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Characterization and Failure Analysis Techniques for Ball Grid Array Solder Joints Adam W. Mortensen, Maria C. Lee and Roger M. Devaney  Abstract
Effect of Solder Alloy, Aging and Tal on High Strain-Rate Fracture of Lead-Free Solder Joints Amir Nourani and Jan K. Spelt  Abstract
Low Temperature Assembly of LED Packages on PET & Polyimide Flexible Substrates Amit Patel, Rahul Raut, Ranjit Pandher, Ph.D., Ramazan Soydan, Westin Bent, Ravi Bhatkal, Ph.D., and Brent Sweitzer  Abstract
Effect of Thermal Shock on Lead Free Alloy Combinations in Package on Package Assemblies Andrew Daya and S. Manian Ramkumar, Ph.D.  Abstract
Recalling the Lead-Free Manhattan Project Anthony J. Rafanelli, Linda Woody  Abstract
Reliability of Pcb Solder Joints Assembled With SACm™ Solder Paste Arnab Dasgupta, Fengying Zhou, Christine LaBarbera, Weiping Liu, Paul Bachorik, and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Soldering Evaluations on the New Direct Palladium Gold Finish (EPAG) Arnd Kilian, Petra Schreier, Maren Bruder, Mustafa Oezkoek and Gustavo Ramos  Abstract
Power Overlay (POL) - Advanced Embedding Packaging Technology Platform Arun Gowda, Risto Tuominen, and Paul McConnelee  Abstract
A.R.E.A. - Effect Of PCB Surface Finish on Sn Grain Morphology and Thermal Fatigue Performance of Lead- Free Solder Joints Babak Arfaei, Ph.D., Martin Anselm, Ph.D., Francis Mutuku, Eric Cotts, Ph.D.  Abstract
Silver Sulfidation Kinetics in Flowers of Sulfur Environment Barry S. Hindin, Ph.D., P.E. and Michah Pledger  Abstract
Mitigation of Resistor Silver Sulfide Corrosion Through Design and SMT Process Optimization Biao Cai, Marie Cole, Jing Zhang, Hongqing Zhang, Bae Byung Kwon, Jang In Seok, Ryu Jang Hwan, DongChul Gack  Abstract
Design And Material Parameter Effects on BGA Solder-Joint Reliability for Automotive Applications Burton Carpenter, Thomas Koschmieder, Brett Wilkerson, Torsten Hauck Ph.D., John Arthur  Abstract
Can Sintered Silvers Be Used in Surface Mount Applications C.P. Hunt & L. Crocker  Abstract
Mapping Mechanical Properties of Lead-Free Solder Joints Carlos Morillo Ph.D., Jennifer L. Hay and Julie Silk  Abstract
Highly Accurate 3D Solder Paste Inspection Comparing Nano Coated Stencils with Non-Coated Results Carsten Salewski and Jacques L'Heureux  Abstract
The Effect of Isothermal Aging on the Reliability of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Joints Using Various Surface Finishes Chaobo Shen, Zhou Hai, Cong Zhao, Jiawei Zhang, John L. Evans, Ph.D. and M. J. Bozack  Abstract
Scalable Approaches for 2.5D IC Assembly Charles G. Woychik Ph.D., Akash Agrawal Ph.D., R. Zhang Ph.D., Roseann Alatorre, Bong-Sub Lee Ph.D., Laura Mirkarimi Ph.D., and Sitaram Arkalgud Ph.D.  Abstract
To Kill a Circuit Board: Perils in Manual Soldering and Cleaning Processes Cheryl Tulkoff  Abstract
A High Dense Organic Interposer with Fine Feature Size for Advanced Packaging Applications Christian Romero, Jeongho Lee, and Youngdo Kweon  Abstract
The Effects of Stencil Alloy, Tension and Cut Quality on Solder Paste Print Performance Chrys Shea and Ray Whittier  Abstract
Package on Package Module Assembly Process Development Chuan Xia, Charles Gui and Scott Priore  Abstract
Tin Whisker Inorganic Coating Evaluation (TWICE) Dave Hillman, Ross Wilcoxon, Nate Lower and Dan Grossman  Abstract
