Advanced Technology Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: Leo M. Higgins III, Ph.D.
Company: Siemens Dematic
Date Published: 6/11/2002   Conference: Advanced Technology Symposium

Abstract: Expensive hermetic packaging has been the norm for long haul data-communication / telecommunication systems. This portion of data-telecomm network optoelectronics has generated the most excitement in the past, and has been the most visible and widely reviewed in the technical and general press. In some instances there has been a tendency to assume that optoelectronic industry growth will continue to be accompanied by almost universal acceptance of hermetic packaging. Much industry activity is massing to address the need to reduce hermetic packaging cost and the high cost associated with alignment and bonding of single mode fibers in edge emitting laser systems.

In this paper non-hermetic optoelectronic packaging is proposed as a medium for the reestablishment of rapid growth of data-telecom networks and optoelectronics due to the significant cost benefits. The current organic polymer material properties that are viewed as impediments to use in the highest reliability optoelectronic products will be critically discussed. Possible engineering solutions to allow polymers to be used in these high reliability products will be presented. The growing acceptance of non-hermetically packaged optoelectronic components in large elements of the network rim will be demonstrated with examples, and the rationale for successful polymer use in these applications will be assessed and contrasted with expectations for hermetic components. Lower cost packaging of lower cost laser components in systems interconnected by lower cost optical fibers is discussed as a means to meet the needs of what should be the largest growth segment in the optoelectronics market.

Key words: Optoelectronic Packaging, hermetic, nonhermetic, polymer packaging.

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