SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Author: Kevin Towle
Company: Tektronix
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The trend in electronic products is towards smaller, faster, lighter assemblies with ever-increasing levels of functionality. In order to meet these demands, the product must be designed with leading edge component technology and assembled with state of the art manufacturing equipment. Component technology development is driven by miniaturization and integration. The components are getting smaller while the functionality is increasing.

In the future, the circuit board and the components will converge. The discrete components will be integrated into the inner layer of the circuit board and silicon microcircuits or dies will be bonded directly to the substrate of the board. Electronic products that are the size of a lunch box will be reduced to a size that will fit into your pocket.

In order for electronic manufacturers to take advantage of these new trends in component packaging technologies, the equipment manufacturers must develop equipment to support the evolution of the component packaging technology. The future equipment must be based on a platform strategy that will enable the manufacturer to quickly develop applications to support the demands of the rapidly evolving component technology. Th future equipment will extend beyond the placement process, and will focus on the total assembly (placement and attachment) process. The equipment manufacturers will also be asked to increase placement rates, improve machine utilization (reduction in setup time and replenishment time), and improve equipment reliability and process quality. The equipment will become more reliant on software and on an integrated information network.

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