Optimizing X-Ray Inspection with Package on Package David A. Geiger, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph. D., Weifeng Liu, Ph.D., Hung Le, Tho Vu, Anwar Mohammed, Murad Kurwa, and Evstatin Krastev, Ph.D.  Abstract
Flip Chip Component Technology Qualification for High Performance Avionics Products David Hillman, Ross Wilcoxon, Lauren Schlueter, Ryan Walker, Mario Scalzo, Delia Lara  Abstract
Lessons Learned from AIM's Participation in the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative David Suraski  Abstract
Thick Copper PCBA Technology & Process Development Dennis Willie, Richard Loi, and David Geiger  Abstract
Assembly and Failure Analysis of WLP with 0.3 mm Pitch and Smaller Dudi Amir and Chonglun Fan  Abstract
Microstructure Study of Lead-Free Solder Joints Reflowed Using Alternative Low Silver Alloy Solder Pastes Elissa Grace McKay and Jennifer Nguyen  Abstract
A Closed-Form Norris-Landzberg Solder Reliability Model Emad S. Al-Momani, Ph.D., Mohammad T. Khasawneh, Ph.D. and Bahgat Sammakia, Ph.D.  Abstract
The Effect of Thermal Profiles on Cleanliness and Electrical Performance Eric Camden  Abstract
Reworkable Underfill Evaluation for Fine Pitch BGA Applications Fei Xie, Ph.D., Han Wu, Daniel F. Baldwin, Ph.D., Paul Houston, Qing Ji, Ph.D., Ben Bo  Abstract
Reliable Soldering for High and Mixed Volume Selective Soldering Processes Gerjan Diepstraten  Abstract
Temperature Cycling and Fatigue in Electronics Gilad Sharon, Ph.D. and Cheryl Tulkoff, ASQ CRE  Abstract
BTC: Bottom Termination Component or Biggest Technical Challenge? Greg Caswell and Cheryl Tulkoff, ASQ CRE  Abstract
High Temperature Resistant Interconnects for Power Electronic Application H.-J. Albrecht, Ph.D., N. Busche and J. Strogies  Abstract
A Review of the Opportunities and Processes for Printed Electronics Happy Holden  Abstract
A.R.E.A - Component Level Testing of Thermal Interface Materials Harry Schoeller, Ph.D. and Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
Understanding Nano-Sized Fillers in Conductive Adhesives Herbert J. Neuhaus, Ph.D. and Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D.  Abstract
Embedded Passive Technology Materials, Design and Process Hikmat Chammas  Abstract
Assembly Material/Flux Interactions and the Impact on Reliability Ian J. Wilding, Gavin J. Jackson, Katherine Day, Richard Boyle, Michael Carter, Daniel Buckland  Abstract
Advances in Fine Pitch Printing Process Technology Isaiah Smith  Abstract
Hydrophobic Coatings as an Approach for Preventing Corrosion Under BGAs J. D. Clifton, P. A. Panackal, K. F. Schoch, Jr.  Abstract
Ceramic Column Grid Array Design and Assembly J. Scott Nelson  Abstract
3DIC Yield Analysis Challenges Jacob Orbon  Abstract
Comparative Analysis of cCGA Solder Column Interconnects Following Aerospace Level Vibration Testing to Failure Jeffrey Marcus Jennings  Abstract
Development of an Underfill Rework Process and Evaluation of Underfill Reworkability Jenny England, Ph.D., Brian Toleno, Ph. D., and Jonathan Israel  Abstract
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Solder Bump Quality Under Mechanical Bending Using Laser Ultrasonic Technique Jie Gong, Charles Ume, Ph.D., Kola Akinade, Ph.D., Bryan Rogers, Cherif Guirguis, David Chan, Cesar Escobar  Abstract
Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (Enig) and Black Tar - What Is It? How Can It Be Prevented? Jim Trainor  Abstract
Effect of Isothermal Preconditioning on Thermal Fatigue Life and Microstructure of a SAC305 BGA Jim Wilcox, Richard Coyle, Lawrence Lehman, Joe Smetana  Abstract
