, Jianwei Dong, Mark Lefebvre, and Jeffrey Calvert  Abstract
Recent Advances in Die Attach Film Frederick Lo, Richard Amigh, and Kevin Chung  Abstract
Addressing Critical Assembly Challenges in 2.5D and 3D IC Assembly Guilian Gao, Scott McGrath, Bong-Sub Lee, Cyprian Uzoh, Grant Villavicencio, Hala Shaba, Liang Frank Wang, Sitaram Arkalgud, Eric Tosaya  Abstract
Demonstration of SIC Interposers with High Density and Fine Pitch Microbumps Hasan Sharifi, Melanie Yajima, Aurelio Lopez, Chuck McGuire, James Li, Zhiwei Xu  Abstract
3D MEMS Wafer Level Packaging Exemplified by RF Characterized TSVs & TGVs and Integration of Bonding Processes Jessica Liljeholm, Peter Ågren, Niklas Svedin, Zargham Baghchehsaraei, Peter J. de Veen, and Thorbjörn Ebefors  Abstract
Material Selection and Its Impact on Coplanarity of Spring Pin Probe Heads Jiachun Zhou (Frank), Frank Liu, Siang Soh  Abstract
Bosch Process Characterization for Donut TSVs John Slabbekoorn, Bart Schepers, Khashayar Babaei Gavan, Stefano Sardo, Stefaan Van Huylenbroeck, Tom Vandeweyer, Andy Miller, Kenneth June Rebibis, Warren W. Flack, Robert Hsieh, Manish Ranjan  Abstract
Adhesive Enhancement Technology for Directly Metal Plating On Molding Compound Kenichiroh Mukai, Kwonil Kim, Brian Eastep, Lee Gaherty, and Anirudh Kashyap  Abstract
Panel Based Fan Out Packaging to Reduce Cost Klaus Ruhmer, Philippe Cochet, and Roger McCleary  Abstract
Analytical and Experimental Studies of 2.5D Silicon Interposer Warpage: Impact of Assembly Sequences, Materials Selection and Process Parameters Laura Mirkarimi, Ron Zhang, Akash Agrawal, Hala Shaba, Bong-Sub Lee, Rajesh Katkar, Ellis Chau and Sitaram Arkalgud  Abstract
Reconstituted Big-Chip LEDs on Multi-Layer Interconnects for High-Brightness Lighting Liang Wang, Gabe Guevara, Grant Villavicencio, Roseann Alatorre, Hala Shaba, Rey Co, Eric Tosaya  Abstract
NCP Versus NCF for Thermocompression MEMS Bonding Using Gold Stud Bumps Maaike M. Visser Taklo, Astrid-Sofie Vardøy, Alastair Attard, Zlatko Hajdarevic, Stephan Bulacher, Mario Saliba, Jan Wijgaerts, Joshua Borg, David Oscar Vella  Abstract
Non-Destructive Acoustic Metrology for Void Detection in TSVs Manjusha Mehendale, Robin Mair, Michael Kotelyanskii, Todd W. Murray, Jacob D. Dove, Xueping Ru, Jonathan D. Cohen, Priya Mukundhan and Timothy J. Kryman  Abstract
Automated Wafer-Level Testing of Critical MEMS Parameters Using Optical Vibration Measurement Marco Meinig, Eric Lawrence, Steffen Kurth, Heinrich Steger  Abstract
Wearable, Wireless Health Solution and Related Packaging Challenges Mehran Mehregany  Abstract
The Advanced Monitoring of Organic Additives in Copper Electroplating Baths Michael Pavlov, Eugene Shalyt, Isaak Tsimberg, Danni Lin, and Peter Bratin  Abstract
MEMS WLP Processes and Examples Michael Shillinger  Abstract
Development Done on Device Bonder to Address 3D Requirements in a Production Environment Pascal Metzger, Ph.D., Joseph Macheda, Michael D. Stead, Keith A. Cooper  Abstract
Endoscopes Gain from 3D Assembly and Meticulous Process Control Phil Marcoux  Abstract
Flexline™ - A Universal Wafer-Level Packaging Platform for Fan-In and Fan-Out Designs Rajendra D. Pendse, Ph.D.  Abstract
BVA™ Technology Enabling the Next Generation of Ultra-Fine Pitch Wide-IO Package-On-Package Rajesh Katkar, Rey Co and Wael Zohni  Abstract
Metrology and Inspection for RDL in HVM Rajiv Roy, Russ Dudley, and Ben Meihack  Abstract
OEE and Production Yield Improvements on WLCSP Devices: Case Study Using A Novel Probe Design Ranauld Perez  Abstract
Process Control at Post-Saw for Low-K Wafers Reza Asgari and Rajiv Roy  Abstract
High Throughput Wafer Edge Inspection and Monitoring for Advanced Wafer Level Packaging Rohit Bhat, Heiko Eisenbach, Marc Filzen, Prashant Aji, Youxian, Wen, Sumant Sood, Thomas Uhrmann, Julian Bravin, Jürgen Burggraf  Abstract
Electrostatic Supported Thin-Wafer Processing in 3DIC by Means of the T-ESC Technology Sebastian Wagner  Abstract
300mm Wafer-Scale Through-Silicon Via (TSV) Process with Optimized Backside Reveal and Planarization Methods Seth Kruger, Douglas La Tulipe, Matt Smalley, John Mucci, Douglas Coolbaugh  Abstract
Integrated Tools and Systems to Improve 3DI Manufacturability Sony Varghese, Ahmed H. Abdelnaby, Jonathan S. Hacker  Abstract
Fabrication of 3D Microrobotic Parallel Actuator Architecture Steven Banerjee, Maan Alkaisi, Stefanie Gutschmidt and Peter A. Raffensperger  Abstract
Enhancing WLBGA Board Level Reliability Through SACQ™, A New Lead-Free Solder Material Tak-Sang Yeung, Henry Sze, Keith Tan, Javed Sandhu, Chong-Wei Neo, Edward Law  Abstract
Enabling Wearable Electronics: Innovation through Miniaturization Ted Tessier and Kazu Itoi  Abstract
Temporary Bonding on the Move Towards High Volume: A Status Update on Cost-of-Ownership Thomas Uhrmann, Jürgen Burggraf, Harald Wiesbauer, Julian Bravin, Thorsten Matthias, Markus Wimplinger and Paul Lindner  Abstract
Room Temperature Temporary Bonding/ Debonding Processes for 2.5/ 3D Integration Tim McCrone, Stefan Lutter, Thomas Rapps, Tim Griesbach  Abstract
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