Advanced Technology Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: C. Cheng, S. Smith, W. O’Hara, and V. Buffa
Company: Emerson & Cuming
Date Published: 6/11/2002   Conference: Advanced Technology Symposium

Abstract: The electronics industry continues to focus on implementing cost savings. Expensive silver/palladium components can be replaced by the more economical Sn or Sn/Pb terminated components. Traditional conductive adhesives do not contribute to this saving because they are incapable of providing electrical stability on Sn/Pb terminated components. Recent progress in advanced surface mount conductive adhesives have overcome this hurdle and allowed the use of cheaper components. In this study, the electrical and mechanical performances of two silver-filled conductive adhesives are evaluated with solder paste as a benchmark.

Three environmental conditions are employed to characterize the performance. They include damp heat (85°C/85%RH), 125°C and thermal cycling. Seven commercially available 0805 Sn/Pb resistors from different component suppliers are used to study the potential effect of components on the performance of conductive pastes. It is observed that there is more component compatibility concern with SMCAs than with solder paste. But overall, the electrical and adhesion performances of some SMCAs are very promising. SMCAs are viable alternatives to solder in applications utilizing cost effective Sn or Sn/Pb components in the Surface Mount Industry.

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