SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Author: Mark Bird
Company: Amkor Technology
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: While the electronics industry continues to strive toward miniaturization, it is important to understand that without standardization. The infrastructure will not exist in a cost effective timely manner for the new designed configurations of Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) / Chip Size Packages (CSPs). The infrastructure is the immediate Package Interface. This would include the following: Shipping Tubes, Shipping Trays, Tape and Reels, Test Sockets, Burn-In Sockets, and Assembly Boards. The standardization effort helps the infrastructure suppliers to plan to meet the needs of the growing BGA / CSP industry. The lack of standardization will impact the final cost to the customer as well as their ability to get to market within the small window the supplier has for the product introduction. The major issue is the loss of time, which is the critical cost in the Semiconductor Market’s short life cycles. A new package configuration at a high cost or late to the market place will not be a winner.

The standardization must also occur not only regionally like JEDEC (USA) and EIAJ (JAPAN) but it must be taken to the next level. The next level in packaging is IEC (International) TC-47D. It is of the primary importance to reduce the possible variations while not limiting the customer’s ability to select the most reliable cost-effective package for his or her market application. The introduction of Ball Grid Array packages has created a packaging concept for the board assembler that has allow them to go back to older equipment for pick and place as well as not having to worry about peripheral leaded package coplanarity and bend or skewed leads. The BGA has also reduced the concern of the assembler placing fine pitch (0.50, 0.40, 0.30 and lower mm) peripheral leaded packages. The disadvantage of the BGA / CSP package is that it is an array style package and can have many variations of ball pitches, ball sizes and ball counts for each body size. A CSP (Chip Size Package) is basically a thinner, smaller, and a finer pitch version of a BGA. This flexibility makes the need for Standardization more critical than is was for peripheral leaded packages.

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