Advanced Packaging Technology Conference Proceedings


Author: Elizabeth Elias Benedetto
Company: Compaq Computer Corporation
Date Published: 6/12/2001   Conference: Advanced Packaging Technology

Abstract: As worldwide legislation pushes the industry toward “greener” products, Compaq and its affiliates will need to have processes put in place to deliver Pb-free products by as early as 2002. Total elimination of lead, as well as other materials, may eventually become necessary.

The implementation of this material change is not trivial. The electronics industry has been working on developing Pb-free technology for many years, with very slow progress being made. Now, with the added pressure of worldwide legislation, the industry has come together to effect this change in a responsible manner.

In addition to participation in industry consortia, a program has been initiated within Compaq to investigate the use of Pb-free solder on a current handheld product, the Compaq Aero 1500. A study has been completed wherein PCAs were assembled with standard solder, as well as with a Pb-free alloy (SnAgCu) and results were compared. Boards were put through deflection tests, thermal cycle testing, temperature humidity, and temperature life tests. Qualitative data has been collected for PCAs, as well as for fully assembled units. Reliability testing of fully assembled units continues on “seed units” being used by Compaq employees.

This study has the potential to be very helpful in our understanding of the manufacturing and reliability issues associated with Pb-free solder.

Key Words: Pb-free solder, handheld computer, Compaq.

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