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Author: David W. Steinmeier
Company: microJoining Solutions
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: FlashSoldering is a new innovative, non-contact, localized reflow soldering process initially developed for terminating fine insulated copper magnet wires to electronic contacts without first removing the wire insulation. Subsequent research has extended FlashSoldering applications to joining fine magnet wires to high-speed data connectors, joining flexible ribbon cables to rigid printed circuit boards (PCB), and reflow soldering miniature surface mount (SMT) components and connectors to flexible or rigid PCB’s.

Four elements comprise the FlashSoldering System. The first element is the substrate, which can be a flexible or rigid PCB.

The second element is the SMT component or connector with “gull wing” style leads or a flexible ribbon cable.

The third element is a precise amount of solder. The solder is plated onto both the substrate or component leads or is mechanically attached to the component or connector leads in the form of a solder bearing “nugget” which may contain flux. Solder can also be applied in the form of a precise amount of dispensed solder paste.

The fourth and final element is a diode laser heat source. Non-contact diode laser heat reflows the solder plating or solder bearing “nugget” on the SMT component to the substrate to complete the solder joint.

Applications for FlashSoldering include: single and multiple toroidal transformer packaging; LAN filters; low power DC-DC converters; woven or braided high speed data cables; and miniature temperature sensitive SMT components, connectors, and flexible ribbon cable attachment to rigid or flexible PCB’s.

Key Words: DC-DC Converter, Diode Laser, Electronic Contact, FlashSoldering, Flexible Ribbon Cable, High Speed Data Cables, Insulated Magnet Wire, LAN Filters, Miniature Toroidal Transformer, SMT Components, and SMT Connectors.

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