Optoelectronics and Telecom Conference Proceedings


Author: Richard Otte
Company: Promex Industries Inc.
Date Published: 11/14/2001   Conference: Optoelectronics and Telecom

Abstract: Many current issues revolve around issues that are similar to, but different from, those often encountered in GHz RF products. These issues include die attach and interconnect methods. In addition, issues unique to optoelectronics (OE) including part location accuracy, specific combinations of substrate requirements, limited volume, a lack of standard processes, methods and components and, finally, fiber handling, especially as it relates to fiber splicing and connectorization will be addressed as they relate to the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) microelectronics perspective.

The increase in optoelectronics use in recent years has resulted in a substantial amount of manufacturing outsourcing to companies that have the skills and equipment to do that type of work. This paper addresses some of the issues that arise in that environment, especially issues that can be controlled by the design authority, which is usually the engineering organization of the outsourcing company.

First, some definitions and clarification of the terms optoelectronics and photonics.

The term optoelectronics is used here, and in most other places, to mean electronics that support products that utilize photons. Optoelectronics includes the printed circuit boards, SMT parts, chips on substrates, photodetectors and lasers that are assembled to make devices that interface with photons.

Photonics is used here, and in most other places, to mean devices and components that manipulate photons. Photonic devices include lenses, splitters, filters, attenuators, Bragg gratings, optical fiber, optical connectors, etc.

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