Impact of Solder Interconnect Configuration Modeling on Reliability Assessment Results of Electronic Assemblies Jingsong Xie, Ph.D.  Abstract
3D IC Integration with a TSV/RDL Passive Interposer John H. Lau  Abstract
Spherical Bend Test Failure Criteria Correlation in Compliant Systems John McMahon, Brian Standing and Meisam Salahi  Abstract
Contract Manufacturing and Conflict Minerals: Creating a Workable Compliance System John Sheehan and Allen Abell  Abstract
X-Ray / Bondtester Reliability Study of BGA Devices – Impact of Interfacial Voiding John Tingay and Evstatin Krastev  Abstract
New Interconnection for High Temperature Application: Hotpowcon (Hpc) – Part 3 Final Jörg Trodler, Mathias Nowottnick, Prof., Andreas Fix, and Timo Herberholz  Abstract
Several Studies of NaCl Presence on Tin Metallization Jose Servin  Abstract
The Effect of Solder Paste Reflow Conditions on Surface Insulation Resistance Karen Tellefsen and Mitch Holtzer  Abstract
J-STD-004B: A New Twist on an Old Standard? Karl F. Seelig and Timothy O'Neill  Abstract
Connector Reliability: Tradeoff Between Surface Plating and Mechanical Solutions Karumbu Meyyappan, Alan McAllister, Anil Kurella, Balu Pathangey  Abstract
Enhancing the Impact Properties of Tin-Copper and Tin-Copper-Nickel Lead-Free Solders with Trace Additions of Zinc, Indium and Gold Keith Sweatman, Dekui Mu and Takatoshi Nishimura  Abstract
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part VII - Thermal Fatigue Results for Low-Ag Alloys Keith Sweatman, Richard Coyle, Richard Parker, Keith Howell, Elizabeth Benedetto, Joseph Smetana, Aileen Allen, Weiping Lui, Julie Silk  Abstract
Microstructure and Reliability Studies of Mixed Sn-Pb and Pb-Free BGA Soldering Ken Kramer, Ph.D., Corey Nelson, Alok Sharan, Ph.D.  Abstract
Turning Printed Circuit Boards into Printed Circuit Structures Using 3D Printing Kenneth Church, Xudong Chen, Paul Deffenbaugh, Casey Perkowski, Sam LeBlanc, Eduardo Rojas and Thomas Weller  Abstract
Embedding of Power Semiconductors for Innovative Packages and Modules Lars Boettcher, Stefan Karaszkiewicz, Dionysios Manessis, and Andreas Ostmann  Abstract
Controlling High Copper Roughness for Enhancing Immersion Metal Surface Finish Performance Lenora Toscano, Aaron Karoly, Ernest Long, Ph.D.  Abstract
Process Sensitive Components Guideline – A Primer for the Industry Marie Cole, Mike Bixenman, David Geiger, Curtis Grosskopf, Michelle Lam, Michael Lauri, Holly-Dee Rubin, Thilo Sack, Laurence Schultz, James Wilcox  Abstract
The Next Big Challenge for Stencil Printing - Sub 0.5 Area Ratio Apertures Mark Whitmore and Clive Ashmore  Abstract
A.R.E.A. - Component Warpage: Issues with Measurement and Standardization Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.  Abstract
An Innovative Reliability Solution to Interconnect of Flexible/Rigid Substrates Mary Liu, Ph.D., and Wusheng Yin, Ph.D.  Abstract
Soldering With Exothermic Reacting Pastes Mathias Nowottnick, Dirk Seehase and Heiko Huth  Abstract
Via-In-Pad Design Considerations for Bottom Terminated Components on Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Matt Kelly, Mark Jeanson, Mitch Ferrill  Abstract
Critical Process and Chemical Parameters Affecting the Assembly Performance of Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP) Michael Carano  Abstract
A.R.E.A. – Low Loss Laminate Material Pad Cratering Resistance Michael Meilunas and Martin Anselm  Abstract
Removal of High Density Plated Through Hole Connectors on Large Mass Multi-Layered Circuit Card Assemblies Michael Newman  Abstract
