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Author: Ganesh Sure
Company: Cisco Systems
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: This paper discusses the technology development and qualification process used to implement high I/O 1 mm CCGA technology, ceramic column grid array, at the system level. This qualification was designed to select and develop printed circuit board suppliers and electronic assembly manufacturers for a high technology and high volume product.

1 mm CCGA challenges PCB manufacturing. The first challenge is to drill holes at high aspect ratio and with two fine-line traces in between pads. The second challenge is to plate evenly on the high-aspect-ratio holes, fine pitch pads, and other area on a system board. Therefore an extensive analysis of the small-hole quality was performed in the PCB qualification. The samples were also subjected to stringent qualification tests, which simulates the thermal excursions during the PCB assembly manufacturing and rework process.

The technology development process measured the effect of critical parameters such as, drilling capability, tight registration, plating high aspect ratio holes, machine placement, stencil design, solder paste printing, solder paste volume measurement, and reflow profile development. The rework process included removal, site dressing, and replacement. The assembly manufacturing processes were qualified by measuring reliability of solder joints using accelerated thermal cycle, vibration, & torque tests. The vibration test also included the effect of heat sink attachment.

This development and qualification process has proven to be an effective tool for selecting and developing PCB suppliers and electronic assembly manufacturers.

Keywords: Ceramic column grid array, qualification

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