QFN Design Considerations to Improve Cleaning a Follow On Study Mike Bixenman, D.B.A., Dale Lee, Bill Vuono, and Steve Stach  Abstract
Understencil Video Effects to Study Solder Paste Transfer and Wiping Effects Mike Bixenman, D.B.A., Wayne Raney, Chrys Shea, and Ray Whittier  Abstract
The Effect of Pcb and System Thermal Efficiency on The Thermal Performance of Die Attach Materials Mohammed Mansi, Daryl Santos, Ross Havens, Krishnaswami Srihari, Bruce Fried and Julia Zhao  Abstract
Immersion Tin Surface Finish - Reviewing the Past and a Look to the Future Mustafa Oezkoek, Dipl.-Ing., Hubertus Mertens, and Maren Bruder  Abstract
Effect of Board Thickness, Temperature Range, and Dwell Time on Solder Joint Reliability of FCBGA Packages Based on IPC9701 Characterization Olivia H. Chen, Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan and Al Molina  Abstract
Microstructurally Adaptive Constitutive Relations and Reliability Assessment Protocols for Lead Free Solder P. Borgesen, Ph.D., E. Cotts, Ph.D., and I. Dutta  Abstract
Sensitivity of Copper Dissolution to the Flow Behavior of Molten Sn-Pb Solder P. T. Vianco, J. A. Rejent, A. C. Kilgo, and S. E. Garrett  Abstract
What You Cannot See Can Be Hand Soldered Paul Wood and Bob Wettermann  Abstract
Measurement of the High Strain Rate Mechanical Behavior of SAC305 Alloy at Product Operating Temperature and Derivation of Anand Viscoplasticity Constants Pradeep Lall, Di Zhang, Vikas Yadav, David Locker  Abstract
Assessment of the Effect of Mean Temperature on Thermal Cycling Reliability of SAC Solder Joints Using Leading Indicators of Failure Pradeep Lall, Kazi Mirza  Abstract
X-Ray Micro-CT for Non-Destructive Analysis of Cracks and Defects in Fine-Pitch Electronic Packages Pradeep Lall, Shantanu Deshpande, Junchao Wei  Abstract
Component Removal Techniques with Underfill on Printed Circuit Boards for Failure Analysis Priyanka Dobriyal, Ph.D., James Wade, Anil Kurella  Abstract
Risk and Mitigation for Tin Whiskers and Tin Pest Professor Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., P.E  Abstract
Low-Temperature Soldering of Si-Based Photo Multipliers R.P.J. Denteneer, L.C.P. Krassenburg, J.H.G. Brom, M.H. Biglari  Abstract
Eliminating BTC Voiding on the Fly: In-Production Optimization Techniques Rafael Padilla, Satoru Akita, Derek Daily, Tokuro Yamaki, Hideki Mori, Tomoyasu Yoshikawa, Masato Shimamura, Kazuyori Takagi and Ko Inaba  Abstract
Manufacturing Readiness of BVA™ Technology for Fine-Pitch Package-On-Package Rajesh Katkar, Rey Co and Wael Zohni  Abstract
More than Monitoring; Controlling Multi-Phase Cleaning Agents Ram Wissel, Haley Jones, David Lober and Jonathan Afugu  Abstract
Reliability of Capacitors/CGAs onto Substrate/PCB Reza Ghaffarian, Ph.D.  Abstract
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Project Report: Part VIII - Thermal Fatigue Results for High-Ag Alloys at Extended Dwell Times Richard Coyle, Richard Parker, Elizabeth Benedetto, Keith Howell, Keith Sweatman, Stuart Longgood, Joseph Smetana, Aileen Allen, Peter Read, Babak Arfaei, and Francis Mutuku  Abstract
Improving Electronics Assembly Process Through Organic-Metal Final Finish Rita Mohanty, Ph.D., John Fudala, Sathiya Narayanan  Abstract
Electromigration Performance of WLCSP Solder Joints Robert Darveaux, Jimmy-Dinh V Hoang, and Bhuvaneshwaran Vijayakumar  Abstract
Rework of High Thermal Mass BGAs, QFNs, and SMT Connectors on Lead Free Circuit Board Assemblies with Temperature Sensitive Optical Fiber Robert Farrell, Paul Bodmer, and Jeff Duhaime  Abstract
Complicated Board Programming for Automated Printed Solder Paste Inspection without CAD Data File Run-Sheng Mao, Ph.D. and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Nanoparticle Enhanced Conformal Coating for Whisker Mitigation S. Meschter, J. Cho, S. Maganty, D. Starkey, M. Gomez, D. Edwards, A. Ekin, K. Elsken, J. Keeping, P. Snugovsky, Eva Kosiba, Zohreh Bagheri, and J. Kennedy  Abstract
Comparative Study of Next-Generation Surface Finishes for Printed Circuit Assembly S.Y. Teng and S. Priore  Abstract
Low-Porosity Pressureless Sintering of a Novel Ag Paste for Die-Attach Sihai Chen, Guangyu Fan, Xue Yan, Chris LaBarbera, Lee Kresge, and Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.  Abstract
Component Level Reliability for High Temperature Power Computing with SAC305 and Alternative High Reliability Solders Sivasubramanian Thirugnanasambandam, Thomas Sanders, John Evans, Ph.D., Michael Bozack, Ph.D., Wayne Johnson, Ph.D. and Jeff Suhling, Ph.D.,  Abstract
Fundamental Study on a Secure Printing Process Using Nanowork Stencils for 01005 Components Stefan Härter, Jörg Franke, and Carmina Läntzsch  Abstract
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Tin Whisker Testing and Modeling: Tin Whisker Growth on SAC305 Assemblies Stephan Meschter, Ph.D., Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, Zohreh Bagheri and Eva Kosiba  Abstract
Warpage Studies on Large BGA Site and Corner Bridging Mitigation Method Steven Perng, Weidong Xie, Cherif Guirguis  Abstract
Effect of Gold and Copper on AuSn4 Deposition and Isothermal Durability of SAC305 Solder Joints Subhasis Mukherjee, Lay-Ling Ong, Julie Silk, and Abhijit Dasgupta  Abstract
Inspection Strategies for More Accurate, Faster and Smarter Inspection Subodh Kulkarni, Ph.D., Sean Langbridge, Dick Johnson  Abstract
Root Cause Failure Analysis of Dendrite Shorting: A Comparison of Analytical Techniques Terry Munson  Abstract
Copper Dissolution as a Function of Surface Finish as Observed on Rohs Selective Soler Equipment Thomas Shoaf  Abstract
Advancement of Preform Technology to Reduce QFN Voiding Tim Jensen, Seth Homer and Greg Wade  Abstract
Conformal Coating Over No Clean Flux Residues Part II Timothy O’Neill  Abstract
Performance Enhancing Nano-Coatings: Changing The Rules of Stencil Design Tony Lentz  Abstract
Cleaning Process Efficiency and the Influence of Static & Dynamic Cleaning Rates Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E. and Axel Vargas  Abstract
PCB Design and Fabrication Process Variations for Embedding Passive and Active Components Vern Solberg  Abstract
Reliability Evaluation of Ultra Large BGA System-In-Package (SiP) Module Assemblies Weidong Xie, Cherif Guirguis, Qiang (Johnson) Wang, and Mudasir Ahmad  Abstract
Effect of Flux Systems on Electrochemical Migration of Lead-Free Assembly Xiang Wei, Ph.D. and Bruno Tolla, Ph.D.  Abstract
Study of Precise Micro-Dispensing for Adhesive Deposition Xudong Chen, Jacob Denkins and Kenneth Church  Abstract
Smart Chemistry Towards Highly Efficient Soldering Material Formulation Yanrong Shi, Ph.D, Xiang Wei, Ph.D, Bruno Tolla, Ph.D  Abstract
Pb Free Solder Joint Reliability of Various Surface Finishes Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu, Kunihiko Akai, Masashi Nakagawa, Kiyoshi Hasegawa  Abstract
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